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Chapter Twelve: A Horrible Day

I picked the dirt from under my nails as I waited for his royal highness to finish in the locker room. “Here you go!” I glanced up and smiled at the beautiful and delicious smoothie. “Thanks, Jack!” Jack flashed me a smile before taking the chair next to me. I took one big sip of berry goodness before returning my attention to my nails. “Zack still getting ready?” Jack asked after a few moments of silence. I nodded and Zack practically came out running from the locker room with a smile. “I’m ready, man!” Jack chuckled before joining him in the boxing ring. With mild interest, I watched the two circle each other in the ring before starting their fight when the bell ringed. The two eyed each other like trained practice, carefully accessing their opponent. Zack was the first the move. His movements so fast that I could barely follow the action but Jack easily sidestepped the blow before throwing a calculated punch right in Zack’s ribs. He flinched, the blow catching his but surprise but without halting his movement he threw his own punch. This time Jack couldn’t avoid the blow to his stomach. He jumped back gasping for air. Zack followed his attack with another ruthless punch. The game of throwing a punch and blocking another continued as the two danced in the ring for two hours. The fight ended at the sound of the bell, the two panted on opposite sides both sporting a hue of blue bruises on their skin. The two simply did the one-sided hug with a pat on the back before leaving the ring. They chatted happily as the two walked towards the locker rooms to clean up. I shook my head. Boys. I will never understand them. Zack isn’t a boy, my consciousness sneered but with a wave, I ignored whatever deeper meaning followed those words.

I fought back a yawn as I watched the student filled the classroom. Sasha and her pack of mindless minions was one of the last to enter. They all seemed sullen as they whispered among each other. I frowned when Sasha finally glanced my way. Her face was red and puffy. She’s been crying. I clenched my fist as her pain stricken face pulled at my heartstrings. Should I do something? She’s my best friend. No, you guys thought, remember? The bell rung signaling the start of the class before I could act on any of my thoughts. My eyes followed her as she took her seat, her hand comfortably resting on her stomach. It seemed to be an unconscious action on her part as if a part of her is protecting her stomach. My eyes widened at the sudden realization. No. I must be wrong. She would tell me, right? Suddenly those spam of panic messages crossed my mind. He came inside of her back then. It’s a possibility. At lunch, as I waited in line for my meal, my prediction became even more justified. One sniff of whatever meat they’re serving in the cafeteria sent Sasha running for the closet bathroom. Whispers and rumors spread through the school and by the last period, I was dying to know if it was really true. As I neared Sasha and her gang of minions, my heart hammered in my throat. We haven’t talked since our big fight and although I’m still ridiculously angry at her, I still care for her. She was my closet friend for years. Heck, not even that long ago I was madly in love with her. Was it even love? It died out as a small flame licked by a strong wind. Before I could overthink the situation, Sasha saw my approached and a scowl crossed her features. “What do you want?” Sasha sneered in anger. I stung I would admit but I squared my shoulders and reminded myself that she’s still that same girl I loved so much deep down. “Are you okay?” My sincere question caught her off guard. She frowned, shock clear on her features. “Back off, you homo freak!” Minion one stepped before Sasha before she could respond and snarled. I bit my lip and clenched my fits. They’re empty words, M. Don’t even give them the satisfaction than allowing the words to hurt you. They’re just empty words filled with lies. I glanced at Sasha, for what I couldn’t be sure. Sympathy? Reassurance? The same girl I fell in love with? The girl that would’ve stood up and glared at the mindless minion and told her actually where she could shove her cheap hair extensions. I saw none of that. Just a hardened scowl, a face so corrupted with anger, that old friend was long gone. “What the fuck do you want, Melissa?” Sasha spat my word and I glared. She knew I wasn’t a big fan of my full name. No one calls me Melissa, not even my fathers. “Why do you have to be such a bitch?” I spat before I stormed out of the classroom. Fuck her. I was just trying to be nice to her and she just threw it in my face. I don’t even care anymore. She could be just another cliché and tick off a teenage mother off the list.

I met up with Zack at the usual place and after watching him spar with Jack for two hours, we took a long walk in the park nearby. Zack would flinch on occasion but stubbornly refused to sit back and relax. I threw myself down on the soft grass next to the lake and begrudgingly and very slowly, Zack lowered himself onto the ground. Birds chirped and ducks quaked as we just watched the scenery before us. “Just ask already!” Zack broke the silence with an annoyed huff. I laughed and played with my fingers. “Is Sasha pregnant?” By the deep sigh and angry clench of his fist was anything to go by, I would say that would be a yes. “Oh wow. That’s big.” I gasped in shock and Zack simply nodded. Holy shit. Sasha really is pregnant. “Well her life is completely to the shits now. Do you know what she is going to do?” Zack shrugged and tossed a rock over the lake waters. Alright so someone doesn’t want to talk about his little sister being knocked up. “Why don’t you two just make up already? I’m not your fucking middleman?” I gaped in shock and before I could even comprehend Zack’s sudden outburst, he was walking away from me. What the hell just happened? “Hey, wait up!” Zack seemed to pause for two seconds before he spat up and disappeared around the corner. What the hell just happened?


“I’m home!” I called as I stepped into the house. I frowned when I couldn’t hear the normal commotion. Usually, Daddy Dearest was humming in the kitchen as he cooked dinner around this time and you could always hear Dad typing in his office. I heart hammered in my throat as every horror movie with a similar scenario played in my head. “We’re in the living room.” Daddy Dearest finally broke the silence and I clasped heart, relieved. However, my momentary relief and happiness came to a crashing halt when I entered the living room and saw the somber expression on my fathers’ faces. Next to them was a boy, only two years younger than me if I would guess, angry at the world. No one was happy and one quick glance at Daddy Dearest, I could tell he has been crying. “What’s going on?” My heart pounded in my throat, maybe a crazy ax murder would’ve been nicer right about now. “Honey, why don’t you sit down?” Dad asked with his most gentle voice. He too looked upset. I shook my head as fear glued my feet to the floor. Moments passed before Dad sighed and glanced at the boy who seemed to get angrier by the minute. “There is no easy way to say this but…” Dad paused and swallowed with effort. “You’re dad over here has a bastard son.” Daddy Dearest snapped before storming out of the room. I blinked. No. My mind reeled with the new information and I shook my head. No. I didn’t hear him correctly. Dad dropped his head into his hands and sobbed. His body shook and his entire body language screamed shame. No. This can’t be happening. I turned and ran to my bedroom. No. This can’t be real life? I must be dreaming. I dropped onto my bed and screamed into my pillow. What a horrible day.


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