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My Botched Tattoo

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for months. Heck I planned on writing this blog just after my website launched six months ago but well I don’t write a blog if I don’t feel like writing. Otherwise it feels forced and it’s not a nice read. I don’t know if that even makes sense but it just how my brain works when it comes to writing. It needs to feel natural and it needs to flow.

So enough about that. Let’s jump into the good things. I got my first tattoo when I was seventeen years old in March. It was a very impulsive decision but it’s something I will NEVER forget or regret. My step dad just left and on the day their divorce finalized I decided to get my tattoo. I wanted to get a butterfly. Placement or the entire tattoo wasn’t that important. I just wanted my butterfly on my body. For a very long time I felt like a butterfly trapped with clipped wings. The very next day we went to the tattoo shop and I spend 30 minutes picking out the design and then it was time. The session was two and a half hours and quite painful to start off with but getting through it felt so good. It was what I needed. I finally had freedom over my own body and getting a tattoo was the ultimate sign of it. The word elefthería forever showing the true meaning of my tattoo.

Here is a picture of the tattoo of the hour. The design or the job is anything but perfect but the meaning will always make it a great tattoo in my eyes. Sorry that the lighting is kind of bad. I had to wait till my husband got home to take the picture and well it was dark out and half of our lights are out. Oh and its pretty straight on my back. The picture is just wonky.


However this blog post isn’t about my first tattoo, it’s about my botched tattoo. It was my fourth tattoo and although number three wasn’t the best job either nor did it look like it was going to be a success midway through. Even though the stencil rubbed away while the guy was tattooing and it just went downhill from there, it’s still not my botched tattoo. I don’t know why I’m building up to it but let’s just get to it.

My botched tattoo is my shoulder tattoo. At first glance it seemed like everything was going fine. Here is a photo of the tattoo so you can see what I’m talking about.

You will probably notice that the eyes are raised and bumpy. This is where everything went wrong. The first time around I tried glow in the dark green ink that the tattoo artist recommended. It didn’t take at all. For the first time my tattoo bled a lot and gave up a clear liquid the day of and the day after the tattoo. It took a lot longer to heal but after about two weeks the crust came off. However with the crust ALL of the ink in the eyes disappeared. I could feel the skin was raised and ‘inked’ but there was nothing. I immediately went back to my tattoo artist. He sat me down and inked over the eyes in ink that was donated to the shop. Once more it bled and gave of a clear liquid. My body was rejecting the ink. The actual tattoo park with the needle and ink was ten times more painful than ever before and coupled with the new painful healing process…well it took me six months to go back to the tattoo artist. After the eyes healed the second time around only half of the ink took. It didn’t look good but because the entire process was just horrible I wasn’t in a rush to get it done once more. Eventually my prom came up and my shoulder would be on display in my dress so I decided to get it done. Once more it was a painful experience but this time around at least I walked away with eyes that’s green. However after the three attempt the eyes turned out to be very raised, bumpy and well it doesn’t look good.

I’ve been thinking of getting it covered up for over a year now and I even saw a new tattoo artist with my chosen design…but the idea of a needle touching my shoulder makes me cringe in pain. I know it’s going to be beyond painful and I just haven’t got myself to just do it. I know I will get it done eventually…

I’m going to end this blog with the advice I mentioned on my blog post called: Think Before You Ink | Tattoo advice (Here is the link — ) What I did wrong with this tattoo was one I didn’t do enough research on my tattoo artist. If I even bothered asking around about him I would’ve found out there has been a lot of people who complained about his tattoos and some with the same problem as my shoulder tattoo. Secondly I didn’t give the tattoo enough time to heal and I should’ve never went back to the same tattoo artist after the first failed attempt in the eyes. I learned my lesson the hard way.

My first tattoo after the shoulder was at an actual professional company who got many good reviews and clearly knew what they were doing. I had to pay a little more but the end result was well worth it. It’s my ribs tattoo that I got in honor of my father. I got this tattoo in the Netherlands and the entire experience was completely different then my cheap South African tattoo artist. My first tattoo in South Africa after the shoulder tattoo is the tattoo dedicated to my husband. Once more I did my research, paid a little bit more and the end result was well worth the money. It did need touch ups and the tattoo artist made me wait three months before she would even consider touching the tattoo. My point is, there is a very clear difference in the quality you get once you’re willing to pay a little more. As I sit and write this, three of my tattoos (number two, three and botched number four) is tattoos I would want to cover up in the future. They’re not good quality and the design is anything but original.

Learn from my mistakes, spend more time and money on something you want to permanently ink onto your body.

I wish you all the best and I will see you in a click!



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  1. And every tattoo you have designed yourself has a meaning. That is why it makes it so special, although I am not a big tattoo fan. However, it is a deal that when I am coming to visit we are going to have a mother a daughter tattoo and it will be my first/last and only one. LOL. Love you and miss you like jelly tots my baby. Hope to see you soon.

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