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Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Normal Cooking Level One: Scrambled Eggs And Bacon | Part 8

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Scrambled Eggs And Bacon (With Toast)

Oh, the one I was probably dreading more than the hamburger cake. If there is one thing you should know about me it’s that I really hate scrambled eggs. The texture and the taste, I just can’t handle it. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. It wasn’t always like this. When I was a young little snot, I used to eat scrambled eggs all the time. It was the only thing my fussy ass liked. I think it’s the reason why I don’t like it as an adult. So, I was less than excited when it came to making this one. So, I opted the easy way out. My lovely husband loves scrambled eggs and bacon so I just took pictures as he prepared his usual weekend breakfast and called it a day. Okay, in my defense I’ve made this twice. Before this series was a thing, I was playing around with the concept and decided to start off with scrambled eggs and bacon because that’s what we had at the apartment. I took some pictures and I begrudgingly ate it. I meant to write a blog but then the renovations started and things got way to crazy. I also didn’t want to announce the series or post the first meal before I had a few completed and scheduled. So, I waited out the renovations and remade the meal when the timing was right. Unfortunately, my impatient ass couldn’t wait for the bacon to get nice and crispy and dumped the eggs with the bacon. Obviously, the two mussed together and it was disgusting. Not even the husband wanted to eat it. At this point, I just switched to another meal I can start off with and push scrambled eggs and bacon further down the line. It’s a problem for future Cassy. Well, future Cassy didn’t want to make and eat it either so we went for the easier route. I’m not even sorry.

Okay, now that my long ass excuse, I mean introduction is out of the way, we can start with the meal. It’s scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast so the amount of effort that goes into it is minimal. Onno put the four bacon pieces in the pan and in a cereal bowl mixed his scrambled eggs mixture. 3 eggs, seasoning, milk, and butter. He added some chili to the mix because the boy will add chili to his cereal if he could. He popped the bread into the oven when I told him the Sims meal had toast on it and we waited.


We fried more bacon because I ate the first batch and when the bread had only one minute to go, he dumped his egg mixture into the pan and low and behold, a few seconds later he had scrambled eggs. That’s it. It was just that quick.


And drumroll please for the finished product.


Urgh. Just looking at the scrambled eggs in the photo is enough to make my skin crawl. I hate it so much. Let’s move on to Susan in the Sims. Susan from the Sims prepared her scrambled eggs with bacon and toast just as quickly. It was a quick mix at the counter, straight to the oven for two seconds and then ta-da it’s done!


Okay, now let’s compare the two because it makes the blog look longer than what it really is. I’m laughing myself silly that Susan’s boob is just in the corner of the frame. I just love that.


That’s it. I can’t really stretch this one out. It’s not that exciting but hey, what is there to do? Some of these meals are easier than others but I’m sure the level of effort and difficulty will continue to climb as we go through all the levels. Next up is a white cake which I’m going to make all gluten so I don’t have any temptation to eat it. I just want to mention this again in case you missed it, once we hit part 10 so two more meal, there will be a short 3 months break. This reason for that is simple. 1) It gives me some time to prepare some of the meals in advance and 2) It gives my blog a bit of a breather. At the moment it’s mostly just my blog series every Monday and I realize that for the readers who aren’t interested in this series it might be a bit annoying. Currently, my Mondays look like: random normal blog, review, sims meal, random normal blog, review, sims meal and etc.

That’s about everything I wanted to say. Let’s rate and finish this one off.

Taste: 10/10 – This is my husband’s vote. If I was voting it would be one out of ten just because bacon is heaven.

Look: 9/10 – It looks like scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. It’s not that deep. It couldn’t really mess this one up. I will extract a point because the bread they used in the Sims meal is different than Onno’s usual.

How easy it is to cook: 10/10 – It’s beyond easy.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


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