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Chapter Eleven: The Fight

Daddy Dearest pulled me in for a hug before I even fully opened the door. I laughed and he picked me up for a full-on bear hug. I inhaled his sugar scent and smiled. One week away from one of your favorite humans in the whole world can feel like forever. “I missed you so much!” Another set of arms circled my body and I welcomed it. “Never leave us again sweetheart.” Dad pouted and I chuckled. “You do know I’m supposed to spread my wings and leave the nest next year right?” Daddy Dearest cried dramatically and tightened his grip. “Don’t remind us!” Zack cleared his throat behind us. “Where’s my hug?” Daddy Dearest pulled him into a hug before he could even finish his sentence. “Tell me everything!” Dad demanded when Daddy Dearest finally released us. I smiled and dragged the two fathers to the lounge. For the next hour, Zack and I went into great detail about the entire week and then showed off our tattoos. It was only then when Dad noticed the new hairdo and nearly had a heart attack. It also didn’t help that his sweet daughter was now permanently inked. Zack cleverly made a run for it before Dad could even move. The two then ran through the house while I continued to tell Daddy Dearest about the best week ever.

I dropped onto my bed in a heavy heap, completely spent from the chaos that was my welcome home greeting. I rolled onto my side and pulled out my phone. One week without it was a dream. There wasn’t any distraction and spam like texts only when I was needed. I sighed as my thoughts moved to Sasha. Am I still in love with her? She surely isn’t the girl I fell in love with anymore. It’s just the boyfriend this and that. She always cancels on whatever plans we do make and if we by some miracle actually go through with the plans she’s on her phone the entire time and always bails early. I mean, I guess I can kind of understand where she is coming from. She’s in this new relationship and it’s exciting but I mean come on, the best friend here! My week with Zack was so utterly perfect. These last few months he has been a better friend than she has. I sighed and finally switched my phone back on. These pathetic little thoughts are disgusting really. I hate that I can’t make one single decision. Always backtracking and second guessing myself. Always reluctant for change. Always whining and hating my situation but doing nothing to change it. I screamed into my pillow as traitor tears rolled down my cheeks. “Being a teenager is so hard!” Before I could facepalm myself at my typical the world is cruel teenager whine, my phone buzzed uncontrollably. One quick glance at the screen told me that Sasha was anything but pleased with my running off to New York with her brother for a week act. Now she cares. I paused at my train of thoughts. Do I even still like her? Much less love, the way things are sounding in my brain I don’t love her at all. Did I just fall out of love with her? Is that even possible? It could also be that I’m still in love with her but my feelings of annoyance are numbing that feeling? Married couples get annoyed with each other but the love is still there…right? I rubbed my temples and got up. I guess I just have to go to her place and talk…Dread settled into my stomach and with a heavy heart, I drove the bicycle to see the person I’m in love with. Or maybe just my best friend? Every little roll of the wheel forward, my anger and frustration at the entire situation grew and grew. By the time I rang her doorbell and Sasha threw the door open with a bang, my anger was ready to explode.

“Where the fuck have you been? I’ve been calling you nonstop for a week now. How could you just go off in the sunset with my brother of all people with telling me anything. You’re so selfish! I needed you M! But like always you just do whatever the hell you want. You don’t care. It’s just me, me and me! I mean what the actual fuck M? You just left and worst of all you just switched of your phone! That was a fucking bitch move and you know it! Best friend my ass! I-” Looking back if I just took a deep breath and over thought the entire situation like I always did, maybe the incident could’ve been avoided. However if you bottle all of your feelings up, you are bound to explode when you’re pushed too far. For the first time in our long friendship, I raised my voice. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I’M THE BAD BEST FRIEND? Look at yourself in the fucking mirror next time, Sasha! You haven’t been my friend in months. It’s just all about Sasha! Like fucking always.” I should’ve stopped. If the hurt expression on her face was anything to go by, my words were cutting deep. I couldn’t stop though. The bottle was in pieces. I couldn’t hold back my inner and most darkest feelings. “You fucking disgust me. You just throw yourself at the first boy that even glances at you and obey his every fucking demand. News flash Sasha! He is fucking half of the cheerleading team. I-” The slap echoed in the air and silenced the fight. I cupped my cheek in shock, my mind reeling. What just happened? Sasha slammed the door closed, the wood hitting my nose as it swung into place. I screamed from the pain. “YOU FUCKING BITCH! I HATE YOU!”

