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Chapter Seven: Valentine’s Day

I sighed and rubbed my eyes as I rolled onto my back. I arched my back and I stretched out the kinks from the previous night. Dancing for ten hours makes you ache in places you didn’t know could ache. My fingers brushed on something cool and I frowned. What? I opened my eyes and frowned. Wait. What? I picked up the flower petal and glanced around the hotel room. Is that rose petals? “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Zack squealed, popping up from his hiding place behind the couch. I jumped at his unexpected arrival and frowned in confusion. “Wait. What?” I rubbed at my eyes. Am I seeing things? “I wanted to surprise you…” Zack pouted trailing off. “It’s the day of love you know…” I shook my head before smiling at the goofball that has changed my entire life. “You’re amazing, you know that right?” Zack grinned before strutting silly poses. “Oh, baby I’m more than just amazing!” I laughed before wiggling my eyebrows and picked up a handful of rose petals. “Oh and like what?” Before Zack could respond, I threw the roses in his directions. It’s floated to the bed a few inches away from my position. Guess we can’t have a rose fight. “Romantic,” Zack whispered smoothly and I rolled my eyes. “Dork!”


  “So Rick actually set this one up,” Zack stated casually as we browsed the store. I chuckled before fingers a long curly blond wig. “I figured. He did drag a few years back.” Daddy Dearest often spoke of his drag years with great fondness. He only stopped performing regularly when his restaurants took off and he simply didn’t have the time anymore. He does whip out the wigs and glitter every few months though. “Mandy, is that you?” I squealed before sprinting into the arms of Mama. He chuckled before lifting me up from the ground and pulling me into a tight bear hug. “Oh well look at you! You look amazing, come on girl give me a trill.” Zack beat me to the punch before my feet could even touch the floor. I laughed before joining him. Zack immediately pulled me into his arms and twirled me into a circle before dipping me right into the wig showcase. I narrowly missed hitting my head. “Oops, my bad.” I shook my head before punching him. “Be gentle. I’m a lady.” Zack poked out his tongue and rolled his eyes. ‘If you say so…” Mama laughed loudly before throwing his arms over my shoulders and pulling me tight into his side. “Come on, let’s choose your outfit and Zack, my dear, I hope you’re ready. You will tucking love this.” I erupted in laughter at the confused look on his face. Oh, the poor boy. He doesn’t know what tuck means. Mama and I shared a look, an evil plan forming between us without any spoken words.

I was right. Zack hated every second of the tucking process. The boy screamed from the pain and Donna, Mama’s friend, and I shared a look before laughing loudly. Donna shook his head before returning his attention to my make up while Zack struggled in the loving arms of Mama in the hotel bathroom. 45 minutes later, Zack limped out in his body suit and new padded curves. “That was…” Zack shivered in fear and hugged his body. Zack fell next to me on the bed, cupping his assets with a whimper. “Alright girly! You’re finished!” Donna stated with a smile. I smiled brightly, elated to be finished before jumping up from the bed to admire his handy work in the mirror. “It looks so different! I love it! Hey Zack! Take a picture for my daddy dearest!” Zack simply just groaned before whipping out his phone to take one picture. Someone clearly isn’t in the mood. I rolled my eyes and followed Mama to the couch. Our outfits laid out. “Come on, why don’t you get dressed and then I will do your hair. We don’t have all night!” I nodded before picking up the long mermaid sequence dress. The dress was truly something of beauty with a sheer see-through corset bodice and long aqua swirls of lace at the bottom. It gave the illusion or a mermaid tail thin. Beautiful beads completed the look with a scale like pattern on the dress. It’s a real mermaid dress. “Oh wow Mama, this dress is so pretty!” First, it was the really puffy but pretty dress from yesterday and now this? Dressing up feels so good. Although I doubt I would ever admit that. Daddy Dearest would have a shopping trip of all shopping trips. A truly scary thought.

I glanced at Zack’s dress and smiled. It should be so interesting to see him all dressed up in the tight little number that is his dress. The red satin dress would cling to every curve of his padded body, not hiding a single dip or bump. With large wing-like arms and a deep neckline, Zack would look absolutely magnificent in it. Truly Instagram worthy! I wonder what his army buddies would say if they saw him dressed to impress in this little red number. Zack the overconfident open-minded boy would probably walk through the base in full drag ready to give them a show that they will never forget. His bubbly personality is so inviting and freeing, some of them would even join them I’m sure. “I chose a batwing dress for your boy that is a friend there to hide his big manly strong arms,” Mama answered my unsaid question before ushering me into the bathroom. “Yes, that’s right! Bi strong and manly arms. Ouch!” Zack’s voice followed us into the bathroom. Donna just hushed him and I laughed. Zack is truly best friend goals.


I jumped up from my seat as I clapped my hands. Mama pulled Zack onto the stage soon after we arrived at her place. She introduced him to the crowd of queens before she nodded her head to the DJ. The powerful voice of Sia and her oh so outstanding song of Chandelier filled the room. “Try to keep up!” Mama winked at Zack before she switched to her performance mode. She moved so gracefully, not missing a beat of the song as she crossed the stage, her sparkling golden dress following her every move. With grace she started to dance, Zack not wanting to be undone followed her lead. The boy knew the song by heart and whipped out his best dance moves. “Party girls don’t get hurt. Can’t feel anything, when will I learn.” Zack mouthed the words while dancing his heart out. “I push it down, push it down.”

The two played the push and pull act in union with the words, calling a massive cheer from the crowd. I screamed the loudest. “One, two, three, on, two, three, drink.” Zack incorporated the ballet dancing the girl did in the video after kicking his shoes off. I cheered and unlocked his phone to record the show. “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier. I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist, like it doesn’t exist. I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry. I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier.” Zack jumped, propelling himself forward in the little split move the ballet dancers do, ripping his dress on the side. The crowd cheered at him very fully grown manly hairy legs and I simply just laughed. Oh, this is gold. “And I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes.” Zack dropped to the ground and whipped his head back, doing the little dramatic dance move they do in the movie. You know where he closes his eyes with his hands and then takes it down to his neck before making an X figure on his chest. “Keep my glass full until morning light, ‘cause I’m just holding on for tonight. Help me, I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes…” The song continued and Zack continued to give it his all, Mama, however, wasn’t one to back off from to fight and gave it her all. She owned the stage as she glided in smooth moves, twerking for the fun of it. The crowd loved every second of it. The two truly put on a once in a lifetime performance. “You were amazing!” I squealed and jumped into Zack’s arms after he stepped off the stage. Zack laughed and did the usual swirl. I giggled in his arms before fixing his wig. “Come on my favorite little lady. It’s your turn!” Oh, I’m ready for this.


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