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Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Normal Cooking Level One: Honey Cake | Part 3

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These last few months I started to get back into baking. I just love the entire process of it. Very early on I learned that the process of baking anything gluten free works a little differently. I learned this after three failed cakes. I turned towards the internet for an easy gluten-free vanilla cake recipe. You will be surprised how overcomplicated most of them are. It’s absolutely ridiculous but after hours of searching, I found it! The perfect gluten-free vanilla cake that can turn into anything. I’m not kidding. I’ve made it into a lemon cake, a chocolate chip cake, a coffee cake and finally a honey cake. A very delicious honey cake and I only added eight tablespoons of honey near the end. That’s it.

I made this cake twice. The first time around I used less honey but the honey was almost a faint aftertaste so I couldn’t exactly get away with calling it a honey cake. Since this week we’re remaking the honey cake for the Sims, I remade it. After all, even though you only need to take my word for it, I needed to taste like a honey cake. The batter is basically a glutenfree vanilla cake. You mix your butter and sugar separately before adding one egg at a time. You then add your dry ingredients (flour and ground almonds) in between. I do recommend you mix the second part by hand because otherwise, the batter climbs your mixer and it’s not pleasant. It’s the Zanthum gum. Once everything was mixed I added the honey. It was mostly just guesswork on the amount by my part.

Well, the next three pictures are pretty self-explanatory. I did feel the cake was a little dark. It wasn’t burnt or anything but ideally, I would want the top to be more golden. In the previous attempt with the five tablespoons of honey, the color was perfect. When I make the cake again I will take it out sooner if I can. A dark golden brown cake is better than a raw inside cake.

And, finally, the moment has arrived…here is the end result! I drizzled some honey over the cake at the end because I figured it might look pretty but it really wasn’t needed. It took the honey flavor too far. For the rest of the cake, I would just eat it as is. We do store the cake in the fridge and I heat it up for 30-40 seconds in the microwave before I devour it.

Baking the actual cake was easy enough but boy having the Sims character bake the cake was a nightmare. So a part of the Sims 4 Seasons expansion pack is bees. In order to make a honey cake, you need to bond with the bees and spend a large amount of effort on them in order to get good quality honey so well you can bake the honey cake. This entire process took me an hour of nonstop fussing with the honey. It was the only thing I did with the character too. First, you need to gain some skill in gardening and then you need to bond with the bees for a good hour (Sims time) and then repeat the process a few times. Growing the garden was the most annoying part. If you have enough plants to can send the bees to pollinate the flowers which in return with improve their honey production. In order to get good quality honey your bond with the bees needs to be high otherwise you get trash. It was a journey I avoided doing for a good month. I mean I love playing Sims don’t get me wrong, but I like my Sims characters to have a purpose. I always start a new game with this big challenge and then build myself up too it. So just having this character that I just use to cook and take screenshots isn’t my idea of a fun game. Plus the bees were so fussy.

The batter process looked surprisingly simar to mine. She mixed everything together and added the honey at the end. The Sims creator really took time and effort to make things realistic.

I’m so obsessed that the two baking processes were quite similar to each other. Also, I just noticed the little star in between Susan’s legs and I’m having a big old laugh.

And we can’t wrap up the blog without comparing the two cake next to each other, now can we? Although looking back I haven’t always done this. I’m just really proud of this one.

I had so much fun with this cake. I hope you’re enjoying this blog series as much as I am. Without further ado, let’s rate this bake.

Taste: 10/10 – Anyone could try this cake blindfold and swear it’s a honey cake.

Look: 8/10 – As I mentioned before I wasn’t completely happy with the dark golden brown layer at the top. I also saw that in the Sims version it has quite a nice honey comb design at the top. I don’t even know where to start if would want to recreate this.

How easy it is to cook: 10/10 – It was truly very easy. It also helps that I’ve made the same recipe every week for these last two months. It literally take me ten minutes at most to bake this cake. So easy.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


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