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Chapter Three: Greasy Sheets

“Remember I want a text every day. I need to know that you’re alive okay.” Daddy Dearest fussed before pulling me in for his famous bear hug. “I still don’t understand why you want to turn your phone off. What if there is an accident?” Dad question, concern etched into his tired face. Daddy Dearest pulled him into our now family bear hug. “Don’t worry sir. My phone will be on at all times. I will personally call you every night at 7pm with an update. I will take good care of your daughter. I promise.” Zack promised as he stood at the open door. We were running late but my doting fathers struggled to let me go. “Take care of her okay.” Daddy Dearest whispered before finally releasing me and giving me a light peck on the forehead. “Okay go before I change my mind!” Dad huffed before abruptly turning around, mumbling to himself as he disappeared into the kitchen. “I love you too!” I called after him with a chuckle.


  “Come on Zack! At least give me a hint!” I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. Zack refused as to so much peep about what we’re going to do once we arrive in New York. No hints whatsoever. “Come on M. Not knowing what the future holds makes living fun.” I paused at his words. Is he right? Is truly not knowing what your future has in store a good thing? How does this make living life fun? I pondered over his words the entire flight. Constantly over thinking is truly exhausting. I’ve been indecisive my entire life. The idea of not knowing what my life will be like in only a short six months scares me endlessly. A routine is safe. My weekdays are painstakingly similar. My morning starts early with a quick 30-minute high-intensity workout supplied via YouTube. After my shower, I pull on the usual outfit: Jeans and a graphic T-shirt. Once dressed I will have breakfast with my fathers’ while Daddy Dearest styles my hair. After breakfast, I pull on my jacket and shoes before racing to school on my bicycle. At school, I meet up with Sasha and get a rundown of whatever is happening in her life and how John is doing. I know more personal details about John that I care to remember. No one but his girlfriend and mom should know what face he makes when he poops. Sasha didn’t spare any details and I haven’t been able to look at John the same ever since. We separate once the bell rings and my classes start. Then it’s simply just making small talk to my classmates here and there before meeting up with Sasha for lunch which is mainly the time she sucks face with John. After fighting the urge to vomit and cry, I finish my lunch before bidding her goodbye and making a beeline for the library. There I will return my books and loan new ones before joining my game friends in the computer lounge. We talk shop till the bell rings and I return to my classes. In the short second break I don’t even bother to meet up with Sasha and instead do some homework. After school, it’s back home to do whatever the hell I want. Watch series or read mainly. Occasionally I would hang out with Sasha like the good old days but there is only so much John stories a girl can take. This would repeat five days a week. The most exciting thing would be an occasional trip to the shopping center where I would stuff my face with McDonald’s and explore the bookstore and gaming center. Weekends was constant as well. Saturday is spend the day at Sasha’s or chill at the house. Sundays are a family day and whatever else you still need to do for the school. Nothing exciting ever really happened. I kept to my set routine like clockwork and although exciting opportunities would arrive; my fathers’ European cruise, rock legend ACDC in town, comic con, festivals and etc. Stepping outside my safe little bubble terrified me enough to stop me from every straying. Hence why this crazy adventure is long overdue. Who knows maybe I will hate every second. At least I tried something new. At least I left my safe routine and experience an adventure. At least I took one step forward to change.


  “I would like to order 300 large chips and 300 of your largest containers of chicken nuggets,” Zack ordered as casual as can be. His tone so monotone you would think the crazy boy just asked directions, but oh no. Instead, he asked for the impossible. The lady blinked, mirroring my confused expression. “Sir, did you mean THREE large chips and THREE nine chicken nuggets?” I nodded my head. Of course, that’s what he meant. What else could he possibly mean? “I meant as in 300 large chips and 300 nine chicken nuggets,” Zack repeated himself and added a nice little eye role in my direction. It’s official. He was dropped on his head as a baby and has gone insane. Just my luck I go to a strange town with a complete loon. Is he going to sell my organs on the black market? Turn my insides into chicken nuggets? “Uhmmm sir we can’t sell that amount to just one person…” The lady trailed off. “Why not? Can I speak to your manager?” The young girl nodded unsure about what the hell she is supposed to do right about now. I mean same, girl. Same. At least after your done with this order you won’t have to see this loon again. I’m stuck with him for a week. I repeat. A week. The manager arrived and after having a brief conversation with Zack turned to the girl and gave her the go-ahead to put in the order. An hour later we walked out of McDonald’s with enough junk food to kill ten adults. “So what exactly are we going to do with all of this food? Hand it out to homeless people like those narcissistic YouTubers’ do when their views are low?” Zack simply shook his head before hailing a cab. “My dear sweet little innocent friend. We’re about to have a food fight in our pretty hotel room.” Zack tut like his answer should’ve been obvious. I was right. He is batshit crazy. Instead of slowing turning around and making a run for it, I followed him into the taxi. “Prepare to lose.” I chuckled in my best evil villain chuckle before grabbing a mouthful of chips. Victory will taste oh so sweet. And oily. So much grease.

