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Random Acts Of Celebration | But Also Pranking My Husband

Originally I went an entire different direction with this blog. It started off with pranking my husband which was pretty damn fun but when I sat down to write this blog, four days later. It got me thinking. The more I thought about this post and what direction I want to go with it, the more I wanted to change it and write it in a different way. I wanted to write something a little, eye opening.

I should give a bit of back story before I just jump into the good bits because well it’s not like you can read my mind. If you could, well bless your soul and also can I have some privacy please?

Alright so Mondays is always an interesting day for me. It’s my big cleaning and laundry day so I don’t normally go out to do the shopping. I do that on Tuesdays, but we ran out of toilet paper and laundry softener. I couldn’t exactly just leave it so I begrudgingly went to the shops. I wasn’t super excited to rush home and do the dishes so I browsed the shelves. They had this new decoration strings that caught my eye and before I knew it was adding balloons to my cart. I was full on preparing for a big party decoration wise. What are we even celebrating?

The fifth of March isn’t a special day for Onno and I. Yes it’s my grandpa’s birthday but he is 10 000km away. It doesn’t make sense to put up all of these decorations for him. Anyway so the idea behind putting up the decorations even though Onno and I didn’t have anything special to celebrate together was to prank him. I wanted to see what my husband would do if he came home to a fully decorated house, his wife all dressed up and dinner ready (as always) for his arrival. Onno came home and as I expected him too, he was surprised but also worried he forgot something big. Insert nervous laughter and sweat. I have a pretty good idea of what was going through his mind; “Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.” Onno was begging for clues. What is so special about this day? What did he forget? He was throwing out possibilities but honestly as a couple we have nothing to celebrate on this day. After ten minutes Onno cracked and I told him honestly I just wanted to put up decorations and see what you would do. He laughed and asked why I would take five years off his life because his heart is about to stop. The evening continued, we talked about our past, how we got here and where we’re going, we had a delicious dinner and watched TV. It was a nice and calm evening.

The next day I had my last Dutch lesson with my mother in law. She came over and asked about the decorations. What were you celebrating? I told her it was a prank and obviously because it’s her son she felt sorry for Onno. I came to my own defense with: “He only sweat about it for ten minutes and then afterwards the rest of the night we sat under the decorations by candle light all cuddled up on the couch and having a great time.”

You see that yes we had nothing special to celebrate. It was truly a random act of celebration but and there is a but…we celebrated the fact that we’re together. All too often life gets busy and we fall into a habit of things. We sit next to each other on the couch and work on our laptops. We talk but we don’t really talk deeply as often. The decorations got us to pause and celebrate the fact that we’re together. We’re both alive and healthy. We’re loved.

Sometimes I tend to forget how difficult and hard it was to get here. Half of our relationship was apart. Long distance was anything but easy and there were times that it felt like it just would be easier if we gave up. Our love would never allow that but that doesn’t mean it didn’t get really hard sometimes. We would get angry and annoyed with each other. We would just really miss each other. Onno and I paused that Monday night, slowed down and just embraced each other’s company. It was a perfect night. Now the fifth of March will be a day we celebrate our relationship.

Thank you so much for reading. I wish you all the best and I will see you in click!


PS. The last few weeks I’ve been using see you in a click at the end of every post. Who noticed? So it came about in a post that I didn’t end up posting. I wrote it while being tipsy and it was just well shit. In this post I was playing with the word play of ‘I will see you in a blink’. I then switched it to click and lost it. It blew my mind. I like it and it makes me chuckle every time I read it so I can’t help but use it.




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  1. You take after your grandpa Meaker, he likes to do some “prank” tricks. Think your dad as well.

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