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Everything You Need To Know About My Blog For The Year 2019

Before we begin, Happy New Year! Alright, let’s jump straight into it. I’m probably not the only person out here in the big wide world that is incredibly happy to see 2018 in my rearview mirror. Not like I can drive here in the Netherlands. Even though I paid my dues and have a South-African drivers license. And no. I will never let this one go. I went through so much to get that license and I only really used it for two years max. Now I have to redo the entire process? Not cool. Naturally, I will bitch and moan about it for the next twenty years. At the start of 2018, even while some things were derailing near the end of 2017, I was dreaming of a great year. Now even though this year has been pretty damn great I mean we got a house, a car, a dog and we even went to London. Nice things happened but pretty fucking heart crushing horrible things happened too. 2018 is one ugly but beautiful year. Mostly ugly though. It tested me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. It forced me to reassess everything in my life and how I go about things. The turning point was in September. It wasn’t because suddenly things were all rainbows and sunshine. It was because I finally changed my viewpoint. It was the month that I started with sharing my past with the world. It was a month of raw healing. It was a month of hysterical crying but adjusting and finally moving forward. The next few months of the year was just as a rollercoaster than the months before but my new mindset made the world of difference.

I have big plans for 2019. Goals and plans that fell through the mud when 2018 kicked me in my figurative balls. Near the end there in 2018, I was finally figuring things out and I refuse to let go of that progress and driving force. So similar to last year, I want to share my goals and plans for the year on here. This blog will also become the featured blog for my website so for those who just stumbled onto my page, well hello there! It’s great having you!

I’m going to start with everything coming up on my website this upcoming year.


From this point onwards I’m always going to concentrate on my mental health so there will be frequent blogs on the subject. It’s something so important to me and I’ve been working on it every single day. No longer will I only concentrate it once a month for a week. No. I need to put my mental health first every single day and take at least one step, no matter the size, forward on the healing path.

I will probably still share about PCOS here and there but at this moment of time, I think I crossed the main points of the list.

From this year and onwards I’m going to start with reviews. Mostly because I really like doing them. You know me by now. I write about everything and nothing at the same time. My blog is all about different subjects for every type of reader out there. Some of my readers aren’t here for my silly story times, while others are only here for my not so frequent travel blogs. And that’s okay. It is my goal that this blog is your way of escaping the cruel world when you need a laugh. I also hope that some of my content on here is helpful. Alright back to the reviews. My reviews similar to my blog will be on a wide range of subjects. Books, products, movies, restaurants, services and maybe even series. This will be the second blog series here on my website. The first being the remaking Sims 4 meals. By now there is three online, with a new one going up just yesterday. I hope you’re enjoying the series. It’s incredibly fun to work on it. Similar to my Sims 4 series, the review series will be updated every three weeks.


Update from Future Cassy:

My two blog series; Remaking Sims 4 Meals and Reviews will always take a short three month break every ten parts. This way it gives me a chance to catch up and for there to be different content on my blog. Now my Mondays look like Sims Meal, something else, Review, Sims Meal, something else and etc.


Something that I wanted to start in 2018 but didn’t end up doing so is guest blogs. Which is basically what it reads. I will have another blogger share their content, story or whatever we decide on, here on my website while I do the same on their blog. I have never done anything like this so I can’t make any promises but I’m very excited to work with other bloggers. I will share more when the time comes but otherwise, if you’re a blogger and you feel our content are similar, please reach out to me. You can contact through my website or you can email me at

I will continue to share first drafts of my stories on here although it is very important to add that this won’t be my priority as I will be spending most of the year working on something very special. There won’t be regular updates. Currently, I’m still working on my coming of age story: Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails but it’s a short story and there aren’t that many chapters left. The last chapter of the first draft goes up on the 6th of January. Once this story is completed I will be taking at least a two-month break on ANY updates regarding my writing corner. To make everything less complicated, there won’t be a writing corner update on Sunday until April. When April comes I might have the first draft of a new story, I might restart my other ongoing story (The Girl Writing In The Train) or I might have some sort of writing series. I’m not entirely sure but we will see in April what ends up happening. I will definitely keep you guys up to date with any news regarding the writing corner. I will certainly make an update here when the time comes.


