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My Worst New Years Experience

Oh how much has changed these last few years. Every new year is a new experience and most of all how I’ve celebrated new years has been changing every year as long as I can remember. We have yet to find a tradition we are happy with and I’m curious to see how 2017 will end and how 2018 will start. As your reading this, the celebrations just started and I’m about to experience something new. Something I’m definitely going to write about. The post will be up in the first week of January. Which I might add is already a marvellous time for my blog! So much content! So much positivity as I plan for the new year! All my goals and plans right here on the internet! I’m truly so excited for 2018.


sparkler-677774.jpgI can just feel it in my bones.

I’m getting slightly head of myself. So I’m going to take one step back and look back into the past. Here is the journal entry of my first new years here in the Netherlands with Onno. Also just a little side note. At the time I was an au pair. The children made a brief appearance in the entry so I will be changing their names for their privacy. I will also explain one or two things in brackets and cursive writing. Happy reading!

31 December 2015 – 3 January 2016

It’s the last night of 2015. I finished my exciting day with the kids by finally finishing Hanna’s horse. (We’re making an arts and crafts horse made out of cardboard. We’re working on it for few weeks by then. It was quite a nice project.) It was quite a busy day and quite a new experience. New years in the Netherlands is completely different than what I’m used to. Normal people are allowed to set off fireworks and they would do this in the streets, in their backyard and basically everywhere. It was quite scary to be honest. I have never been so close and personal with fireworks and I tried my best to pay it no mind. Onno arrived at the house around 5pm and there we entertained the kids while we waited for Linda to arrive. Nick is quite smitten with Onno and while I prepared food for Linda, the three of them ran around. Finally Linda arrived and my au pair day came to an end. As we drove to Rotterdam I constantly had to remind Onno to concentrate on the road and ignore all the fireworks but that’s easier said than done. Okay. I’m joking. Okay. Not really. Once we arrived in Rotterdam it was a completely different atmosphere then little old Zoetermeer. The fireworks was bigger and closer and I was becoming a little freaked out. in the apartment I relaxed at last and enjoyed my romantic night with Onno. We prepared a lovely pasta meal while drinking some wine. We played around in bed (whoops I should probably not add the details that followed this) and before we knew it, it was a hour before midnight. We moved to the roof and the first 15 minutes was nice. Onno set his own firework off and it was cool and scary at the same time. But then it went bad. All hell went loose. The Chinese came in and they went big. They set of big fireworks in our direction and because they were standing in the middle of the street…we were closer to the fireworks than what I would like. It was TOO close. It didn’t stop and I was scared shitless. Finally Onno half forced me off the roof because I was too damn scared to move and back in the apartment I started to cry. I became even more upset when I saw it was about 10 minutes away from midnight. With a rush we tried to prepare the broken curtain railing for privacy. (You have to climb out a window to get to the roof and in our haste the curtain railing fell. It opened a window that faces our neighbours balcony and they were outside and could look into our entire house. No fun.) Onno opened the champagne but time was not in our favour so that last few seconds we just dropped everything we were doing, as the clock hit 00:00 and the fireworks went off…our lips were locked in a passionate kiss. I finally started to calm down as we just embraced for a few moments watching the fireworks from our window. Afterwards we restarted our own countdown and drank our glass of champagne. We talked about our goals for the new year. The main thing was to stay strong and be together whenever we can. We climbed in bed, watched Mythbusters and just enjoyed being together. The next day we cleaned the house (we tracked mud in from the roof) and jut spend the rest of the day together, watching TV and walking around the city. We just enjoyed every second we had together as we both knew soon I will be leaving…and our relationship will be tested for the first time. Long distance is anything but easy.


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