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How I Got My Fairy Light Wall In Two Easy Steps

I don’t know about you but Christmas makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside and the main cause of this is fairy lights. It’s just something of the twinkling lights at night that makes me feel incredibly happy. I knew that I wanted fairy lights inside my house all year around. The month of December isn’t nearly enough. Honestly I can have fairy lights in every single room. I really have to stop myself but to be able to fully enjoy the fairy lights there can’t be too much of it. Anyway the point is I wanted a fairy light wall and I liked the idea of having it behind my bed. It just makes the bedroom feel all romantic and our wall was a bit wonky and needed it. It was uneven and an eyesore so well fairy lights was just the perfect touch. Also fair warning this blog is really short. There isn’t much I can say to make the blog longer. It’s just that easy.


It’s ridiculously simple to make the fairy light wall. You need fairy lights, screws and a see through curtain. That’s it folks. I told you it’s really simple. The set up is just as simple.

Step One

Screw in your screws into the wall. You want a little edge to poke out so you can hang the fairy lights wire over it. You put it in a zigzag pattern and depending on the length of your fairy lights and how wide your wall in and the coverage you want, will influence the space between the screws. Oh wow that was a messy sentence. I honestly can’t remember the length of the fairy lights we got, I honestly bought the longest one I could find. We spaced the screws by 30-40cm.


Step Two (even though step one and two can switch quite easily.)

Are you ready for the shortest step ever? Hang up your curtains. That is it.


A fairy light wall is incredibly easy and quick to do and I love ours so much. We put it on every single night for about a hour and I can’t imagine our bedroom without it now.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


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