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Chapter Nine: Falling With You

Zack was the one that broke the spell. He moved away, turned to the crowd and bowed. I blinked before slowly following his lead, giving a stiff and awkward bow towards the crowd. What just happened? We moved to leave the stage before the crowd started to chant. It took my brain a few seconds to process what they were saying and I froze. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” What the hell is happening? Zack sees me as his sister. He is my brother, my best friend and someone I can always count on. There are no romantic feelings between us. Why is there suddenly romance left and right? For god sake, I’m in love with HIS sister! I paused at this, when is the last time I even spared Sasha a single thought? When is the last time she might me laugh and cry from joy? When is the last time she was remotely the same person I fell in love with? It’s not like Zack just swooped in and replaced her. I’ve known Zack the same amount of time that I’ve known Sasha. We’ve been friendly to each other over the years. A greeting here and there. Small talk in the hall. We would spike up a conversation if we met in public and more. Zack would even sometimes join us for a movie when Sasha and I used to have marathons in the living room. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” The crowd continued to chant, sending my mind in turmoil. I don’t want this. I love what I have with Zack. I made eye contact with Zack and frowned at his expression. It was unreadable. I had no idea what the man was thinking. The crowd continued to chant and before I could run from the stage, Zack leaned forward and pecked my lips. It was such a quick peck that my brain didn’t even process it was happening until it was already finished and Zack was leading me off the stage. I blinked in complete shock before making eye contact with Zack. In the exact same moment, we exploded in laughter. And just like that all the tension and doubts just vanished as overwhelming amounts of relief flooded my entire body. I relaxed and jumped into Zack’s arms! I did it! I actually sang on stage in front of a crowd of strangers. “Thank you!”


I groaned as Zack moved in his sleep for the sixth time in the last five minutes. The man is a restless sleeper and I could kill him for it. Knowing Zack he has this crazy adventure planned for the day but honestly, I will be pretty happy with sleeping in all day. 5 days of crazy and exciting days are enough for me to thank you very much. We can spend the last two days never leaving the bed and binge watch MasterChef. Zack moved again, this time rolling into my side of the bed and throwing half of his body over mine. I heaved and started to struggle under his heavy embrace. After a few desperate attempts to wiggle out underneath him failed miserably, I simply jabbed him under his rubs with my elbow which awoke him from his slumbers to say it nicely. Zack jumped up in fright pushing me behind him, fully alert and ready to fight. This pulled at my heart strings but I forced a giggle out of my throat and slapped his back. “No threat here minus my ability to breath.” Zack turned to face me, utterly confused. “You were crushing me in your sleep silly.” Very slow the words sunk into his brain and his eyes widened in relation. He laughed before falling back onto the bed. “I’m sorry. Was I moving a lot?” Zack pouted before yanking me down to his level. I shook my head and cuddled into his side. “Not at all.” I breathed out in a sigh. For a big bulky guy, Zack is so soft and warm to cuddle with. “Sarcasm?” I laughed. “Yes.”

“So what is on the agenda today? Do I get to know now or do I find out later?” I asked a few hours later once we finally started to stir as life, or well hunger pulled us from the bed. Zack paused, his pancake hovering before his lips. He chuckled and shot me this look that screamed for-me-to-know-and-for-you-to-find-out. You know that shit-eating grin with a naughty glint in his eyes. That look. “Find out later it is.” I turned my attention to my plate of food and smiled. This short week is life changing. Maybe this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Go on one crazy adventure after another. With Zack. “Alright so after breakfast we should get dressed and head on out. I figured we can take the train till there and then afterward you can decide what you want us to do.” I nodded and took a bite of creamy pancakes. Heaven send. “Can I guess what we’re going to do?” Zack simply hummed before stuffing his face with an entire pancake. “Concert?” No. “Theatre?” No. “A show?” Zack paused and looked up from his plate with a frown? “Is there some show you want to go see or something?” I laughed and nodded. “Dirty Dancing.” At this Zack groaned before rolling his eyes and returning his attention to his plate of food. “It’s at 9pm and they still have some tickets left. Please.” I pulled my best puppy look out. I pouted, forcing myself to cry a little and trembled my lip. Zack glanced at me, chuckled and returned his attention to his food once more. Rude. “Pretty please with a cherry on top?” I whimpered for added effect. A few moments passed before Zack finally sighed and agreed. Victory is mine! “Come on, finish. We have to be there by 1:30pm.”


