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Challenge: 3000km Bicycle Tour

I’ve always loved the idea of challenging myself one way of another. The idea of doing a bicycle tour in the Netherlands popped in my head mid run with the doggies while I was still stuck in South Africa. I was fake interviewing myself; something I do while day dreaming about my future. Anyway back to talking about my hopes and dreams. At first the idea of bicycling the Netherlands was something that was just an idea but after immigrating and settling in, the idea came back to the surface. Very quickly the idea turned into actual planning.

Boy did it take a lot of work. I pulled out my map and just started circling towns; the main towns and cities that stood out in bold and then a few little towns here and there. The South, the North, the little island and all in between. I made sure to make a nice little semi circle. Nothing to be missed. I had the easy part. I just had to look at the map and make a route from town to town that would flow. Onno jumped on the computer and got the actual route. I helped…a little. This is the link of the website we used, we use the same website to plan our training routes: The website is in Dutch but is very easy to use. If you need a step by step tutorial, comment below and I will definitely be your translator and knight on a shining bicycle.

bicycle route website.png

After our routed was mapped out, we just had the easy choice of when we will  be embarking this journey. It took some playing around but eventually we decided on a time frame where we feel would be the most comfortable, weather and traffic wise. The month of May 2018. With all of these details at hand we could start doing the math so I can make the big announcement on all my socials and in essence sign my fate. Approximately 3235,4km. At first we were eager to complete the goal of 180km and get the entire trip behind us in 18 days but reality kicked in and now it’s just 100km in 31 days. 145 towns.

If you’re interested to follow my journey as I train for the tour then follow me on Instagram or stay tuned for my other weekly blog updates. That’s about it. There’s nothing more to say but…

Saddle Up!


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