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I Had My Recurring Childhood Dream Analyzed

My best friend is hard at work with her studies. She is studying psychology. She is currently in year one and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She is balancing a full time job with her studies. Earlier this year one of her first assignments was to analyze a dream. I stepped forward mostly because I was truly curious about my recurring childhood dream or in a way it was a nightmare. It truly did scare me and I would dread going to bed. I must have been five or six years old when this happened and I can clearly remember ever detail of the dream.

The Significance of Dreams in Psychoanalysis

by Anje Tait

Dream Description and Analysis

The dream of Cassandra Meaker will be described and analyzed. This recurring nightmare plagued Cassandra’s dreams during the age of 5. Particular attention will be put on her experiences during this time and the events that occurred some months after her dream. Emphasis will be put on Cassandra’s personality traits and ultimate behavior as an adult.

The Dream

“There were three rooms, I was always tied to a chair in the center of the middle room. The room on my left was clear and I could see into it through a large window. It looked much like a slaughterhouse, pieces of meat hung from hooks on the ceiling. A loud scraping sound from a fan always came from the room, making me want to run away from it. The room on the right was always unclear, there was an opening, but it was too dark to see into the room. I remember crying and yelling for help, trying to escape from the chair. My captor would then appear, he had devil horns and his entire body was black, except for his bright red eyes. He would ask me something in a language I didn’t understand, when I couldn’t answer he would get angry and torture me by cutting my legs. I would always wake up after that. ”


Dream Analysis

Using Carl Jung’s belief that dreams could be predictions of the future, unconsciously she could have felt like she had to make an important choice about an event that had yet to happen. In her dream this choice is symbolized by the two rooms, however it was already clear to her what room she wanted to choose. This is substantiated by her annoyance with the room on her left and her wish to run to the one on her right. According to Jung’s techniques, her captor only focusing on cutting her legs could refer to an unconscious fear of not being able to escape from a bad situation or the loss of her freedom. These factors could refer to her parent’s divorce, though it happened 2 years after the dream, she admitted to having felt tension between her parents in the years leading up to the divorce. The choice that she unconsciously felt she had to make does not necessarily refer to choosing which parent she wanted to stay with, but could refer to the divorce itself. She felt confused as to why it was happening and wanted to escape from it all together, yet she knew that she was powerless to stop it. She admitted she believed in the devil, during the time of the dream and often blamed the devil for bad experiences. This is further supported in her dream, as she sees the devil for the reason of her pain and suffering, telling her something she didn’t understand. This could refer to the divorce and her reluctance to accept it. As an adult today she is extremely independent and values her freedom, she is very decisive and makes decisions almost immediately. This behavior is apparent in her dream, as she already knew she wanted the room on the right and her captor only focused on injuring her legs, which could symbolize freedom for her.



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