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My Second Date With My Husband (His Perspective)

Insert the romantic music with slideshow of every couple picture we have. While I’m here insert some romantic poems.


Okay now that is behind us here is Onno’s journal entry of our second date. Reading this gives me so many warm and a fluffy feelings. It was also the day we kissed for the first time and also our first selfie together ever. The ball really started to roll after this date and in a blink of an eye we were girlfriend and boyfriend. Nevertheless here is what you all came for. Onno’s thoughts. I’m sure you will miss my brilliant words but no worries I will be back tomorrow.

19 July 2015

The day started quite early for me, it was our 2nd date and I remembered being very excited, saying we had a great first date would be an understatement. I had high hopes it would only get better. We went to Blijdorp on Saturday and its literally been years that I went to the zoo, Cassy also was very excited about it, there were some animals that are seen in the wild in South Africa.

The action started around 12, we had been texting all morning and I picked Cassy up from the station. We went by Starbucks and I introduced Cassy to my favorite drink. The weather wasn’t ideal so I got an umbrella and we started walking to the zoo. It was a small 5 minute walk and we just spend it chatting away and further getting to meet each other, a short walk felt even shorter and before I knew it we were at the zoo. There we’re some animals we really wanted to see, Cassy was excited about the lions and I wanted to see the aquarium and Polar bears. We had a lot of time so we could take it chill and just spend the day. There was almost too much to mention but time passed quick, we spend some time sitting near the pond with the birds and it was just perfect. I felt completely happy and just so comfortable already, it was an instant connection.

Next we’re the little piggies, I’m not sure anymore which species it was exactly but they stuck their noses thru the fence and could lick your fingers, it was adorable and the feeling was very ticklish! We moved on past the Gorilla’s, and giraffe’s. Next we’re also some tropical animals including birds and crocodiles! As we moved thru the zoo we slowly got hungry and Cassy introduced me to something I, in hindsight embarrassingly, didn’t know about before. It was a potato on a stick that got fried off and dusted with a flavor mixture.

After this it was off to the polar bears, there was a female with 2 little cups and it was super cute! Our next move was the Aquarium, this is where we shot our first selfie! Little did I know there were so much more to come, although at this point I was very much hoping there were. Just look at how pretty Cassy looks, I was mesmerized. After the aquarium we ran into the gift shop and there were a lot of fluffy stuffed animals, I wanted to give Cassy something to remember this day by so was happy to look around and pick something out. The polar bear looked cute but we decided on a little gorilla, I saw a little heart and couldn’t help myself and wanted to give it to Cassy. She loved it and said she would never take it off! Little did I know she truly kept this promise.

At this point we crossed the zoo and planned our return journey thru the zoo, there was still the lions, and this was perhaps the first disappointment of the day, Cassy had really looked forward to them but there we’re only 2 very small ones, not what we were expecting at all. After the zoo it was time to go back to the apartment, we walked the same way back thru the central station and just chatted about the day and the rest of the plans. There was also some mental preparation for the stairs! We managed to climb it easily and were back on the couch. It was around 5 and we we’re deciding what to do for dinner. Eventually I thought it would be best to go to a simple restaurant down the street. There wasn’t much special about the food, it was a Vietnamese place and we ordered a bit much thus we took the chicken wings back home again.

It was now around 20:30 and we were back on the couch, we cuddled for a bit and I knew at this point how much I liked Cassy’s company and the whole day had just been perfect. I got a bit nervous as I realized how much I wanted to kiss her, in the end it wasn’t the perfect moment but a moment I will not forget for the rest of my life anyhow. It felt significant and I’m not sure how much skill I managed to show in the kiss as the nerves did get the better of me. We basically spend the rest of the evening perfecting our technique though and by the end of the evening I felt a lot more confident. Overall it had been amazing but Cassy had to leave soon as she had a curfew and an early morning with the kids. We walked back to the station and shared a great last kiss of the evening, it had been a truly amazing day and I was just in the clouds with my head.

It would be a while till I see Cassy again and the feeling I felt just made me realize how much I loved spending time with her. A week just felt so long, Cassy had to work and then had a trip planned to Berlin. I knew I was gonna miss her a lot, and couldn’t wait for the next time I saw her.


Oh this is our first selfie together. So young. So new. So fresh. So innocent.


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