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My Favorite Full Body Workout

This is my favorite full body workout to do. It’s easy to follow and to remember and I’ve been doing it on and off for months. It was originally designed around recovering from my shoulder injury. It’s a quick and easy workout to do I just have to get into the habit of doing it at least once a week till I recover my strength. Anyway I really enjoy this workout so I figured I should share it with you all.

Before I start I really want to clarify that I’m not a personal trainer. I designed this workout for myself after years of following other workouts. After my shoulder injury I couldn’t follow my normal workouts so alas this was born.

full body workout.png

The only thing I should explain is the full rotation with bicep curls. This is for my shoulder mobility. I basically rotate my arms starting from side out to the side of my head before I bring it forward to my side where I finally end it with a bicep curl.

Oh maybe I should explain the reverse fly too. Before I found it online when I was searching for arm workouts I had no idea what it is. Basically you lay on your stomach and stretch out your arms backwards like your flying. Hence the reverse fly. I bet you can find a video on YouTube, if my explanation sucks.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


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