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Bicycle Training: Week 7 – 8

Two months. Eight weeks. 56 days. 80 640 minutes. 4 838 400 seconds. It’s been quite a journey. I will be honest. There has been a few moments where the idea of throwing in the towel sounded absolutely dream-worthy. Those moments passed and I’m sure they will come back, but I’ve set a goal for myself and I plan to honor my challenge. For myself.

Below you will find all the details but if you want to get updates as it happens, follow my Instagram page. There I share all of our routes. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then here is the short version. The plan is to cycle the Netherlands in May 2018. Approximately 3235,4km. 100km in 31 days. 145 towns.

week 7

The previous week Onno and I (mostly me) was out for the count with some serious cold. I like to think that my gum infection and the antibiotics made the healing period longer and it has nothing to do with my somewhat all over the show diet. It wasn’t bad but at the same time it wasn’t good. Monday I was still fighting the sniffles which set a large amount of panic as my wedding day was the day after. The rest of the week we took things slow and for a few days we barely moved. It was heaven! We did however got some bicycle training in. I mean if you don’t believe me then give it a few seconds.

Friday: 27,3km

Saturday: 19,9km

week 8

This week was so much better. We started going to the gym for their stationary bicycles. It’s moving towards winter here in the Netherlands which basically means it starts to get dark around 9pm. After Onno comes home and we have dinner and that said dinner is settled it’s already 9pm. Now bicycling in the dark doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world right? We tried that on Thursday and never again. My heart can’t handle it. Quite a big part of our bicycle ride was in somewhat creepy forest. I hated it. So for the rest of the week we chose the gym. It’s so easy; one hour on the stationary bicycle and I can even watch Netflix. It’s a great deal. We chose however not to do our maximum bicycle training which is a ride where we push and see how far we can go in one day. Our maximum ride is 64km at the moment and it’s been a few weeks since our last ride. Since we just recovered from our cold the last thing I wanted is to put excessive strain on our bodies. I did however revamp our overall training somewhat. Our bodies responded wonderfully to all the rest; it was like my body transformed overnight. Leg muscle is slowly becoming more prominent. I will share more on week 10 with comparison between body analysis composition test results. Wow that is a mouthful.

Wednesday: 25,05km

Thursday: 18,8km

Friday: 24,5km

Sunday: 22,42km


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