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Your Body Needs To Be Your Best Friend | Body Best Friends Forever (BBFF)

You need to be your own best friend.

What I mean with this is quite simple. When you’re feeling down in the dumps and filling your own head with negative thoughts stop yourself and ask this question: “Would I say any of this shit to my best friend?” Over my dead body honey. I will never tell my best friend they’re fat or make them feel guilty about their binge. I will never judge them for something they’ve done that I maybe don’t agree with. That’s not me so why on earth would I say any of this crap to myself?

When I catch myself with any negative thoughts about my body I imagine my best friend’s face and that I’m saying these words to them. In two seconds flat I’m beyond angry and overprotective. I’m like oh hell to the no! Who the hell do you think you are with saying this type of bullshit to my friend? It doesn’t take me long to have a big Ahaha moment and just like that, I snap myself out of the negative thoughts. I then proceed to tell myself what I would tell my best friend if they were saying these type of things about themselves.

   “I’m fat.”

Fat is just a substance in your body and guess what without fat you won’t be alive. So what if you carry a little extra fat? You are soft and great to cuddle with.

   “I’m ugly.”

No honey those thoughts are ugly. You are anything but ugly. You are a wonderful human being so don’t you dare dill your sparkle.

   “I’m a horrible person.”

Are you kidding me? Serial killers, child molesters, rapists, and puppy kickers are horrible people.

   “I ate two chocolate bars. I basically ate all my hard work away.”

What type of chocolate was it?

In the spirit of embracing my own words, here is a picture that I struggled to share.



So snap out of it. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me.



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