eBook, My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It

Chapter Four of My eBook: My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It

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Chapter Four

I still vividly remember the day I met Damon. I was playing in the sandpit while my mother was happily satisfying her cravings for ice cream. I didn’t really pay much attention to what she was going on about. I was in my own little world. I remember I was trying to build a sand castle with the highest tower possible, but the sand always started to crumble at the bottom and no matter how much I tried, my tower always crumbled into one. I was trying to balance the tower with my hands so it would stay up when my old bullies showed up. I remember how my hands started to shake when their shadows loomed over my castle. My tower collapsed, and I bit my lip as I tried to be a big girl and keep my tears at bay, but a few traitor tears ran down my cheeks.

“You’re such a weirdo! Always playing alone and you cry a lot! You are just a big fat cry, baby!” The girl with the long brown pigtails sneered between her laughter. Her friends followed her lead and laughed along. They openly looked me up and down and then proceeded to kick sand in my face before walking away. I watched them leave, trying my best not to cry. The mother of the girl with the brown pigtails walked up to her; smiling happily at her wonderful child and laughed at something her child said. She then helped her child onto the swing and proceeded to push her. The girl squealed with happiness, and her laughter stung. I rubbed my eyes and glanced at my preoccupied mother. She was always busy on her phone.

“Why are you crying?” My head shot up to see a boy standing in the one corner of the sandpit. He had a worried frown on his face. I sniffed and touched my face, only to feel my cheeks wet. I always cry, just like the girl said. I’m just one big fat cry baby.

“Were you bullied?” The boy asked while making his way to my ruined castle before he lowered himself before me and smiled. He touched my wet cheeks and rubbed the tears away that were still falling. My heart was going crazy with the boy so close to me. It has been so long that someone rubbed my tears away…

“My father says that we shouldn’t take what they say seriously, because the people that usually tease other people are just afraid of something.” He paused for a few seconds. A frown crossed his forehead.

“You’re pretty.” The boy said with a cheeky smile before leaning in and pecked my forehead. I froze at this action not sure how to react, but luckily the boy pulled away before I could understand what just happened.

“You can be my friend. Now you will never be alone.” The boy said, standing up and holding his hand out to me. I smiled and let my hand fall into his. He pulled me up with a bright smile on his face. I smiled in return. The feeling foreign on my cheeks.

“I’m Damon by the way.”

“Angela.” I muttered softly. I could feel my cheeks burn hot. Damon laughed and pulled me towards the other set of swings.

“You will be my Angel from now on. I will always be there for you.”


I smiled faintly at the old memory before returning my attention to the scene that I’ve been dreading unfolding in front of my eyes.

“Thank you everyone for coming tonight. Tonight, we celebrate my son. Tonight, he will meet his wolf. Tonight, he is of age.” Speeches have never been our Alpha’s strong suit. “Son, I wish you all the best. May your shift be tolerable and may you find your mate tonight.” There goes that sharp stab straight right in my heart.

“Dinner will be served in thirty minutes.” The ‘speech’ closed off with that happy note and instantly chatters filled the room once more. Luke walked into my line of sight with a cheeky grin on his face. Never change.

“Care to dance?” I nodded, desperate to cling onto any shape of distraction. I glanced at Damon’s direction and frowned when he was nowhere to be found. Well, I shouldn’t be too upset. It’s his ball. He has to be friendly and a good host. He can’t hang around me the entire evening. I’m being oversensitive and emotional. Luke pulled me into a dance and spun me around. We danced for two songs before calling it a night and met up with the rest of the boys who were laying it on thick and charming the pants off some of the other females. Typical if you ask me. I got the usual stink eye from the females when I joined the group. I rolled my eyes and sipped on the glass of champagne that the waiters have been handing out. Underage drinking wasn’t frowned upon. It would take a shit ton of alcohol to get a young wolf drunk. It’s like water to our fast metabolism. The bubbly texture sparkled in my stomach, and I can’t say I enjoy it, but it keeps my mind busy.

“You look great!” Simon explained and soon the rest of the boys followed with their own compliments. I smiled in return.