The next two months was awkward and tense, to say the least. For the last 8 years, Sasha and I ate together at lunch with a crew of friends we met along the way. Every day we would meet up at the lockers and walk to class together. For the last 8 years, Sasha has been my only friend. The day after the fight, Sasha and the girls I could maybe have considered as friends the day before was huddled around her locker. Sasha was red-eyed and sobbing into her arms as her friends gushed around her with smoothing words. They all glanced up at my appearance and the ugly glare from the group told me everything I needed to know. However since we’ve been basically attached to the hip for years, we couldn’t actually go throughout our day without seeing each other. We share 5 of the 7 classes for fuck’s sake. Instead of crawling back to her side, begging for forgiveness on my knees, I took my lunch and left the cafeteria in search for a new place. It was times like these, where I sit alone under a tree eating stale bread that I wish Zack went to our school. I huffed, annoyed about the entire situation. Why am I suddenly the bad guy? I only said what she needed to hear. It’s not my fault she can’t handle the fucking truth. I mean suddenly I’m shunned and glared at every fucking class we share. I mean it’s been two fucking months already. Climb off your high horse and smell the shit storm. I rolled my eyes when I saw the little mindless hyenas throw me a glare when I passed their table on my way out. I threw the finger over my shoulder and moved to my beloved tree.

Over these last two months as the official new loner of the school, I slowly fell into a routine. I would start off my morning with a mini glare off with the girls that always seems to hover around our lockers, almost waiting for my arrival. Once I arrived and I’m in earshot they would then proceed to overdramatic laugh about something. I would then ignore them, get my shit from my locker and move on with my day. This process of glare and fake laughter would repeat every time they noticed I was in earshot. Sasha was the worst though. She was loving every second of the attention and seemed to add oil to the fire as her minions just soaked up her bullshit. The absolutely most pathetic part of the whole show that I’m so much better off without you is that the dumb girl is still falling for John’s bullshit. As the entire sticking her tongue down his throat every second I was in eyesight was anything to go by. Why are you so bothered about me? You do you, honey. I’m fucking sick and tired of your bullshit anyway. At lunch, they always switched things up. I mean you got to somehow keep your boring mindless life interesting. They went out of their fucking way to shoot me pity glances and talk very loudly might I add about their plans. Like that would accomplish anything. I would then roll my eyes, shoot the finger and move to my tree where I stuffed my face with whatever food the cafeteria was trying to pass as food. After I would finish lunch I would spend the remaining time before class starts playing the piano game on my phone. I was addicted to the game and the smoothing sounds of the piano seemed to melt all of the tension away. The same glares and hyena laughter would follow the rest of the day until I finally found sweet release from the childish bullshit in my two classes I didn’t share with the group.

Finally, the school would release me from my own personal prison around 3pm and I would bike home and dump myself on the bed. <What time are you coming over?> Zack didn’t respond to my text but by the sound of the doorbell ringing answered for him. <Stop ringing the doorbell and just come up already!> The sound of the door being opened was quickly followed by the sound of his heavy boots on the stairs. Zack dropped onto my bed, narrowly nearly crushing me to death. I laughed and shoved his side. “How was school?” He finally asked, his face still in my pillow. “Mind-numbing like usual.” Zack sighed at my response and finally glanced up from the pillow. “Still fighting?” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. “You know the both of you are in the wrong…” I pouted at his response. A few moments passed before he sighed and threw up his arms in surrender. “Come on, let’s go to the boxing ring!” I smiled and jumped up on the bed. Zack recently joined the local boxing ring. Apparently, as a man, he wants to beat thing up so he can burn his extra testosterone. His words, not mine. Zack got up slowly, clearly still hurting from his session the day before and pulled me into his arms. “I miss you today.” His voice broke a little in my ear as his arms tightened around my body. I hugged him back with a smile and ruffled his hair before he finally put me down. He huffed angrily and fussed over his hair in the mirror. “You know I hate it when you do that!” I rolled my eyes and rubbed my nose. “Easy on the cologne big boy. It burns my nose.” It was Zack’s turn to roll his eyes.


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