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I Had My Body Analyzed

I weighed myself over the weekend and although I feel like I’m past the point of where the number on the scale effects me in a negative I hate my body kind of way. This time around it started to make me think. These last few months my body has been going through so much change. I feel like literally overnight I went from 64kg to 68kg. I was about 68kg when I started my bicycle training and almost instantly went up to 70-72kg which I explained as muscle growth but these last few weeks as most of you will know if you read my bicycle training updates I haven’t been that active but my eating habits staid the same. Now normally when I start to slack with my training but I still eat as I normally would I pick up 2kg at most but this time around? No baby I shot up to 76,6kg. Less than 9 days ago I was 72-74kg. Suddenly I’m 76,6kg?  When I write it out like this it kind of makes sense but at the same time I’m still a little baffled. I guess because although I can see I picked up a little fat and lost some muscle I don’t feel like my body changed so much in 9 days. The most logical thing I can think of is that my body is holding onto water and some of my muscles switched over to fat. I’m not expert (well not yet wink, wink) so this is all just guessing work.

Anyway as my body has changed so much I thought this would a be perfect time to take another body composition analyzer test. That and I finally feel in a good mental place to restart my bicycle training. I made a few adjustments because it’s quite clear the old training schedule wasn’t working out for me. I always stumble but once I find a way that works for me then I’m set baby but that’s a story for another blog post.

Alright so below I’m comparing a body composition result that I took just after my arrival here in the Netherlands and before we started our serious bicycle training. It’s a good starting base. Anyway I’m comparing that test with the test I took over the weekend.

body composition test

Okay before I talk about the test here is some graphs with the exact same information. I couldn’t help myself. They’re so fun to make. Scroll along if you don’t share my joy.graph 1

muscle mass


The numbers don’t lie however and it just goes to show how informative this test is. Basically I need to drink more water and eat less candy and I’m set. The lady that helped us stated that I’m kind of healthy but I probably eat too much candy and damn it’s pretty much spot on. I don’t really have a clear goal where I want the numbers to be if I’m honest. As long as I’m in a good place mentally, physically and nutrition wise I’m happy. Although the fat mass can go a bit lower but all in all I’m not upset about the test. I guess it comes with age. I’m making a joke about my metabolic age if that wasn’t clear. Fun fact it’s effected by the amount of water you drank before the test. She could see I only drank 40% of my daily intake around that time and as it was around 2pm I don’t think it’s too bad although I do tend to skip on my water intake but I’m going off track.

I’m very happy with the test and I don’t see myself as being unhealthy and obese (fun fact the second test said I’m on the heavy side. My response? Bite me!) and that’s the important part. I’ve been describing myself as healthy but on the edge for over a year now and you know what? I’m happy with that. Sometimes I eat more candy and cross the bridge and go into the realm of unhealthy and the next week I barely eat any candy and cross into the realm of healthy. Sometimes I’m in perfect balance and others not so much. It’s life you know. Stuff happens that throws me off and the last thing I should do is stress out about it so I’m taking life with stride and just do me.


If you’re anything like me and half of the code names and extra stuff is like French then here is a link where the company itself explains a few things. Tanita is the machine behind the test if that wasn’t clear. Anyway check this website out. It’s very informative. —

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