“I know, right! This dress is just so me!” I teased, and for the extra effect, I did a little twirl. The boys laughed before continuing the conversations with the girls who were anything but pleased with my disturbance. I sighed. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Is this going to be my new life? Being the outsider in the group, all alone while my friends meet their partners? I’m probably just overreacting again. The girls giggled and pressed themselves in the boys who smiled from ear to ear. I cringed at the overtop giggles and made a mental note to remember this sound next time I giggled. My torture, fortunately, came to an end before it became too unbearable when dinner was called. Everyone went their separate ways and headed towards their assigned tables. I searched for Damon as I always seemed to do and found him talking to his mother. Damon had a worried expression on his face, and I could see the tension in his body. His mother had her usual gentle smile on her face, but you could see she felt the pressure of calming her son. I felt myself walking towards them before I could even comprehend what was happening. As if Damon sensed my presence, his head snapped up, and he turned to face me. Instantly his face softened, and he welcomed me with his gentle smile. I returned the smile and took hold of his hand. Our fingers laced together, and I could feel the tension drain from his body.

“Angela, just in time! I was looking for you, my girl. You’re sitting with us tonight and don’t even try to kick up a fuss.” Elena said with a scold. I shook my head with a chuckle.

“I wouldn’t dare to defy you.” I teased with a wink. She simply rolled her eyes before someone called for her on the other side of the room. She scrambled off to help and left Damon and I alone.

“How are you feeling?” I whispered under my breath. Damon led us towards the main table, his hand still in mine. I, of course, ignored the ugly glares I received from the pack females. It wasn’t anything new. Damon was an attractive unmated wolf from power. Who wouldn’t want to catch his eye?

“Nervous.” I smiled. Damon always played tough and calm, as his title required him to do so but with me…he kept it real.

“It’s going to be okay.” I whispered in return but said nothing else.

We took our seats at our table and soon everyone was seated. Christopher, Damon’s father, made his toast and dinner was served. And no. We didn’t eat raw meat. It was perfectly cooked medium rare steaks served with mashed potatoes and baked vegetables with white lemon sauce. Delicious. Throughout the entire meal, Damon never let go of my hand. I was grateful for his touch. It settled the dread in my stomach. After dinner, everyone stayed in their circles while making friendly conversation with their packmates. Some wolves joined the dance floor once more while others happily sipped on champagne while making corny jokes with their family and friends. The atmosphere in the room was light and friendly. The complete opposite from the storm brewing inside of me. Damon left my side to prepare for the shift, and I tried to keep my brave face in place. One more hour and then you can crawl into bed and drown yourself in ice cream. I was shaken from my thoughts when the pack members started to move outside. It’s tradition for the wolf to shift outside under the moonlight in the middle of the clearing. Dread filled my stomach once more. Oh god. It’s time. Traitor tears immediately stung my eyes, and I desperately tried to keep my emotions under control. My eyes landed on Damon, who was happily talking to his parents. He looked the happiest that I ever saw him before, and a pang shot through my heart. I would never be able to make him that happy. His mate would. She is, after all the reason behind his smile. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough to witness him meet his mate for the first time. I turned my back towards the clearing and rushed for the stairs. Once in my room, I wanted nothing more than to swan dive into my bed and reject the world around me, but something pulled me towards my balcony. My best friend is shifting for the first time tonight. I should be by his side and support him. Guilt drowned my heart, and all I could do is watch from afar. The moonlight shown high in the sky, and the wolves happily made a circle in the clearing. Damon stood in the middle with his mother and father. He looked absolutely ecstatic. His father cleared his throat.

“His time has come!” The crowd cheered, and Damon suddenly searched the crowd. He was looking for someone. I immediately knew who it was.

“Are you ready, my son?” It was a soft whisper but enough to pull Damon’s attention back towards his father. He nodded in response, and I saw a flicker of sadness cross his features. I ignored the pain in my heart and just silently watched the entire event unfold. Damon’s father took hold of his son’s hand and lifted his wrist towards his mouth. To shift for the first time, your wolf needs guidance and purpose. An Alpha bite prompts a shift within five seconds when you’re of age. I watched as Christopher bit into the skin of his son. It was barely a nick but enough to break the skin. Damon’s face instantly scrunched up in pain.

“Five!” The pack cheered. I could see the tension in Damon’s body as pain consumed him.

“Four!” Damon’s entire body shook as his wolf clawed to escape.

