Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails

Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails | Chapter Seventeen | Writing Corner

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Chapter Seventeen: Puppy Love

I skipped downstairs with a prep in my step and launched myself on my prey. Daddy Dearest squealed in surprise and spilled his tea. Luckily the man likes to drink cold tea so we could walk away without any ugly burns on our bodies. “Guess what!” I giggled and jumped away from him to throw out my best moves. Daddy Dearest simply stared at me like I’ve gone insane for two seconds before he surrendered to my influence and joined in with the funky dance. Mason walked into the kitchen, processed the scene in front of him and turned around and left. This only made the funky dance without music so much better. “I finally know what I want to do next year!” I huffed out of breath. I pulled myself on top of the counter while Daddy Dearest finally got to work cleaning up the spilled tea. “Tell me everything!” Daddy Dearest squealed dramatically before jumping up on the counter to join me. I launched into the plans, going as far to map out the travel plans and everything. “My precious baby is going to leave the nest!” Daddy Dearest sobbed, pulling me into a tight hug. I chuckled and rubbed his back in soothing circles. “Maybe while I’m abroad I will finally figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life,” I mumbled, biting my lips. It’s completely normal to have no idea where you will be in like ten years, right? I have no big ideas for any possible career paths I might want to pursue. A year or maybe even two years while traveling the world should do the trick right? “You’re still so young M. You don’t have to have your life all figured out in high school.” Daddy Dearest said as he pulled me in for a hug. “I know but everyone else does and I’m just here like oh uhm I don’t really have anything I’m good at so yeah?” I could feel my anxiety start to climb as every breath I took burned.

“Take a deep breath and listen to your father. When I was your age, I was straight as can be. I was that super cliché football guy you see in the movies. I was convinced that I would be some big shot football player and spend my nights in the clubs with my buddies. I thought I had life all figured out but boy was I completely wrong. When Jake died and I found out that I had a precious little niece waiting for me, my world shifted. Suddenly I was a father to a 3-month-old. Suddenly I had to reassess my life choices and just like that, I realized how empty I’ve been. How truly alone I was. How what I thought was my dream and reality wasn’t something I truly desired. I was just playing the cliché football role in some movie. I didn’t want that to be my life. I didn’t want to play some role anymore. I wanted to be and you were the reason for that. I became the man I was truly meant to be when I met you.” My heart clenched when his voice broke and just like that this pressure in my chest was released. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I clung to my father. “I know that we don’t talk about Jake enough but I want you to know that he truly did love you. You were his little angel and when he died he shared you with me.” Daddy Dearest voice was unsteady, heavy with emotions as he talked about his brother. “I know,” I whispered in response and tightened my arms around my father. We clung to each other for comfort. My heart tightened at the thought of my biological father. He died in a motorcycle accident only three months after my biological mother died at childbirth. I was an orphan just like that but my uncle took me in and became my father and sometimes even my mother. He took me in as his own and there wasn’t a day that went by that I felt alone in the world. “I love you so much, my precious daddy.” Daddy Dearest sobbed and showered my face with kisses. I giggled and pushed at his chest but he was relentless with his kisses. He paused and whispered; “I love you so much, my little angel.” I laughed and kissed him on his cheek.


My heart swooned as I watched Daddy Dearest play with the dogs. Only a few hours ago, the man announced over breakfast that he needed company once I leave for my travels. Even though I brought up that Mason would still be home, he simply waved my comment aside. Apparently, there has to be a girl in the house. I shrugged like you needed to convince me with empty excuses why we should adopt a dog. It was something I always wanted and I knew Daddy Dearest missed having a dog in the house, something he had to give up when he married that betrayer. Honestly, he could’ve just slept outside if the dog hair spiked his allergies, see the worries in my eyes. In the back of my mind, I realize I can’t hate the man forever, after all, he has been my father for the last sixteen years. He was the man who taught me how to ride my bicycle and helped me with my homework when I got stuck on a math problem. I knew all of this but at the same time, I’m going to be angry at him for a while. Nothing will change the fact that he betrayed our trust and nearly broke our family apart. In time I will have some type of relationship with him but for now, his calls will always go to the voicemail. “I love this one! And this one! Can’t I just take all of them home?” Daddy Dearest sobbed as he clung to a handful of dogs. They are frightened to bits with the sudden human in their personal space but also kind of happy to receive such loving attention. “I don’t know why you’re asking me, if I can help it we will take of all these cuties home.” I tickled the one dog’s belly. The little ball of fluff immediately rolled onto their back when I sat down on the ground. One tickle on the belly was all she needed to steal my heart forever. Mason was in dog heaven with this massive pit-bull as the animal basically became putty in his hands. I laughed as the dog licked his face and Mason didn’t seem to mind. “Yeah, we’re going home with at least three dogs.” I laughed but all jokes aside, we were going to adopt at least three dogs. Our yard is more than large enough to support the sudden growth in the family. “Alright, let’s take these precious babies home!”

After finishing all the needed paperwork at the animal shelter with the promise that once they approved our house, they will bring our new family members home, we ventured out to the shops to buy everything we needed. A large amount of dog food, food bowls, treats, leashes, toys, bed and did I mention the toys? The shop assistant had to explain to Daddy Dearest that the dogs would simply be overwhelmed with so many toys and we need to only give them two toys to play with at once. It works better to swap the toys out this way they stay excited as they think it’s a new toy every time. Naturally, we couldn’t leave without getting a personalized collar for each of the dogs. Lady for my little ball of fluff, Diva for Daddy Dearest and Baby for Mason’s new best friend. After arriving home we got to work to set everything up so we could show we were fully prepared to be great dog owners once the animal shelter’s worked popped by. He arrived just after 3pm with the dogs in the back. He did one quick look around the house, walked around in the yard to make sure the dogs would have a fenced and safe environment to play and gave us his seal of approval. Mason and Baby reunited with so many hugs and kisses you would think they were apart for years. Diva like her namesake waltzed into the house, sniffed everything before settling into her new bed like the queen of the house she truly is. Daddy Dearest swooned and showered her with kisses and quickly brushed her fur. My precious little Lady was shyer than the others but quickly settled into the house after a few belly rubs. How can I possibly leave her behind when I travel? Can’t I take her with me?


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