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Chapter Eighteen: Old Friends

I screamed and ran full sprint into Zack’s awaiting arms. He caught me like he always did and spun me around in a little circle! “I missed you so much” I squealed at kissed his cheek. “Never leave me again!” I moaned and tightened my arms and legs around him. I clung to him like a monkey. Zack simply chuckled and walked towards my house. The three dogs went absolutely nuts at his arrival and Zack somehow managed to squat down to pet them all the while balancing me in his arms. “Boy, you strong!” I whispered into his neck while leaning forward to pet Lady. Unfortunately, by leaning forward, I threw off his balance and we came tumbling down to the hard ground, face first on my side. “Fuck me, that hurts!” I wailed while cradling my nose and pride. Zack leaped into action and quickly assessed the situation. I closed my eyes and I desperately fought against the pain. “How bad is it?” I finally asked after a few moments of silence. Truthfully Zack didn’t need to answer. I could feel the blood drip down my arms and the stinging pain was anything to go by…“It’s broken.” Yeah, I figured. Nothing in the wide big earth could stop me from crying like a little bitch at this comment. My wailing attracted the attention of everybody in the house we only caused chaos in its wake. The dogs went nuts. Mason fainted at the sight of the blood and Daddy Dearest immediately broke out in tears. Zack, the only calm being in the house, quickly took action. He picked me up as gentle as he possibly could but the action only caused more blood to somehow gush out of my nose. “Towel.” The order somehow broke Daddy Dearest out of his blind panic and he quickly ran for a towel. He was back before I could blink although the action of blinking deemed to be painful to be carried out at the present. “Lean forward and breathe through your mouth,” Zack instructed as he slowly lowered me into the car seat. Once buckled in, he handed me the towel. I quickly held it over my nose. “We need to take you the hospital.” Zack simply said before climbing in on the driver’s side. “I’m going to take her. Stay here with Mason and the dogs. Once things have calmed down, come to the hospital. Don’t worry. I will take good care of her.” Daddy Dearest could only nod before Zack backed out of the driveway and pushed the limits of the speed limit all the way to the hospital. Thereafter a good three-hour long wait, the doctor agreed with Zack’s diagnosis after touching my nose and face to the point I could only cry from the pain. “You’re going to need surgery. The nurse will admit you and give you something for the pain. Once the surgeon is available, you will be prepped and taken in. It’s going to be a long night so you should get comfortable. For now, I’m going to pack your nose with gauze and place a splint on it.”

The doctor wasn’t wrong. It was a long night. Daddy Dearest and Mason only arrived around dinner time to check up on me and Mason fought the urge to faint while Daddy Dearest bit back tears. “I called your dad, he is in New York for work but he sends you his wishes.” I simply nodded but then regretted the action seconds after doing so. My entire face ached. “How do I look?” I asked, suddenly very curious about my appearance. “Take my word for it, you don’t want to see,” Mason commented and a quick glance around the room confirmed that it was better if I didn’t see my clearly battered appearance. Daddy Dearest and Mason left around 9pm. I was dozing off at the sound of Zack’s comforting voice as he read me a story. I broke my nose, sue me for wanting to feel like a child and listen to a story before bedtime.

The surgeon only ended up getting to my surgery late in the afternoon the next day. I got wheeled out after three hours with a new nose. I then staid another night at the hospital before being discharged. Once home, I cuddled with Zack in the bed. For the next two weeks, Zack nursed me back to full health although the worst of the recovery was behind us after the first week. Once the splint came off and I accessed the damage I felt a lot better about the entire situation. Even though it was still very much swollen, my new nose looked the same as my old one. Thankfully no big difference. This fact seemed to relax Zack a little as he felt so incredibly guilty for the injury. Even though it was quite clear it was my own stupidity that caused the broken nose. It was an accident really. Something I told him every day but who was I kidding. I loved all the affection I was getting. At the three weeks mark I felt a lot better and quick stir crazy, also a tiny bit annoyed with the fusing Zack, demanded a family outing to the zoo. It was like a breath of fresh air and the penguins healed all wounds. I sat there watching the little thing waddle in their tuxedos for a good hour. I’ve always had a soft spot for penguins. Who doesn’t really? They’re adorable.


I played with Lady as I watched Diva and Baby play together. The two were quite smitten with each other. It was quite a sight to see with Diva being a third of Baby’s size. A dachshund and a pit-bull, friends for life. Lady, however, couldn’t be bothered with anyone but me which made me feel incredibly special and also semi worried about my departure in six months. My phone beeped, indicating a new upcoming message just as we got to the good part in belly rubbing time. Lady jumped in surprise at the sound and quickly ran away to hide. My heart clenched at this action, my poor baby. I glanced at my phone and my heart stopped. <I need you. Please come over.” At that moment, I forgot all about our petty fight and rushed over to her house. I forgot about the fact that we haven’t spoken a word to each other in months. I forgot all about that and instead concentrated on the fact that my friend needed me. I forgot my anger and resentment and pulled her into a tight hug and she sobbed uncontrollably. I clung onto her and rubbed soothing circles on her back. We stayed like that, right in the doorway the till the point the street light turned on and someone walking their dog glanced at us like we were nuts. We stayed like that until Zack came home from the club and gestured us inside. It was only once seated on the couch under a nice thick blanket, did Sasha regain the ability to talk. “I lost it. The baby died.” The words cut her deep and broke the dam once more. New sobs wracked her exhausted body and mind. I could only hug her in support. What do you tell someone that just lost a child? Sasha fell asleep in my arms soon after that. Zack then carried her to bed before the two of us climbed in with her and hugged her throughout the night. My heart broke for her because even though this pregnancy was unplanned, she loved this child dearly. She has prepared for this child’s birth. She even named him. Lucas. He died before he could even open his eyes and take his first breath.


Lucas’s funeral was a few days after that. Close friends and family held a little memorial for the young child as we all mourned for the lost life. Sasha was in pieces, even more so when John didn’t even bother to show up. She could only stare at the little coffin with tears in her eyes. I held onto her, fighting back my own tears. “Does anyone have a few words they would wish to say?” The priest asked. Sasha trembled into my arms, words forever stuck in her throat. Zack stepped forward and placed a rose on the coffin. The size of the rose compared to the tiny coffin, broke my fight. Soft sobs shook my body as I clung to the now sobbing Sasha. She sank to her knees, pulling me along her. I hugged her tightly, sheltering her from the ugly world. The world that took her son. “Lucas, you weren’t with us for very long, we never even got to hear your voice, but you will forever be in our hearts. May you rest in peace, my little angel. Love, your uncle.”


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