Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails

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Chapter Ten: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Zack threw himself onto the bed with a groan, completely and utterly exhausted. With a shit eating grin, I twirled around the hotel room. Dirty Dancing has been my favourite movie as long as I can remember and the cast did an amazing job to capture the spirit of the movie. Zack personally loathed watching romance movies and was bored out of his skull throughout the entire show. “Come to bed M. I’m exhausted!” Zack groaned clearly not amused by my antics. I laughed before twirling myself all the way to bed and gracefully launch myself on to the bed and Zack. He grunted in response and simply rolled me off his back, swung his arm over my body and locked me into place. I smiled and adjusted to a more comfortable position still very much so trapped in his embrace and close my eyes. My body ached all over but with a smile on my face; I fell asleep completely happy.

Waking up and starting the day was incredibly slow and stiff. The last six days of crazy activities finally caught up to us both and the only thing we desired was to sleep the day away. Zack, however, pushed me out of bed with the promise that nothing too crazy is planned for our last day in New York. “It’s pretty relaxed. You mostly just have to sit there and let the magic happen.” I moaned in response and buried my face into my pillow. Sounds great. Zack’s phone buzzed on the bedside table and he quickly rolled to his side, finally setting me free, to answer the call. Before Zack could greet the caller, they launched into a full on rant so loudly I could pick up who was speaking, Sasha. A mixture of emotions flooded my system, emotions that surprised me. Annoyance. Anger. Just why I was annoyed with the girl I’m supposed to be in love with was beyond me. Am I even in love with her? This new version of her…I sighed and rubbed my forehead as a growing headache seemed to develop at my new train of thoughts. Zack ended the call just as angry and annoyed before not so gently slamming his phone back onto the bedside table. “Well, I’m up. Do you want to get some breakfast?” Zack finally asked after a few moments of silence. I nodded before getting up and popping my joints with a few stretches. “I just quickly want to hop into the shower before we go.”


“So what is the game plan for the day?” I asked as I took another bite of the delicious egg and cheese bread. Zack nodded indicating his mouth was full of food and he would need a minute. I nodded in response and took a sip of my coffee. Damn this café can do nothing wrong. Even the coffee tasted better than normal. “We’re going to the hair salon.” Zack simply said and without any other explanation returned his attention to the burger in front of him. If his moans were anything to go by, he was enjoying the food just as much as I was. “I could fucking marry this burger and be a happy man for the rest of my life.” Zack said with such seriousness I could actually picture the event. I laughed and couldn’t help but agree. “I could marry this coffee and never go to bed sad.” I took another sip of the coffee at this statement. “Yeah because with all that caffeine you would be to hop up to ever go to bed.” I laughed and clutched at my heart with an overdramatic gasp. “Someone is feeling sassy today!” Zack smiled proud of his newfound sassiness and stole a bite of my bread. I growled and stabbed him with my fork. Or attempted to do so but his training reflexes outmatched my skills. “I can say the same thing to you…” Zack trailed off when I shot him a filthy glare. No one steals my food.

After breakfast, we headed down the busy streets of the center of New York. Zack kept a firm grip on my back as he steered me towards the direction of the hair salon. “I do kind of need a trim. My hair is getting way too long.” I mumbled before fingering the end of my brown hair. They were split beyond the point of split and grass dry. I definitely need a trim. Finally, we arrived at the hair salon and the lady quickly swooned over Zack. The man was a fine piece of work if I would have to say so myself and every normal straight woman are going to shoot a few glances. The man of the hour tried to act like he didn’t know any better but the little half smirk playing on his lips said otherwise. I shook my head and got comfortable in the chair. The hairdresser finally recovered over the initial shock to the system at his company stood behind me and picked up my long brown hair with a frown. “So what do you want to do today?” I opened my mouth to answer but Zack beat me to the punch. “Can you do this and keep it a surprise from her?” The hairdresser leaned over, closer than necessary might I add, to see the image on his phone. She frowned and glanced at me with a clear question on her mind. “It’s okay. I trust him. Whatever he chooses is probably perfect.” Plus if he makes me look like shit I will have revenge I added in my head. Zack smiled at my response and after a few more minutes of hesitation, or a few minutes to soak up the closeness of Zack, the hairdresser nodded before moving to the back room. “Am I going to get any hints?” Zack simply shook his head and helped the shop assistant to cover the mirror. A complete surprise it is.

There was no way I would’ve ever guessed what hairdo I would be walking out of the hair salon, hours later after entering. Maybe a new cut and some highlights to break up my mousy brown hair but a shoulder-length ombré blue hairdo weren’t one of them. A stark contrast to my normal do but boy did I love it. I fingered my hair, still shocked at the color before glancing towards Zack with a big smile. The man really does know me. “I knew you would like it! Are you ready for the next stop?” I could only nod, lost for words. I always wanted to do something crazy with my hair but never had the courage to take the leap. My heart swelled at his actions and emotions I have yet to even process bloomed. Without a moment of hesitation, I took Zack’s hand and followed his lead. I’m sure whatever he has planned next is just what I want.


My heart hammered in my chest as I watched the tattoo artist prepared the stencil. A delicate and small chocolate chip cookie. Zack settled into the seat, his hand of the choice on the armrest. Ready for his first tattoo. The idea of having a matching tattoo with Zack made my mind swirl with so many thoughts and emotions, I couldn’t even begin to understand them. I sat down next to him and held his free hand as the artist finally placed the stencil on the outer part of his wrist. The idea was if we would hold hands, the two cookies would be next to each other. Minutes later everything was prepared and ready to go. I closed my eyes at the first buzz of the machine but quickly opened them so I could watch the tattoo I would receive in a few minutes come to life. I flinched as the needles pressed into Zack’s skin and shot him a glance. The man looked completely bored and pain-free. I relaxed and watched the artist work on the small little tattoo. 30 minutes he was finished. The end result was perfect and I very excitedly swapped places with Zack. The artist cleaned up everything and replaced the needles in the gun before placing the stencil on my wrist. After testing how the two would look next to each other once we held hands, we deemed it perfect and ready to ink. The tattoo gun buzzed again and I flinched and nearly pulled my hand away at the first touch but Zack kept me in place. His firm grip on my free hand gave me enough strength that I bit through the process. It fucking hurts! The 30 minutes passed painfully slow but the finished product made my heart race and a smile to cross my face. It’s perfect. After wrapping my tattoo and instructing us both again on the aftercare of the tattoo, we paid and left. “Want to go back to the hotel and watch movies in bed?” Zack asked as we walked hand in hand, cookie to cookie, back to the hotel. “God yes.”


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