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I Commissioned 8 Custom Art Pieces From Sketchmob | Website Review

This fact might surprise some of you but I used to love to draw and at one point in my life, I was relatively good at it. I started taking art classes when I was eight years old and art quickly became apart of my life for years. Eventually I switched over to reading and writing. I still love art and I often still paint to pass some time but well…it’s not good. I’m out of practice and I consider myself lucky if I’m able to draw something that resembles what I’m supposed to be drawing. Don’t believe me? Here.


I really just wanted to try drawing something on Paint. The other day I saw this girl draw an anime boy on Paint and it blew my mind. Now that is talent and patience. Also, this took me 45 minutes and I’m not really sure what it is. At least it looks like a girl so that’s nice. What is the purpose of sharing my mediocre art? Well, I wanted to make your art palette ravishing so what I’m about to share will blow you away!

Okay, I will stop messing around and get to the purpose of this blog/review. Today I’m going to review one of my favorite websites; Sketchmob. Sketchmob is a social marketplace where you can commission custom (digital) art. This next part is straight from Sketchmob’s about us page.

  • We connect people with talented digital artists from around the world to create personalized art in the most simple, fast and affordable way possible.
  • We believe each person has their own taste in art and that finding the right piece of art at the right price is challenging. Sketchmob provides the easiest way for people to be inspired and create personal art that they will love. Our artists are handpicked for their talent and quality of service.
  • In addition to our marketplace, we offer our print-on-demand services, so that customers can print their custom art on a variety of products such as: canvas, posters, t-shirts, greeting cards, totes, mugs and more.
  • Our purpose is to create more beauty, love and happiness in world by empowering creativity, imagination and self-expression.

Our Mission: Drawing people together.

1) Empower artists to pursue their passion by helping them get work, gain exposure and connect with people.
2) Help people find and create art that fits their own personal style in the fastest, simplest and most affordable way possible.
3) Provide a safe and secure platform that connect artists with people looking to buy custom art.

Sketchmob is really easy to use. It’s simple! Pick an artist you like, upload your photo, and the artist will digitally hand-paint an original piece of art from your photo!

To sum it up, it’s an online platform where you, the consumer, can commission an artist to create a digital art piece of anything you desire. It can be a portrait of your pet in the Disney style, it can be a remake of a couple photo in a realistic paint style and so much more. On this site, you will find hundreds of artists who all specialize in a certain art style. It’s relatively easy to start out. You create an account and go to the homepage. This will be your screen.

s 01.png

You can then scroll down the homepage screen and click on the art pieces that catches your eye or you can filter the art style and subject for your needs.


As you can see, you have a ton of options. It’s just a matter of finding the right artist for you, messaging the said artist about what you want and once you’ve connected and talked, you can then go ahead and decide if you want to commission them or not. You simply click on the commission me once you’ve selected the sample picture in their art style you want and the rest is pretty straightforward. The artist will then accept your art piece and you will be notified on when to expect delivery. When the artist uploads the final picture (you will get an email) you can then request revisions or accept the artwork (if it’s exactly how you wanted it). You can then download the file and then it’s done. American customers can have their art printed on a canvas through Sketchmob itself.

I would encourage you to leave a review as this helps the artist. It’s incredibly important to talk to the artist before you commission so you can ensure that you’re are connecting and they have a clear idea of what you want and need from them. This makes the entire process so much better and just overall a pleasant experience. I can see it going bad quite easily on both sides.

Now let’s get started!

Artist 1


As some of you might know, my husband and I have been trying for a baby. We also bought our first house last year and has spent the last few months turning it into our home. From the very start, we knew which room would be the baby room once our time finally arrives. Once we moved in and the main tasks around the house was completed, I slowly got to work on painting the feature wall in the baby room. Something that changed constantly and after a ton of revisions, is finally completed. I wanted to go the extra mile and add something sweet and personal to the room. I had the idea to ask the grandparents of the baby too choose their favorite animal you can find in the wild (the baby room is a nature theme). As my talents would only take us so far, I decided to commission an artist who knew what they were doing. This was when I discovered Sketchmob and hired my first artist.

I fell in love with Dilectum’s art style and ordered the first nursery animal; the elephant. The goal was to have the artist complete one nursery animal (6 in total) each month to manage the cost. Dilectum was quick to deliver, made revisions when requested and just knew what I was looking for. It was a pleasure to work with them and I would recommend them to anyone. I fully plan to work with them in the future. With absolute pleasure, here are the six animals that now hang up on my wall. I treasure these pieces and it makes my heart melt to know that this is specially created for my baby.


As you can see, Dilectum is crazy talented and incredibly versatile with their art. You can support Dilectum on Sketchmob and find other art pieces on these socials.

