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Making Friends As An Adult

Now I don’t know about you but making friends when I was a little snot nose was a lot easier than making friends now when I’m an adult. You would just casually walk up to some kid and be I like your shirt let’s be friends. That’s it. Now it can be a little more complicated. I might be a little more picky when it comes to choosing my friends than what I was when I was younger but that’s not the point. Okay maybe it is. Some of my friends in high school I wouldn’t choose to befriend now as an adult. I learned with my age that some friends are there to help you grow as a person and is there for you even when you’re being a complete asshole. Other friends will stab you in the back the second you’re no longer enough for them. It happens. As I’ve grown older, well this blog is really giving away my age, I make friends with people who I feel like are genuinely nice people who will bring some positivity and fun in my life and not bring me down. Heavens knows I can do that to myself more than enough. I don’t need someone else to do that. I got it boo. (I’m working on it. It’s a journey.)

I made my first friend here in the Netherlands in a very new age kind of way. We met on Instagram, followed each other and started liking and commenting. Fast forward a few months and my return to the Netherlands we decided to meet up for lunch. We walked around, talked and before we knew it we were arranging another day out. We’ve met up a few times and after every meet up I feel like our friendship is a little stronger. You know we’re more comfortable with each other. I love that part in the friendship. We met up last Friday and honestly the fun and upbeat day was just what I needed. These last few weeks has been tough on me. I’m not doing that okay to be 100% honest. I have moment where I just go on without really thinking about it and then other moments when I can’t stop crying or leave the bed. 2018 really started with a bang and a punch to the gut.

She messaged me around 10am and asked if I wanted to go out for lunch. It wasn’t one of my good days and I planned to sulk, read and stay the entire day in bed. I was happy to hear from her and figured a day out with her is just what the doctor ordered. We arranged to meet up around lunch and I actually got out of bed to get some work done before I need to leave. My Friday blog had to be edited and then go live and be shared and talked about on my other socials. You will be surprised how much time that can take. Anyway I left around five minutes before our meet up. The restaurant is super close to the apartment. When I got there we had our coffee and lunch and talked about everything really. It was the typical catch up and it was really fun. After a good a hour if not more we headed out for a walk in the city. We walked towards the Euromast which is quite a walk if I’m frank with you. There we had a little mini photo shoot because we both need new pictures to post on Instagram. Which was a great success. I still have two pictures to post and it’s not mirror or cat related. Score! We promised to meet up in the spring and in the summer for a photo shoot. We’re going to go all out, switch out outfits and etc. I’m really looking forward to it. It will probably be a great laugh.

We walked and talked a lot like damn sitting down in the park to bird watch was heaven scent. Okay I’m lying. We didn’t bird watch. A tree was involved and we’re fascinated by the view but there was no birds involved. Although if I want to get really technical a dove showed up and started pecking around our feet but that’s pushing it. Are you curious yet? You will never guess this. We saw a girl climbing the tree with a bunch of ropes. We sat down and tried to figure out what she was doing. In our defense we weren’t the only ones. Zoe wondered if the girl is going to hang herself and at that moment I knew this friendship is going to last because I thought the exact same thing. I could see it: A Young Girl Hanged Herself As Onlookers Watched In Shock. The gruesome scene never took place because who would be kidding – that’s some pretty scary shit. Like what would you even do? Scream? Rush to her side in a desperate attempt to save her? 911 please. Turns out she was making a Instagram video. She started doing this bunch of nice tricks with the big rope like what do you call those circus people with the ropes? Air bats? No that’s not it. Let me Google.

google search

What did people do before Google? Oh my where the hell did I come up with air bats? Where does that even come from? The brain is truly an interesting thing. I can see the correct word in my mind but the spelling and the pronouncing is just not happening. Aaroco bats? Acrobats? Is that it? Am I thinking of the right thing? Google, help meeeeeeeee!

google search 2

The answer is a yes. Five points to Gryffindor.

Anyway back to the story, we must have watched this girl for 15 minutes easy if not longer. Eventually we figured we watched enough birds and headed back home. I was getting hungry again and by this point it’s been hours since we met up and we walked almost the entire time and my feet we’re killing me. We said our goodbyes and promised to meet up soon. I was about two minutes away from the apartment and was home before she even crossed the street. Not even a second after stepping into my apartment I remembered that I never gave her the study books she leant me for my Dutch test and now writing this I figured she was still really close I could’ve caught up with her and hand the books over. Awwh well now we just need to meet up soon.

So I made a friend as an adult. It’s pretty fun and surprisingly not that hard. You just stalk each other on social media consistently for a few months before meeting in real life. I made a funny. Me so funny. Roar. Why did I roar you ask? Good question. I just felt like I should make this blog longer but that’s probably cheating. Also I’ve noticed that I start a lot of sentences with “Now…” and I have no idea where this came from but it makes me think of a teacher and I’m not sure how I feel about this. Alright folks I reached my desired word count. I felt like a stretched this puppy thin quite naturally. Sometimes I didn’t even mean to but we all know me by now. I get off track quite easily. You should see me in real life. Anyway I’m still doing it so let’s just end this blog here before I ramble on and on. That would be annoying right. Oh I’m still doing it. Make it stop. Help me Google!

google search 3

Annnd she never clicked on any of the searches.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Proof of friendship. Get it? Proof of life? Kidnapped. You get it! Insert winky face.

4 thoughts on “Making Friends As An Adult”

  1. Haha ”Zoe wondered if the girl is going to hang herself and at that moment I knew this friendship is going to last because I thought the exact same thing. ” this made me laugh again!! and as for the books, I’ll get them next time no rush 😀 X

  2. You always were like in very sceptic in choosing friends. And when they hurt you in some what other reason it normally effected you quite alot. People can either surprise you or dissapoint you.

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