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Shein Haul | Website Review

I’m always hesitant to order clothing online as you can’t feel the fabric or try anything on to see if it suits your body. I decided to take the plunge when I got some birthday money. I figured hey it will make an interesting blog if it fails and if I end up liking the clothing than it’s a win. Well, it would be a win both ways. Or I guess I would be upset if most of the things turned out to be duds. I don’t even know what I’m saying. Let’s just get back to the intro. I was watching YouTube when Shein popped up as an add. I decided to click on it and browse their website just to get an idea of what they’re all about. I have heard of them before but I never really had the urge to order anything from them. While browsing their site, I gravitated to quite a few of their clothing pieces and before I knew it, I added a few things to my cart.

Shein is very fashion forward and seems to always have the latest trends so I was quite excited to see what they’re all about. Their website is easy to navigate and modern. My first impression of them is positive. I liked what I saw, their prices are good and I was excited for my clothing to arrive. This is what I ordered.

Dress One

Printed T-Shirt Dress:


Let’s start with the dress I was the most excited about! Recently I’ve been obsessed with yellow so well all the clothing pieces I bought in this haul is you guess it, some shade of yellow. This dress caught my eye immediately because 1) The yellow is a bright yellow and makes my soul happy and 2) I love the design of it. I love the print and it just gives me this edgy fashion vibe. My first impression of this dress once I held it in my hands was: it looked better in the picture! I was super disappointed that when I tried it on, the printed image did this weird crinkle thing and gave me an extra pair of warped boobs. The warped image also made the fit around my waist seem off. There was a lot of extra fabric that wrinkled in weird ways. It was beyond unflattering. It makes me look bigger than what I really am. I’m not even sure if this problem would be solved if I went down a size as then the fit wouldn’t be right by my shoulders and breasts. Overall my first impression was just disappointment. I had hoped that things would be better if I washed it as I thought the wash would straighten the print. When it came out of the wash it looked like the image was finally flat but once it dried, it crinkled back into its warped extra pair of boobs again.

Here are my first impression images. The dress arrived in a zip lock bag and looked quite promising.

As you can see with these images, my extra pair of boobs is out and proud.

Here are the final pictures.

It looks enormous on me and maybe a size down will be better. I think there is just too much fabric to go around. It looks baggy on the model in the picture too. Maybe it’s just a baggy dress? On me, it looks a bit too unflattering.

It doesn’t sit too bad on my shoulders but the more I look at these pictures, the more I think that I should’ve sized down. The weird boob bubble is still proud even after being washed.

As you can see it’s also see-through which is pretty damn great. It’s just a lot of fabric.

My final thoughts

Overall I’m disappointed in this dress. The fit is off. It is semi see-through and it gives me warped boobs. The dress looks cheap and the fabric feels…cheap. Sizing aside, I still won’t score this dress more than a 3 out of a 10. It just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t want to bin this dress just yet and instead, I’m going to play around and see what I can do to make the fit better. I already have a good idea for a dress makeover that I want to try. I will probably make a blog out of it. Stay tuned if you’re interested. I’m going to make this dress work for me. I ordered this dress in a large. I always size up when I order clothing online. I used their size chart for this. In the shops here in the Netherlands, I buy all of my dresses in a large. With my weight gain, my boobs have gone back to their large and in charge size and well they need the room.

Dress Two

High Colored Fit And Flare Dress:


Where dress one was the dress I was looking forward to, this dress was probably going to be my favorite. It is something I could see myself wear regularly. I also love the design of these type of dresses. A flared skirt is my favorite thing in the entire world. I had a small blonde moment when it came to this dress. At first glance, it looked like a mustard yellow but at a second glance on the website, I see it’s advertised as a bright ginger colored dress. I do want to say that it looks more orange in person but I don’t hate it at all. It really suits the fall vibe. If I have one negative to say is that my bra is visible. It’s not super clear and in your face but I don’t like it. I didn’t wear a dark colored bra in my first impression pictures either. It’s an off grey nude colored bra. In my final pictures, I will wear my nude bra.

Here are my first impression images.

Here are the final pictures.

As you can see here, the dress shows all my roles and my nude bra is a bit to prominent for my liking.

I do really love the skirt though.

My final thoughts

The fabric feels nice and the dress doesn’t look too cheap but…it’s a bit on the see-through side and cling on places and show fat that I don’t want it to cling on and show. This dress is a large (same as the last one) and it was a bit tight on my chest area. I sized up according to their chart so the sizing is a bit…off. I’m on the fence with this one. I like the dress. I love having a flared skirt that I can spin in a circle with but the upper part of the dress makes me feel very self conscious. It shows my back rolls and everything and no one really wants a dress that shows all their bumps and lumps. I plan to give this dress a mini makeover as well, so stay tuned for that. I have a great idea that will hide the imperfections of this dress. It’s almost there. I will give it a 6 out of a 10.