  “If you think for one single moment that I’m going to jump out of this plane with you, you’re nuts.” Zack ignored me and continued to talk to the instructor. “Come on M. Live a little. I’ve done this many times before. You’re going to love every second of it.” I simply pouted, but the man was slowly winning me over like always. “Have I steered you wrong before?” I sighed and begrudgingly settled into my seat ready for a quick lesson on the sport of skydiving. The instructor explained how everything works and how it will go before we moved on into getting the gear on us. As Zack is a professionally trained skydiver, he was allowed to jump with me. Normally average human folk attached themselves to a professional of the company but well I get to jump out of a plane attached to my best friend. Fun. I bit my lip and forced myself to take long and even breaths. My heart hammered in my chest at a painful speed as Zack tightened the gear around my body. Why am I going to do this? “Alright, everything is good to go. Are you ready?” I swallowed a rock of spit before uttering a very pathetic yes. Zack simply smiled before guiding me to the golf cart that will hopefully not drive me to my untimely demise. “Trust me M.” Zack turned my head and steered into my eyes. My heart stilled and started to race for an entirely different reason. That stupid kiss and Instagram captions are screwing with my brain. Don’t think about it M. He is your brother. Remember you love his sister? Unbeknown to my inner turmoil, Zack continued. “You’re going to love it. I know what I’m doing. I won’t ever put you in danger.” Slowly his words sunk through my chaotic brain and I nodded. He is right. I faced the small little plane and as the golf cart rolled to a stop, pure determination ran through my body. Let’s do this!

Zack climbed into the plane first before helping me up. We sat on the floor, greeted the pilot before we started to move down this highway. The plane turned, moved forward, building speed before the wheels left the road and we soared into the sky. My heart just stopped but with a firm grip on my hand, Zack reminded me to stay strong. You’re going to love this M. I blinked for second before Zack announced that we need to prepare everything and we should reach the ideal height in two minutes. How over ten minutes passed is beyond me. I slowly almost robotically moved towards Zack. He pulled me into a hug before spinning me around and attaching our gear together. He double checked my helmet and everything again before attaching the video camera to his arm. “Are you ready?” I couldn’t get myself to speak so I nodded. The pilot counted down and I closed my eyes as Zack moved us forward. “Remember legs and arms out.” Before I could respond, Zack hurled us out of the moving plane and I screamed my lungs out. I only stopped screaming once Zack opened the parachute and our descent down to earth slowed. That’s when my screaming turned into full-blown laughter. Zack joined in. He was right. I did love every second of it.


I was still smiling hours later as we got ready for the show. The adrenaline of the jump not quite gone yet. After calling my dad’s to share the news, which proceeded them to get a near heart attack on the phone. Apparently, Daddy Dearest didn’t feel compelled to share the plan to Dad and he was everything but happy. Zack managed to smooth over the entire situation with smooth talking and changing the topic. “If we leave now, we can grab a quick bite to eat before the show,” Zack said and I simply nodded before pulling on my pants. I’m all about the pant-less life. “I’m ready when you are.” Zack rolled his eyes, grabbed his phone and wallet before ushering me out of the hotel room. “I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day here in New York. This trip has been absolutely amazing.” I paused overwhelmed with emotion. “Thank you!” Zack smiled, pulled me into his arms and pecked my forehead. “Anytime!” He paused, opened his mouth to say something but simply shook his head and hailed a taxi. “Come we have a show to watch!” I nodded and followed him into the yellow cab. What did he want to say?


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