Artist 2

kei izumi

When I planned to write this review, I wasn’t sure when I will be sharing the news about our struggles with infertility so I went out of my way to find a new artist (in a new art style) to complete an art piece just for this review. I’ve been playing around with having something designed for my footnote of sorts. I liked the idea of using emoticons to spell out my website name. Fit = a girl lifting weights or the bicep curl emoticon. Couch = the couch emoticon. Potato = the potato emoticon. It took this idea and contacted a few artists whose art styles I liked and stumbled on Kei Izumi’s profile. They were newly signed up to the website and I would be their first customer. Normally I tend to avoid purchasing anything online without reviews to go by but someone had to give this artist a chance plus I liked what I saw under their sample art pieces.

My request was a strange one, to say the least.


Kei Izumi truly went the extra mile. Within hours after contacting them, they had a sketch ready and I commissioned them within the same day. I loved working with Kei Izumi. They constantly send me sketches and allowed me full control over the art piece. I could make changes in the infant stages and they always made revisions without any complaints. I loved working with them so much that I commissioned another piece just for the fun of it. Something a bit more ‘normal’. I definitely plan to work with Kei Izumi again and I will probably pop in every now and again to see how things are going.



As you can see Kei Izumi really hit the mark. You can support Kei Izumi on Sketchmob and find other art pieces on these socials.

My final thoughts

I truly enjoy Sketchmob and I will surely use the website again. There isn’t much I can say. It’s affordable, you’re getting custom content and you support little folks celebrating their passion in art. What isn’t there to love? If I have to pick one thing I dislike from the website is their email system. What I mean with this is: when you receive a message on Sketchmob, you will get an email to say you got a message. That part is great but what I don’t like is that you can’t see the contents of the message and you have to log in. This would be a little annoying if I had to go above or beyond to switch on my computer or laptop to see the message and it wasn’t anything super important. That’s the only thing that I kind of dislike but otherwise, I’m a really happy girl with some great custom art pieces.


Edit from Future Cassy (20 December 2019)

I’m currently in the process of getting another custom piece (okay two but shh don’t tell my husband) made for me via Sketchmob. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve used the website and well, there is some bits I want to add to this review. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still recommend this website for anyone who isn’t necessarily that blessed with the talent to draw that wants something custom made…but Sketchmob has its annoying little twerks. I’ve complained about this before but the email system of Sketchmob needs work. Minus not being able to read the contents of the message in the email, this time around I’m not always receiving an email. This custom piece I’m getting made now (will share it in the new year) is another strange one. I reached out to quite a few artists and waited. And waited. I got an email that artist a and artist b messaged me the first night but that’s as far as it went. After that, if artist a or b messaged me again, I wouldn’t get the email. In some cases, I didn’t even know another artist replied to my first message until I logged in to respond to the others. I checked in my spam and promotional tab as well. Nothing. This is the first time it’s happening to me but I remember one artist coming back to me (this was when I was looking for an artist to do the nursery animals) a full week later. They never received an email about my message and was sorry to lose a customer. I believe that Sketchmob needs to look at their email system and see how they can improve it. I do realize that this email problem might be solved if you add the email address to your contacts list (they do say this on their emails) but well you need to receive an email first to do that. It could’ve been a glitch. It’s a busy time of the year and I imagine most artists (so in return Sketchmob) are quite busy now, but yeah. I don’t know. Maybe I’m reaching here but I just find their email system annoying. It needs work.


Edit inside an edit from Future Cassy (three hours later…it’s still the 20th of December if you’re curious)

So, I’m a dumb ass. It was under my social tab. It’s still strange though. Why did the emails from two artists pop up in my normal inbox while the others went into the socials tab? That doesn’t really make sense. Did Gmail think it was spam because I was getting a lot of emails from Sketchmob in a short period of time? I don’t know…but I stand by what I said: the email system needs work. At least let me view the contents of the message in my email. I’m lazy. The less work I need to do, the better.

Edit inside another edit (My last one, I promise)

I’ve added the email to my address book and I still don’t always get my emails…so yeah.


But, let’s talk about the pros. Or one pro. When I reached out to a few artists with this next piece, some came back to me more than willing to make a rough sketch of what I want or how they interpret it. Now, I stressed from the start that I’m talking to other artists and I don’t want them to spend a lot of time and effort on this. I think that’s something you should be honest about otherwise things can get a bit…unfortunate. These rough sketches were game-changing. I immediately knew by just looking at these rough sketches if artist a or b is the artist I’m looking for. It was a bit awkward to tell the other artist that well…it’s not what you’re looking for. The two I had to message that, took it well and there was no bad blood. I thanked them for the effort and wished them happy holidays. Now, I know Sketchmob the website has little control over this, but it’s just really nice to have good interactions with artists. It gives you a nice warm feeling.


My experience with Sketchmob has been quite pleasant. I’m curious. Have you purchased anything through the company? How was the experience? Do you have any complaints? Am I being too nit-picky with my email complaints? Let me know in the comment section below!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Sketcmob’s website —




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