“Three!” Damon dropped to the ground onto all fours, and you could see his bones move under his skin. Damon kept the brave face, although it was strained, to say the least. The Alpha simply does not whimper in pain nor cry out at his first shift. He needs to show his pack that he is strong enough to lead them. It’s a brutal custom.

“Two!” Damon body shook even more, and the first crack of a bone filled the air. Several other cracks followed, and Damon panted out in pain.

“One!” The last second of the shift seemed to be the most drastic. Damon’s body morphed into his wolf skin in an instant. Damon’s wolf is majestic. Black as the night sky. Once in his wolf skin, he threw his head back and howled. It hit me like a truck. The howl ripped through my insides, making every part of my being boil. I wrapped my arms around my body, gasping for air. What the hell is happening to me? My skin itched, and I felt like my lungs were being crushed. I could hardly breathe. Why is it so hot? I moaned in pain when I felt the pressure build in my stomach. Oh god. I’m in heat…but that would mean…oh shit. My mind reeled with what this meant. Damon is my mate. Holy shit. I felt myself smile at the thought and an overwhelming set of emotions hit me. Damon is all mine. I won’t lose him! I gasped in pain as another surge of heat burned my insides. It could only mean that Damon was close. My breathing sped up, and a sweat broke out all over my body. The dress made my skin itch, and I wanted nothing more than to take a long cold shower. My whole body ran hot and weird sensations coursed through my body to my panties. Oh. I blushed a deep shade of red. He is my best friend for god’s sake! I tried to pull myself up from the floor, but my arms buckled under my weight, and I collapsed. Who would have thought it would hurt so much? They sure as hell didn’t teach us this in wolf school. They mentioned the female heat once or twice but haven’t gone in great detail just yet. Of course, that’s school for you. When does it ever prepare you properly? Damon howled once more, and I whimpered. My body trembled in pain, and I felt my need for Damon intensify. The wetness between my legs pooled in my panties, drenching it. My cheeks flushed. Fuck my life. If I wasn’t in so much pain, I would cry from the embarrassment. Although it’s a perfectly normal and healthy reaction towards my mate…it’s still embarrassing. I can smell my excitement. No one wants to smell their own excitement.

“Damon!” I whisper-screamed. I could feel my sense of reality disappear. I was going to pass out. A sudden rush crackled through my body, and I blinked lazily as Damon jumped over my balcony and landed with a thump in front of me. He finally found me. He breathed in heavily, and his eyes darkened. He instantly pulled my body flushed into his and pushed his face into the crook of my neck. My body responded desperately. Tingles shot through me as his touch cooled my hot skin. A desperate moan slipped from my lips. Damon growled in response and pulled me flushed against his naked body.

“My angel…” Damon whispered breathlessly into my neck, and I sighed in relief. Fuck. This is not how I saw this night pan out — panting like a bitch in heat in my best friend’s, no, mate’s arms. Damon is mate. Holy shit. Damon is actually my mate. Fuck me. Does this mean I’m the Alpha female of the pack? Am I the Luna? Fuck me. The pressure of hundreds of wolves weighed my body down, and my heart clenched in the effort. I’m Luna. Oh, Moon Goddess. Why? I cripple under pressure. I don’t excel. Pure panic surged through my body temporarily pushing my heat to the backburner.

The cheers of the pack as they celebrated the fact that their new Alpha recognized his mate cut through my chaotic mind. My mind honed in on what was unfolding in front of me. My heart raced at a dangerous space. Am I having a heart attack? Damon leaned forward, and my eyesight blurred. My mind zoomed in on the funny things Damon’s touch was doing on my insides. Did I wet myself? Is this all a dream? It could be something my brain made up to keep my pathetic self in bliss.

“I’m so happy you’re my mate, Angel.” Damon whispered into my ear. I blinked. Wait. What? “Say something, darling.” This might not be a dream.

“Are we really mates?” Damon chuckled before ringing his fingers in my hair.

