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Chapter Fifteen: Panda Bear

I bit my lip and hunkered down for another round. To say that I was captured in the evil hands of the slot machines would be a grave understatement. The first ten rounds were fun but as I got a little hint of victory here and there, the addiction quickly turned into an ugly monster. The prize wasn’t anything luxuries but boy was I determined to walk away holding that damn bear and other small cheap games. I pushed the fact that with the amount wasted on purchasing three more rounds could’ve bought all the toys that were hoisted as the ultimate prize a good three times already. We all have our weaknesses, I defended myself. Zack and Mason weren’t faring much better. They too fell into the trap of buying rounds after rounds if the game seemed to be too difficult. It also didn’t help that the two was in some sort of competition for another. A competition that seemed to favor Zack. Zack, however, didn’t rub his victories in the younger’s boy face, he would instead that the time to teach the boy how to improve in his tactics. Where to aim the ball in the ball toss. How by placing his one foot forward, he could improve his aim. A feeling I couldn’t even begin to described warmed my heart as I watched Zack with Mason. I surrendered my fate to the slot machines and turned my attention towards the two boys. After three rounds on the strongest man-machine, Zack being the victor in every single round, Zack was guiding Mason through the steps all the while sharing advice on how to build muscle. Daddy Dearest seemed to just enjoy watching the scenes unfold, well that was until the boys turned their attention towards the shooting game. That old little spark glittered in his eyes as he surprised Zack with his incredible aim. It took Zack only two seconds to remember that although my Daddy Dearest loved to bake and there was a time he was spending his time in drag, he was no pushover when it came to a gun. A stick military upbringing enforced this into him. Although it could only bring some negative memories to the surface, Daddy Dearest truly enjoyed shooting at the moving ducks. Zack enjoyed the challenge that the older man dished out and the two launched into a competition on who can shoot down the most ducks. Mason and I could only watch as the two slowly drew in a crowd. Zack by one duck was deemed the victor and with his prize in hand, he bowed to the crowd. I laughed and captured the moment with his phone. Zack shot me a big old grin before handing over his well-deserved prize. “For Milady.” I curtsied before taking the extra large stuffed panda bear. “Well thank you, my prince.” Mason shook his head and muttered under his breath all the while Daddy Dearest cooed and captured the moment with his phone with fake tears in his eyes. “I ship it.” I frowned in confusion but with a sly little grin, Daddy Dearest steered us towards the next attraction of the night. The ball pit for grownups. Sign me up.

Although I attempted quite desperately and pathetically might I add to forget about my upcoming exams, it selfishly announced itself by just dropping into my lap. The day arrived and with the first exam being the oh so dreaded Math test, I could only hope for the best. The exam period seemed to pass by with a blur all the while allowing our family to fall into a habit. Mason was adjusting to school life quite wonderfully. He made friends and started to train at Zack’s boxing club. He too had his exams to worry about but I quickly learned that although the boy would barely touch his books, he had nothing to worry about. Apparently, he was one of those lucky souls that just had a great memory. If he paid attention in class he never needs to worry about revising anything. A talent that by every passing day, I grew more jealous of. I vowed to make him regret this and I did so by forcing him to watch Gilmore Girls with me. Although the sweet drama was loved by myself and my precious Daddy Dearest, Mason loathed every minute of it. Zack was deep in the midst of training for the boxing competition. He trained for hours every single day and followed a very strict meal plan. The boy was growing muscles and leaning out like never before. So much so that a crowd of fangirls would ooh and aww at his training sessions with Jack. It also helped absolutely no one that Jack was attractive in his own right. I didn’t see the big deal of two grown man throwing punches at each other and would spend the time trying to jam whatever subject that was next on the list into my head. At every passing day my skills in the art of sport massaged improved and although this only brought a lot of ugly glares, snippy little comments from the fans, I just loved to rub it into their faces. They might be able to look at Zack but I could touch him all over. Although that came up so many times I never questioned the meaning of it. Sasha was just glowing and growing by every passing week. Now sporting a baby bump, she roamed the halls catching whispers and stares from some students here and there. It was still unclear what she would do once the baby arrives as Zack loathed talking about his younger sister being knocked up. I managed to gather from the rumors that Sasha planned to raise the baby on her own with the help of her parents of course while John goes off to college to follow his dream in football. Where this dream would lead is beyond me. John seemed more interested in the cheerleader than the game itself.

Daddy Dearest is the one that changed the most. Although the carnival seemed to be a moment of relief, he quickly fell into the shell of his being. He spends his days in front of the TV, allowing the depression to swallow his every soul until I came home one day and saw him still wearing the same clothes he wore days ago and balling his eyes out at Marley and Me. I snapped and pulled the blankets off and threw a bucket of water over his head. I told him what he has told me many times over the years. “Buckle up, it’s time to be a big girl.” Slowly he started returning to his old habits. He started to cook and bake again and as he rediscovered the joy in playing around with new recipes, I saw bits of my old father coming to light. He still had some moments where he would stare at Dad’s old office with a sad glint in his eyes, but he would shake himself up and return his attention to the matter of hand. He took my advice to heart and he simply buckled down and got what needed to be done, done. He started to sing while he cooked but he didn’t dance anymore. His dancing partner was now living in a small apartment a few miles away. Will he ever have it inside his heart to forgive Dad for his betrayal? Although Mason was slowing allowing Dad back into his life, I still refused to answer his calls. So fiercely protective of my Daddy Dearest, I couldn’t allow the man who hurt him so deeply back into my life. Not until he could find it in himself to do so. The chaos seemed to surround our family but we were slowly just getting through it. before I could blink, the exams passed us by. With a short break from school, I could give my full undivided attention to Zack as the big competition loomed over our heads, only a few days away.

I whistled at myself as I locked up my bicycle and walked to the front door. My heart sunk into my stomach as I found Dad on the living room chair with a grim expression on his face. Déjà vu neared knocked me off my feet as I remember the fateful day of Mason’s arrival only a few months ago. Daddy Dearest had his oh so familiar broken expression on his face and one quick glance at Mason’s face, I came up with nothing. The young boy was at stone-faced as could be. I slowly lowered myself on the sofa couch next to Daddy Dearest and steeled my heart for what could only be bad news. My heart seemed to hammer in my throat as I studied my one father. Dad really let himself go. With messy shoulder length hair, a beard in desperate need of a groom and a stained shirt, Dad looked absolutely miserable. Good, I thought. The clock dinged in the background as once again a tense silence filled the room. “Well, there is no easy way to say this so I’m just going to get it over with. We’re getting a divorce.” Daddy Dearest words seemed to echo in the living room that once held so much laughter as the two who now could barely look each other in the eyes used to dance off beat to whatever song the radio played. My heart clenched at the old memory and I bit back the tears. I don’t want this. I just want my old family back. Daddy Dearest continued but his words became muffled to my ears and I could only barely hold back the tears. “I might be far from forgiving your father M, but I want you to at least talk your Dad.” I shook my head as uncontrollable sobs shook my body. Without another word, I grabbed my bag and sprinted out of the house. Not wanting to spend a single second close to our broken family, I ran past my locked bicycle and made a beeline for the club. Zack will be there. He’s always there.


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