Update from Future Cassy:

Please read this blog — — regarding the future of The Writing Corner.


Although I only briefly mentioned this at the beginning of my blog, I want to cross some things off my bucket list. So basically there will be a few blogs about that as well. I’m looking the most forward to the food fight. Funny enough when I mentioned this, I actually opened up my little pink book that holds my bucket list and saw third on the list I wrote that I wanted to share my story and tell my parents about my past. I completely forget I wrote about this and it sparked these very emotional feelings in my gut. I’m happy I shared it with everyone. I don’t regret it at all. Another exciting thing on the list that I want to cross off is getting a trust tattoo. It’s basically as it sounds. You go into a tattoo parlor and have someone you trust to choose the design and place for it and you’re not allowed to see the finished product until it’s inked permanently onto your skin. I also for some reason have a goal to go without my phone for a week. That should actually be a very interesting experience although I have no idea why past Cassy even wanted to do that. I mean I read on my phone every single day. It’s also my way to tell time.

Although my main goal is to complete my language test so officially have the certificate that says Dutch is my second language and start the process on writing the immigration test, I also want to do all of those edX course I talked about before. At this point, I only want to complete one course but we will just have to see how busy my schedule next year is. I plan to write a lot. If there is time this year I also want to get my driver’s license (fucking again). I will definitely share about whatever course I decide to take apart in when the time comes. Maybe some of you would want to join me. It’s free anyway.

Last but not least, similar to last year I will touch on the wide range of topics. I will probably have a blog go up about fitness every now and again. And who can forget about the bicycle tour that overwhelmed the start of my blog. As mentioned in my one blog, the goal didn’t change although the plan did. We want to do an extra mini bicycle tour completely and utterly split up. The short version is basically we’re going to bicycle 60km give or take over the weekend. Wherever we stop with the tour, we will restart on another weekend. We most likely will only have two of these weekend per year but who knows. We will have to wait and see where the road takes us. I also plan to write more experimental type of blogs where I try something for a set amount of time and share my thoughts and experience on it. I have so many exciting experiments planned already and I just can’t wait to share them with you. My content really does touch base on most topics and you can expect this going forward. I can’t see myself ever sticking to one genre so to say.

Update schedule

Although my big goal is to have two blogs and one chapter go up per week, I learned that this is too overwhelming. Honestly, sometimes I just don’t have two blogs ideas for the week. I’m still playing catch up with my few months offline but eventually, that content will run out and I would have to write from new blog ideas and experiences from the point forward. Meaning that sometimes nothing interesting happened for a great blog. Ever since I came back online, I’ve been sticking to one blog every Monday and one chapter every Friday. As I slowly want to inch back into the two blogs and one chapter per week, I figured let’s meet the middle ground.

The first week of the month there will be one blog and one chapter for that week. There will always be a blog on a Monday but to avoid confusion, my chapters will go back to going up every Sunday. The second week of the month there will be two blogs and one chapter. On Monday and Friday there will be a blog and then on Sunday, there will be a new chapter. This will repeat. One week it’s one blog, one chapter and another week it’s two blogs and one chapter. Here is a table to really show you what I mean. It’s probably not necessary but I really want to make a fun table. *Please note that there won’t be any chapter on a Sunday until August 2019.

2019 table

Another thing I really wanted to do this passing year is; have one month my super update month. Which basically means there will be a blog every single day with one chapter (if there is an ongoing story) on Sunday. It will be a month with 31 days. What month this will be is your best guess. It definitely won’t be anytime soon. I want to ensure I’m way ahead before I start to work on writing all of that content.


I have big dreams and goals for this year and I know that this time around I’m entering the year with the mindset that will push me through on those darker days. As always, I will continue to grow and I’m sure new content I can’t even predict will come up as the earth takes another lap around the sun. I’m always open to new things and as they would say, I go where the flow/wind takes me. I just want to take this moment to thank you all for all the love and support I received this past year. I’m very grateful. I hope 2019 is a great year for all of us!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


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