“But you’re my best friend?” I sucked in a breath as reality hit me. It’s not a dream. A rush of thoughts swirled in my head and pounded against my temples. Damn, I’m all over the place. Firstly, Damon is my mate. Check. Secondly, Damon is my best friend. Check. Thirdly, Damon is my mate. Check. Wait, I already had that. Do I have a problem with all of this? I was dead set on not losing Damon. It broke my heart thinking about it. Obviously, there is no way that I will lose him now. We are mates for goodness sakes. Wait. We are mates. Mates do intimate stuff together. Mates kiss. Mates makes babies. Oh hell. He is my best friend. I have never seen him in that way. Ever. Right? The turmoil of my best friend being my mate on the side, the pure panic that seemed to freeze up my entire body at the thought of what it meant was an entirely different thing. I inhaled a deep breath which only made things worse because fuck me has Damon always smelled this good? I want to lick his sweat. Focus, Angie. Get your thoughts straight. Don’t panic. Break it down to the basics. Come on, Angie. This is easy. A monkey could do it. Oh, I could fuck Damon monkey style right about now. No. Don’t go down that road. It’s the heat talking. Focus on the basics. One: Damon is my mate. Two: Damon is my mate. Three: Damon is my mate. Four: Damon is my best friend. Five: Damon is like a brother to me. Six: Damon is my mate. Holy mother fucking shit. Damon is my mate! My lungs contracted, and breathing became difficult. The reality that Damon is my mate weighed down onto my lungs, and I struggled to breathe. Focus on the basics, Angie. Seven: Damon will become my life partner. Eight: Damon and I will most likely get married. Nine: Damon and I will move in together. Ten: Damon and I will have sex. Eleven: Damon and I will have a family together. Hold up. I’m still in high school. I have my entire future ahead of me. My hopes and dreams – I don’t really have anything in concrete, but the point still stands. Everything just vanishes into thin smoke once you become Luna. Panic surged through my body, and I gasped for air. My throat closed off, and I clawed at my skin. I can’t be the Luna. I collapse under pressure. I’m only seventeen for fuck’s sake. I can’t have hundreds of wolves’ life on my shoulders. I gasped for air. My lungs burned, and my heart ached as it pounded in my chest. Am I having a heart attack? I’m dying. I choked for breath, and my mind went numb.

“Angel, my love. Look at me. You’re having a panic attack. Take a deep breath. You’re going to be okay.” Oh, so that’s what it is. I’m not dying. I stared up into the sky and blinked. The moon looks so nice tonight. All round and bright. It’s fading. I can feel Damon pull me into his body in a panic. It was comforting as I finally slipped into darkness.


The second my brain processed what was happening. I realized it was a dream. Or a memory. I could only sit back and watch the scene unfold. It was a new memory, only a few weeks old. Why am I dreaming about this now? Is there a deeper meaning to it? Damon and I were sprawled out on my bed, and we were just having a chat. Nothing serious. Damon excitedly shared his feelings about his upcoming birthday. The expression on my face turned sad. Why was I sad? Oh, I remember. When Damon find his mate, I will be all but forgotten. He will be so incredibly in love with his mate that he won’t have time for me anymore. Everything we shared, all the great memories we made will be replaced with memories of him and his mate — what a bittersweet memory this is.

“Cheer up my girl! You will always be my best friend!” Damon, in my dream, said. It felt surreal to watch the scene unfold. He pulled my body close and ruffled my hair so it stood in all the directions possible. I giggled and tickled his stomach, making Damon growl with a laugh. I tackled him to the ground and tickled him till tears were rolling down his cheeks, and his deep laughter shook the room.

“Oh, it is on!” Damon managed to gasp out between laughs before flipping us over and licking my face. I screamed and rubbed at his spit. Damon licked me again, and I pulled my face. He smirked, enjoying every second of my disgust in his torture. He once told me that my disgusted face resembled a monkey taking a dump. I hit him hard that day and chased him down the street with a spoon in my hand. Why the man knew the facial expression of a monkey taking a dump concerned me. I pushed Damon off me and glared at him still rubbing at my sticky face. Oh, if he is going to play this game, then so be it. I will not lose. I smirked when my eye caught my tampon box. I quickly grabbed a tampon before Damon could figure out my plan. His eyes went wide, and he held his hands up in surrender. I laughed and stepped closer to him, dangling the tampon. Damon squealed like a girl and ran to my bedroom door and down the stairs. He managed to trip over his own two feet and came crashing down onto earth. I laughed and jumped on top of him, making him groan in pain. I stuck my tongue out and dangled the tampon inches away from his face. Damon had a fear for tampons, and I found this hilarious and teased him every time the opportunity presented itself. Damon screamed for mercy, but I would have none of it. I laughed evilly and pushed the tampon up his nose. Damon’s eyes went wide with shock. He screamed and trashed underneath me, pulling the tampon out and throwing it over his shoulder. Damon shuddered, disgusted that he even touched it. I lost my marbles. I laughed so hard that I lost the ability to function while Damon could only rub at his nose.