If the hotel staff was concerned about our large quantity of McDonald bags, they didn’t show it as they guided us to our room. Zack clearly has whipped out his daddy’s credit card with a very nice, almost too white, room with a view. Once in the room, he turned to the TV and played around till he found what he was looking for. An epic dance soundtrack. I raised my eyebrow. “So Zack…” I paused when a wicked grin crossed his features. Before I could respond and move, a flock of fries hit me square in the face. The cold fries, soggy by now slowly dropped from my body and onto the white carpet. I blinked. What. Just. Happened? Instead of allowing my brain to just comprehend that Zack threw fries in my face, he picked up a box of chicken nuggets, took one and aimed. It hit me square in the boob. “Oh, it’s on!” With a war cry, I grabbed as many McDonald’s bags as I could and ducked for cover behind the chair. I immediately launched my own greasy attack, throwing a continues handful of fries as Zack squealed and ran to escape my soggy bullets. “Die! Die! Die!” I cackled as Zack squealed in pain as a large chicken nugget hit him straight in the nose. Zack, however, refuses to stand down. With his own battle cry, he gathered a handful of chicken nuggets, jumped on top of the bed and launched the greasy rocks to my head. I screamed, scrambled from behind the chair and ran to the bathroom. The greasy floor, however, had other plans. I gracefully tumbled to the floor, sliding a few meters. Zack stopped his attack abruptly. “Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?” I viciously took his moment of weakness to attack with everything I got. Chicken nuggets flew through the air, hitting him all over his body. He dropped to the bed in one big thump, groaning in pain after the largest chicken nugget I could find hit him square in the balls. It was my turn to pause as I walked to my friend in concern. Zack turned the tables and pulled me into his greasy grasp and attacked my sides with his fingers. I squealed and wiggled but Zack simply cackled at my agony. “Stop! Please just stop!” After another few minutes of ticklish torture, he let me go. I collapsed next to him on the bed, gasping for air. I turned to face my friend and laughed. Laughed so hard tears ran down my cheeks and snot flew out of my nose. Zack joined in.


  “I feel so gross.” I rolled onto my side. Once our laughter died down, Zack and I slipped into a peaceful nap covered in greasy sheets. The smell alone pulled me from my slumber. Soggy and greasy food stuck to everything. “Let’s go shower.” Zack rolled over to his side, pulling me into his arms. “In a minute.” He mumbled sleepily. I laughed before for pushing his arms off me and getting up from the bed. I pulled a face as I took in the no longer pretty and white hotel room. “The cleaning crew is going to hate us so much.” Zack simply laughed before slowly getting up. “Wait. Where are you going?” Zack paused as he stopped in front of the bathroom door. “Shower?” It was his turn to give me the are-you-nuts look. “I called it first!” I huffed before sprinting to the bathroom door. Zack simply stood strong and blocked my path. “We can always shower together.” Zack wiggled his eyebrows and added with a wink: “You know to save some water.” I rolled my eyes and shoved him out of the way. “No way in hell buddy. You’re not my type…” Both of us paused at my words. “Does this mean you only like girls?” Zack asked after a few moments of silence. I bit my lip. I never really thought about it. Love is love. It’s not only stuck to one gender. If I ever do move on from Sasha…I guess would I start to look romantically at other girls. Or will the next person I fall in love with be a guy? “Nah, I think both fields are fine.” I finally replied before closing the bathroom door. Glancing at myself in the mirror, I pulled a face and laughed. Oh, a shower is definitely needed. I look so gross.


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