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Bicycle Training: Week 9 – 10

10 weeks. It’s hell of long time and we are kind of scratching the surface with the whole bicycle training thing. I’ve never really been able to stay motivated for 10 weeks straight. Something I hope will change in the future.

week 9

We did okay this week. With only a few gym visits on the stationary bicycle with a semi high resistance and keeping up a somewhat high average speed. It took us awhile to get started and the first day I didn’t feel so great but it was one of those bleh days. To be honest we were hitting this wall. Motivation was dimming and it wasn’t as exciting to go for a ride. The miserable weather didn’t help as we made the switch to the stationary bicycle at the gym instead of going out in the cold on our bicycles.

Wednesday: 13km

Saturday: 21,01km

Sunday: 21,9km

week 10

The week passed without a single bicycle training session at the gym or outside. To be honest a part of it was laziness. I didn’t feel like training mostly because my motivation was completely gone. I’m not ashamed about it. It happens. I chose to climb of the wagon. I really don’t want to glamorize laziness or seem like I’m making excuses even thought I definitely do that sometimes. We’ve been slipping up these past few weeks. We started off with the bang; excitement was still oozing out of our pores, but as time progresses slowly that excitement started to burn out. It started to become a chore to get every single bicycle training session in with the husband at night. The tight time schedule, the never ending kilometers we need to ride. It just started to feel eh and the driving force was the fact that the big plan was changing. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. It’s just one of those things but the important part is how are you going to get back to it. How are you going to honor your promise? So I gave myself one entire week off, never once even considering a bicycle training session.

I made myself a promise to use this week to reevaluate things and shape the plan to fit reality and still honor our goals. I took some time to test my loyalty to the promise and goal I made for myself. I wanted to see if it’s truly just a chore or is it something I truly want. Do I have a passion for this tour? I also asked myself why I was doing this tour in the first place? What started it all? Once I found my answers I was able to become motivated again. My excitement grew once more and now I know that this is truly what I want. Yes some of the big plans are going to change but the big picture will stay the same.

For a very full of depth post about the new plan please feel free to follow this link:


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