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Chapter Six: Dancing Queen

“So tell me again what exactly this competition is.” Zack sighed before rolling over to his side. It was currently late afternoon and we have yet to leave our hotel room. After our early arrival from our night out in town as pastel Goths, we slept in till noon, had a late breakfast before walking straight back to our room to become one with the bed as useless reality TV played in the background. Zack tapped on his phone and scrolled through his Instagram while I read a short story on Wattpad. Something called My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It. A werewolf story. As this was a trip all about trying out a new thing, exploring a new genre was called for. “So it’s one of those dance for hours thing and one something,” Zack muttered as this would make perfect sense and explain the entire competition. Once I didn’t respond to his explanation, he glanced up from his phone and sighed. Well, I’m sorry that I don’t magically understand the competition by your 12 worded sentence.

“So the competition works like this. You have to be in contact with your partner at all times and move slightly. This could be rocking from side to side or full-on dancing. There are different marks that could strive for. The last couple standing goes home with the biggest prize, a five thousand dollar check while other participants get prizes for the number of hours they reach. Three hours is a free Starbucks coffee and muffin. Five hours is a fabulous T-shirt and a McDonald happy meal. Seven hours is a 20 dollar gift card to Target and the same old fabulous T-shirt. Ten hours is a 50 dollar gift card to Target and again the T-shirt. Fifteen hours is a 200 dollar gift card to Target, a voucher for a free full course meal at this pizza joint and the stupid T-shirt again. Twenty hours is a 500 dollar gift card to Target, the full course meal at the pizza joint, free beer all night at this one club and the stupid T-shirt. After that point, it’s just whoever is still standing and goes for the big prize.” Well, now that makes sense. “It sounds like fun. What time does it start?” It’s something new and different. Very much so outside my comfort zone but it should be a lot of fun. “8pm. So we should just stay in bed all day till we have to go. You know preserve our energy.” Zack replied before returning his attention to his social media. I nodded before rolling onto my side and returning to the werewolf world of Wattpad.


  “Tell me exactly why I’m wearing this frumpy prom dress?” Zack rolled his eyes before fixing his tie. “M. It’s a dancing competition,” Zack stated in a tone that meant that I was stupid for not connecting the frumpy prom dress to the dancing competition. I sighed before throwing my hands up in the air in surrender. You can’t convince crazy about anything. If he decided that we couldn’t possibly compete in this competition without going all out with our costume, then well I guess I’m wearing a stupid pink prom dress with flowers and something I would never physically choose for my own prom in a few months. “What did my dad’s say when you called?” I asked as I tucked my curly brown her up in a messy bun. “Rick made me promise to take pictures of you in your dress. In fact, he said I wasn’t allowed to ever show my face again if I don’t take pictures…” Zack trailed off before winking. I sighed, surrendering to my fate and striking a pose. Daddy Dearest wasn’t playing around. He would very well stay true to his promise and would chase Zack away before he could even step onto our driveway. “Put some pep in your step. Rick is expecting great things from me.” Zack mumbled before dropping to the ground to get a short from the ground. I sighed, the silly boy can’t do anything half ass.

“Come on M! Stop fussing over your dress and get out of the damn car!” Zack huffed before taking matters into his own hands and pulled me out of the cabbie. “I look ridiculous. No. We look ridiculous.” Zack rolled his eyes, clearly enjoying being the center of attention. To say that we’re undressed would be the understatement of the century. It would be as in to say that without the sun there would be no life. Wait. That’s not right. I glanced at the crowd once again before hiding my body behind Zack’s large build. The men attired in dark a semi-formal blank pants and a button up shirt while the woman wore semi-formal dresses. A tux and massive ball of poof of a pink prom dress didn’t fit in with the dress code. Zack only chuckled at my horror before dragging me along to the entrance. “You did this on purpose!” I screamed and huffed in anger. The sick little puppy. “Come on M! Live a little!” Zack pouted and I sighed. “Fine!” Zack smiled before spinning me into a circle. “This is going to be so much fun! Let’s go sign in!”

My knees threatened to buckle and collapse under my weight. This was a horrible idea. Two hours of dancing wasn’t my idea of fun. The song came to an end and Zack smiled and spun me in the circle when the next song came on. I laughed before following his lead. “Ooh! You can dance! You can jive! Having the time of your life!” Zack sang with so much spunk and passion, he affected the dancers behind us. “Ooh, see that girl! Watch that scene! Dig in the dancing queen!” I joined him all the while laughing. “Friday night and the lights are low! Looking out for a place to go! Where they play the right music! Getting in the swing!” I followed his cue with a couple disco dancing that only Zack could create on the spot. The goofball might be crazy but he sure is a hella fun. “You come to look for a king! Anybody could be that guy! The night is young and the music’s high! With a bit of rock music! Everything is fine! You’re in the mood for a dance! And when you get the chance!” Zack paused with a goofy chuckle before pulling me in for another spin. “You are the dancing queen! Young and sweet! Only seventeen! Dancing queen! Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah! You can dance! You can jive! Having the time of your life! Ooh, see that girl! Watch that scene! Dig in the dancing queen!” The crowd cheered as Zack and I gave the performance of our lives.

I laughed and stepped into Zack’s arms as the slow song played in the background. He rocked us side to side as we took the time to catch our breath. “You’re crazy!” Zack smirked before pinching my bum. I squealed and slapped his arm. “Hey! Keep it clean!” Zack simply laughed as he moved me across the floor as the song came to an end and switched to a higher pace song. With energy unknown to normal humans, Zack danced to the beat of the song all the while pulling me along for the ride.


I threw myself back onto the bed, the dress drowning Zack under layers of pink fabric. He rolled to his side to escape the frumpy dress, panting for breath. My legs burned and my feet pounded. “I can’t believe we danced for ten hours and we just have this stupid T-shirt to show for it!” I huffed as I threw the said T-shirt to the wall. “Don’t forget the 50 dollar gift card to Target!” I rolled my eyes. Oh yes, that made everything better. “I don’t have the energy to get out of this dress!” Zack simply laughed at my pain. “Let me!” Zack rolled over before climbing on top of me. He winked and tickled my sides. I panted and kicked against his hold but the heavy loaf pressed his weight on my waist, pushing me into the bed. “Oh you’re so hilarious.” I rolled my eyes before bucking my hips into the air, catching Zack of guard. He squeaked as he tumbled over to the side, missing the edge of the bed with inches and flopping onto the floor in one but thump. I laughed so hard till the point of tears running down my cheeks. After a few moments of grunting and groaning in self pity and fake pain, Zack joined me in uncontrollable laughter. “Thank you for everything,” I said with a pause after a few minutes of silence. Zack poked his head up from the edge of the bed and smiled. My heart missed a beat and before I could over think the action. Zack got up and launched himself on to the bed. I screamed and scrambled up to my feet the best I could but the heavy frumpy dress dragged me to the ground. I fell back onto the bed with a bounce. Zack scrambled into action but the sheets tangled around his monkey suit and pulled him along as the two of us bounced from the bed and landed on the ground with a heavy thump. “Fucking hell that hurt!”


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