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Chapter Twenty: The Day My Life Changed Forever

The rest of the evening was a blur. The entire family came over in the panic and we all could only sit in the hospital waiting room, hoping that Zack was right. A stab wound wasn’t a big deal. Zack rolled out of surgery around 3am, out like a light. The doctor ensured that there was no big harm done and he simply needed to rest and heal. A big breathe of relief swooped through my body and I practically fell into the chair. What a crazy night. Daddy Dearest carried me to the car and then to bed before tucking me in and kissing my forehead. I got lost in my dreams where I was running from the mugger and somehow drowning in blood at the same time. Daddy Dearest rushed to my side when I screamed myself awake and spend the rest of the early morning at my side. I couldn’t sleep and instead stared at the photos on my ceiling until the alarm pulled us from the bed. I got ready, numb after last night but I knew I couldn’t exactly skip out on graduation. “After the ceremony, we just need to go to the police station to report the crime and then we can go see Zack. I’m sure he is going to sleep most of the time anyway.” I could only nod as I followed him to the car with Mason in tow. For the entire drive, I could only watch the scenery blur through the window. We met up with Sasha and her family after we parked and she pulled me into a hug. It was my turn to sob in her arms and she comforted me. We pulled away when they announced that the ceremony was about to start. “Let’s freshen you up and get this over with.” I nodded and she pulled me towards the line of students. Once we were in place she whipped out her on the go makeup bag and cleaned my face. Once my appearance was deemed acceptable, she pecked my cheek and left to go stand in her rightful place. I took a deep breath and counted till ten. I only need to get through this next ten seconds. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. And then repeat.

The ceremony passed by in a blur. I wandered around, certificate in hand as I searched for Daddy Dearest. I paused when I finally found him in a deep discussion with Dad. He turned to see me and at that moment I forgot about my anger. I ran into his arms and cried. Dad hugged me close to his body and played with my hair. “Daddy is here now.” Daddy Dearest joined in on the hug and we simply just cried together right there in front of my school. Mason completely throwing his cool street-cred to the side, joined in on the action. Soon Sasha and her family joined and pretty soon we were just a bundle of humans crying on the lawn. We finally untangled ourselves after a few moments and could only laugh at the number of stares we received from onlookers. “Come, why don’t we go report the crime so we can go see Zack,” Dad suggested and we all hummed in agreement. I took his hand and allowed him to lead us to the car. Let’s just get this over with.

Reporting a crime was relatively straightforward. An officer took my statement, asked some questions and promised to follow up with Zack in the next two days for his statement. He did mention that there were quite a few cameras around the surrounding areas of the park and one of them should’ve caught the mugger fleeing. Even though catching the mugger wouldn’t suddenly make Zack un-stabbed, I took comfort in the fact that he would be off the streets. I finished there after an hour or so. The entire group hug family was in the waiting room and Sasha’s mom informed us that Zack was discharged from the hospital and we should all go out for dinner. He was just going to rest up a bit at the house. I hesitated. Every part of me wanted to rush to his side but he might quite clear to his mother that he refused to destroy our graduation plans and to go on without him. Reluctantly, I respected his wishes and followed the family to the restaurant. It was packed with other students but the food was great. My side felt empty without Zack but I followed the conversation around the table. I will see him in a bit. Tomorrow we can spend the entire day together. I can heal him to health this time around. Dinner finished without any big problems and we separated with the promise that once I get changed I will come over to spend the night with Zack. “Are you sure you guys aren’t dating?” Mason questioned and I froze. He is probably the most important person in my life. He is the first person I want to call when something big happens in my life. My side feels empty when he isn’t next to it. I love him but we’re only friends. I mean we did kiss that one time in New York but we laughed about it afterward. There were those captions on his posts but then again we never really talked about it. They could’ve meant anything. We’re just friends. I bit my lip and my mind reeled. “Mason leave the girl alone. Things will fall into place naturally.” Sasha jutted before pulling me into a goodbye hug. Mason could only blush and nod before making a run for our car. I laughed and after waving goodbye, following him. “I will see you in a bit. Tell Zack that I will see him soon.”


How every part of my being wished that the night just ended at that moment. Unbeknown to my tragic future, I jumped in the shower for a quick rinse, got dressed and quickly packed an overnight bag. Just as I pulled on my winter coat, my phone rang. It was Sasha’s home phone. Those next words destroyed my very soul. My heart broke into so many tiny pieces I was unsure I would ever feel whole again. Screams filled the room and it wasn’t until Daddy Dearest pulled my shaking body into his arms, did I realize it was me. I was screaming but it wasn’t screams filling up the empty and cold room. It was wailing sobs. It was the sound of the love of my life leaving this world forever. It was the sound of my life-altering. Daddy Dearest in panic picked up my phone and a sob broke out as I could hear Sasha’s father repeat his words. His broken voice barely audible over the crying of his wife and daughter in the background. “It’s Z-z-zack. We just found-d-d him. He’s dea-a-a-a-a-a-d.” I collapsed, clenching the empty space where my heart used to be. Why? Why did he have to die? I couldn’t even tell him that I loved him. I couldn’t even tell him that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Why? Why did he kill himself?


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