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My First Date With My Husband (My Perspective)

The first year of our relationship I documented everything. I had my journal with photos, tickets and a little journey entry on every day we shared together. I would write the journal entry on my phone and every two months or so I would spend the entire weekend catching up with my entry. I’m so far behind I’m not even sure I can catch up. I’m 6 months behind on making a journal entry on my phone and now that I live here and see my husband every single day I can’t even try to catch up. I would have to pick the good days out and where do I even start with that one. To make matters worse the last entry I made in the journal itself is somewhere in March 2016. Yeah…Catching up isn’t an option. Well I guess I can try but I would rather not thank you very much. I still save every ticket and instant photo we take together. Old habits die hard.

Anyway my point is I have our first date in our journal and I wrote it just before we celebrated our one month anniversary but I’m probably going to add a few details here and there to make it into a nice story. The actual journal entry is in the cursive writing and the new bits and pieces I added to have the entire thing make more sense for someone who wasn’t on the date themselves, is in normal writing. I’m not sure if I explained that correctly but you will understand once you see it.

I love being able to look back at the beginning of our relationship. It’s so sweet and it makes my insides all warm and fluffy. The journal entry itself is quite cute. I mean the time I wrote it I had no idea we would get married. I knew I wanted to spend my life with him somehow. I just had a feeling but putting it in reality wasn’t going to be easy and it sure as hell wasn’t. Anyway I’m getting slightly off track. I use the word anyway quite a lot in my blogs. I should whip out Google and see if I can find anything else. Regardless, however, nevertheless, anyhow and probably so much more. Nevertheless back to the topic at hand. Oh that makes me sound so posh. Like hello my dear would you like a cup of tea? I’m seriously so far of track I’m going a different direction. Let’s return to the first journal entry. Oh the second journal entry is our second date (now duh!) and later on I made Onno write a journal entry for that day too! I should definitely make that into a blog. I mean he already wrote it. Score! Nevertheless here is the journal entry you had to wait so long for.

14 July 2015

Our first date was perfect, magical even. Onno and I haven’t been texting very long when we decided it was time to meet. We met on Tinder only weeks before and although Onno was busy with his thesis and wasn’t an active texter we still felt like there was something there. Something worth going on a date and seeing what happens. So he arranged the big date. I had no idea what we would do till the day before. I for some reason thought he wouldn’t even show up so I got ready and decided if he doesn’t show up I will buy some snacks and go back home but he was there and awkward. He immediately pulled me in close and did the Dutch three cheeks kisses which completely freaked me out as it’s something that never happens to me. He picked me up with his mom’s little red car. We drove to Rotterdam, the conversation flowing. We just clicked. It felt so right. With a few twists and turns, a wrong turn here and there, we finally made it to our first stop of the evening. The escape room. The first 30 minutes went smoothly. I found all the math clues and Onno worked the math out. Along the way we got stuck on the math problem that would open the last lock, the white lock. And I on the other hand couldn’t wrap my head around what the short pipes could be a clue for. It didn’t mean anything in the end (the guy who gave us clues every now and again used the pipes so we could hear a new clue coming in after the tubes ran out), but we both agreed it was a valid thought process. Afterwards we went to a very nice restaurant where we enjoyed a great pizza and I impressed Onno with my excellent knife skills. (I fidget with my hands when I’m nervous and flip the knife around so I would constantly try to cut the pizza on the dull side.) Closer to the end of the dinner Onno exclaimed that he forgot to pay for the parking. It was our first lucky moment as a couple. Just as we walked to the car, the car guards arrived and we got away with +2 hours free parking and no fine. We wanted dessert (restaurant ran out of yummy ice cream flavors) next and so Onno parked his car close to his apartment and his excuse was that he has to pay the parking ticket on his laptop. (PS it’s a completely valid excuse. He gets a discount if he parks it through the one website as he lives on the street.) So I of course said: “Sure, let’s go upstairs.” It was clear that I liked him because the stairs to his place (75, we counted later) is hell. There we spend the rest of the night eating ice cream (I got stomach ache in the car on our way back) and cuddling on the couch watching some boring old movie, that only Onno would remember the name of. Eventually it got late and I had to go back home. On the way home, the conversation was smooth and I felt like I would see this guy again. I remember thinking that maybe I don’t dislike his annoying nervous chuckle. I would say it was a pretty good start to a great relationship.


Cue romantic music with a fade out on a wedding photo.


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  1. Really like your story…… Rather than look at the missed journal days, think today and forward….. Journal something and share how life has since that first date……

    1. That’s a good idea! Life has been wonderful since that first date and I can’t be happier that we both swiped right. (We met on Tinder)

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