Casual Yellow Hoodie With Text:


I was beyond excited for this hoodie. Just the week before I saw a bright yellow hoodie in the shops that I died to get my hands on but it was a bit overpriced. So, when I saw this hoodie, half the price, I was ecstatic. The fit is just completely wrong. I love my hoodies oversized hence why I bought the biggest size available. The fit of this hoodie is small. Here is what I don’t like about this hoodie: The material feels very thin and cheap. It feels like it will come apart with one wrong move. The sleeves are incredibly short. And the hoodie itself is too short. It stops just on top of my hips if I stand still but goes up to my belly button once I move. I had to go back and check if I bought a crop top hoodie by mistake. To make matters worse, the print is bad quality. It would most likely start to flake off within two washes and a few wears. I’m not impressed with this one. At all.

Here are my first impression (and final) pictures. At first glance, it looks promising but once you look a little closer…the disappointment starts to set in.

The lettering at a close inspection just looks like it will flake off within a single use. The fabric is soft but it’s cheap and thin. It has that warmer soft fabric on the inside but it’s not really warm. It’s too cold for me to wear inside the house so I don’t really know when I would be able to wear it. There will only be a very short amount of time in the year where this hoodie would be appropriate.

As mentioned before the hoodie is too short.

My final thoughts

I’m disappointed in this hoodie. It just doesn’t tick all the boxes. It ticks none of them. It’s really small for an extra large. The fabric is thin. The hoodie is basically a cropped one and the lettering won’t last long. I would score this hoodie a 1 out of a ten. The one point only because it’s yellow. I find myself wishing that I just splurged on the yellow hoodie I saw at H&M.

Hair Clip

Hair clip:


There isn’t much I can say about the hair clip. I only ordered the hair clip and the book bag because I wanted to say I spend 50 euros (before the discount code). It is smaller than I thought it would be and it’s definitely not perfect. On the one side, it has this weird bump on it but you can’t see it. I don’t hate it. It’s relatively strong and can hold up all of my hair but for how long it will hold it up is another mystery. For 2 euros it’s not that bad.

Book Bag

Pink Animal Book Bag:


I only bought this book bag it’s really cute. My expectations weren’t high. The quality isn’t bad but it’s tiny. They advertise it to be medium in size but yeah, I don’t believe them. The smallest book I own wouldn’t even fit. I think it would only be able to hold my phone and house keys. I will most likely use this as a little bag on the go when I walk the dog. Keep the house keys, phone, dog treats, and poop bags in there in the summer. In the colder months all of these things are in my jacket pockets but at least it wasn’t a complete waste. I still think it’s a really cute bag so I don’t regret the purchase.


I don’t know about this website guys. I bought three pieces of clothing and I don’t love any of them. Two of them needs a makeover and work before I would wear it in public. The last one I will probably only wear once or twice every year. If it doesn’t fall apart after the two wears, I will wear it for another year. The hair clip is just a hair clip. Nothing amazing about it but also nothing too bad about it either. The book bag is cute and maybe functional in the summer but otherwise, it doesn’t fulfill its purpose. Everything looks cheaper in real life. The sizing is weird. I do want to add that my order arrived very quickly and I was pleased to discover that everything arrived at the same time. Overall I’m a bit disappointed in my order. I don’t regret it but I wouldn’t order from them again. I think it’s worth the risk but I wouldn’t spend hundreds of euros if I were you. It’s a hit and a miss really. I’m not impressed but I’m not completely disappointed either. I hit the middle mark leaning towards a bit of disappointment. The fact that the book bag is cute is the saving grace for this haul. If you do decided to buy anything, I would recommend that you order a few pieces and then decide if you would want to order more from them. I got a few discount codes that popped up when I was in the process of picking my pieces. I have no idea how long these are valid before but hey try it and see if it works. SHNL4 for 4 euros off. NTN10 for 10% off. For 20% off use code 20SHEIN.

A quick google search shows that Shein return policy is easy enough but as I won’t be returning anything I can vouch if they’re any good or not. It’s not worth it for me to return just the hoodie as I plan to makeover the two dresses for a blog. That’s about everything there is to say. I had fun with this one. If you love this type of content, I recommend you check out Sierra Schultzzie on YouTube. She does a ton of online shopping reviews.

Sierra Schultzzie:

sierra youtube.png

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


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