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My First (Real) Snow Day

I don’t know about you but seeing snow falls relaxes me. I’ve always loved the purity that is snow. No matter on what it falls, snow looks the same. A clear white blanket on all the ugly. I really can’t get over on how beautiful snow is. So imagine my happiness when I saw snow fall for the first time in person. When I heard that there will be snow over the weekend I thought a few snowflakes will fall but nothing massive but instead the snow came with a surprise with big and heavy snowflakes. I’m so happy right now because not only did I get one snow day, I got two right after each other. It was beautiful and so much fun!

On Sunday morning I woke up with a message from my cousin, the one who lives in England. It was snowing in England and he asked if we had any snow. I jumped up and ran to the window. There was light snow but nothing that exciting. I felt very disappointed. Where was my thick snow? So I begrudgingly went back to bed and spend two hours watching series. Eventually I got up for a bathroom pit stop and that’s when it caught my eye. Big heavy snow flakes falling. White covered everything. It was snowing! Real movie ready snow! I squealed and jumped up and down in front of the window in excitement. I immediately took photos for my parents and before they could reply I was calling them. First my mom whom then decided right there and then that instead of visiting me here in the Netherlands in the summer she is going to come in the winter. I chuckled a little because my mom is not known for her tolerance against the cold. I really can’t wait for the day my mom comes over to see my new home. I can only wish it will snow during her visit. After the two minute call, I dialed my dad who was just as pleased with the snow. Although he was very adamant that I should go outside and really enjoy it. I didn’t have to be told twice. I never dressed so quickly in my life.

The cold air that blew over my face when I opened my front door brought me more joy that I could ever imagine. I’m not exactly a cold blooded person. I’m the person who constantly complains that it’s cold and would rather stay inside and soak up the warmth. I basically embrace the hobbit inside of me. But this time around I didn’t want to turn around and go back in. I wanted to play around in the snow and that’s what I did. I danced. I made snow balls. I made a snow angel although, in the moment and the shock of how cold the snow was all over my body, I forgot to do my feet. I laughed so much. I destroyed Onno’s snowman because running through it was so much fun. It truly was so much fun. I love the snow. I even came to the conclusion that even though I was cold, I couldn’t care less because of how beautiful the snow is. I dare to even say that I wouldn’t mind living in a snowy country. Yes, the person who complains about a cold wind and loves being in the sun actually uttered those words. I even told Onno that one day I want to spend a week in a snow cabin with no internet connection. Oh that sounds so romantic. I really love the snow!

Day two in my snow experience I was out and about. My experience wasn’t unpleasant in any means but it could’ve gone wrong for me quite easily. So here in the Netherlands there was chaos. We made a new record for the longest time stuck in the traffic in years. I’m so happy I don’t drive here. There was trains delays basically left and right. If a train was running like it was supposed to you would consider yourself lucky. Now most people, those who could, decided to work from home that day. Onno was one of them and it is good that he did otherwise his day would’ve sucked. I will get back to that one in a minute. I had an appointment in Amsterdam that I couldn’t get out of, my visa appointment for England. It’s quite critical that I make the appointment otherwise there is no England trip for me. So Onno spend the morning constantly checking the trains. I left home just before one. My appointment is at three. It took me nearly two hours to get there. Once I got to the final station, I had a five minute walk to the agency. Maps of course didn’t know if I should go left or right and couldn’t understand the concept of a few bridges. It took me a few tries and wrong turns, but I found the place.

There I spend nearly two hours, just waiting. Oh I have to tell you this. It was so cool and impressive. I’m still giving my ninja self a pat on the back. I’m not kidding. The second I could, I told my husband about this because it’s that cool. So there is two rooms at the visa place. The right hand side is the entryway and the left hand side is the desks where they help you. Separating these two rooms is a knee length glass door that swings open into the entryway. So when your appointment is finished, you click on a button and the door swings open and off you go. The entire two hours I sat there the door always opened into the entryway. When it was my turn to leave the door swung the other way around. Before I could hit me, heck before my brain could even process what was happening. I sidestepped it and it missed me. I just casually sidestepped the swinging door before it could hit me. The guard was like wow and another customer was like wow impressive. I felt like a ninja. So fabulous with the reflexes of a cat. I’m seriously still patting myself on the back. I really needed that confidence boost because I’m still blushing from embarrassment at my little Starbucks Dutch blunder. I can’t even get myself to retell that story. Eeeeppppp! Hide me!

When I arrived at the Amsterdam station it was close 5pm, the snow was still going very strong and train delays were everywhere. I’ve never seen so many train delays in my life. Chaos I tell you. There was three possible trains I could take that would take me home, all delayed and it wasn’t clear which one would actually get me home. I took a risk and it paid off. I found a train that will take me straight to Rotterdam Central Station. It’s a long ride, over a hour but I won’t have to transfer anywhere and stand I chance to get stranded. Nope. None of that. Straight sailing for me. Once I got home however Onno informed me on how close I got to being stranded in Amsterdam for the night. The train I took…yeah it was the last one out. If I missed that one I would’ve had a very cold night at the station. I’m counting my lucky stars. If Onno went to work, he also would’ve been stranded.

So although I love the snow, I like being able to go home and enjoy warmth while I watch the snow fall. It’s melting as I’m writing this and I miss it already. Snow is still so beautiful especially if I can share it with my husband.


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