“The big manly Alpha is scared of a little white cotton stick!” I screamed between my fits of laughter. I clutched at my stomach. Aww, my abs hurt! I just got a glare that said: ‘Go die in a corner.’ This only made me laugh harder. My laughter stopped when a sly smirk appeared on Damon’s face. The evil glint in his eyes screamed trouble. I gulped and raised my hands in surrender. Be gentle with me. Damon, on the path of revenge, never ended well for me. I got up and scanned the room. I paled with dread when Damon got up and blocked my only emergency exit. This isn’t good. I could turn around and run back upstairs, but that would leave me vulnerable. Damon stalked forward and I, the prey, backed herself into the wall. Please. Someone, please save me from the wrath of this lion. Damon launched, easily grabbed me, and threw over his shoulder. He turned and carried me to his den. I dangled awkwardly over his shoulder, cursing the entire situation. Don’t play with fire unless you’re willing to get burned. I huffed in frustration and prayed for the Moon Goddess that Damon wouldn’t fart in front of my face. Every step Damon took would propel my head to swing in front of his ass. It was a mighty fine ass, but fuck can it produce some dangerous gasses. The man can clear a room. My nose would never be the same again. Somehow my prayers were heard, and Damon didn’t fart in my face. Damon stopped, and I immediately recognized my surroundings. He wouldn’t. I paused, remembering the look of horror on his face when I pushed that damn tampon up his nose. He would.

“Please! Please! Damon, I promise I will never push a tampon up your nose! I will do anything! PLEASE!” I’m not ashamed to beg. However, my desperate begs fell onto deaf ears as I could only scream when Damon lifted me over his shoulder and threw me into the swimming pool. I gasped and swallowed a good mouthful of the freezing cold water. The cold-water bit at my skin and I numbly pushed myself to the surface. The cold air stung and I shivered. Fuck. It’s cold. With great effort and zero help from the evil being that I call my best friend, I pulled myself out of the icy water. My entire body practically vibrated as I shivered. Damon laughed uncontrollably at my pain. I huffed before making a beeline for the packhouse. If I stay outside any longer, I will become a popsicle.  My best friend can be such an ass when he wants to be. I growled out in pure anger when an attractive snotty sneeze left me and it sunk that I would probably walk away with a cold. Damon instantly felt guilty when he found me all teary-eyed with snot dripping down my nose. He then made his famous soup and gave me his famous foot massage. As punishment, Damon watched all my favorite chick flicks with me making sure to play the role of my loyal slave. Revenge is sweet…no warm and comfortable.

I immediately felt myself slip from the dream. The sudden surge of heat that burned through my body threw me back into reality. I groaned. Shit, it burns. Why couldn’t my dream last longer? Oh, what I would do for a dip in the pool in the dead of winter right about now. My head pounded, and I could only wither in pain. It hurts. Why does it hurt? What happened? Where am I? I’m scared. It terrified me that I had zero control over my own body.

“Angel?” I know that voice. Of course, I know it, it belongs to my best friend.

“Open your eyes, Angel…” I blinked and attempted to open my eyes. They are shut tight. Why won’t they open? Why does my body feel so heavy? Why does it feel like my blood is boiling? What is happening to me?

“Please my Angel! Open those beautiful eyes. I want to see my mate.” Mate! Mate! Did he just say, mate? My heart jumped. Holy shit, we are mates. Damon is my mate. Wait that would mean…My eyes snapped open, and I groaned when a blinding light burned my eyes.

“Oh, thank the Moon Goddess! You’re awake!” The bright light got blocked by none other than by my best friend, wait, mate now. The familiar panic surged through my body as memories of the previous night became clear. Damon is my mate. Damon is my Alpha. I’m going to be his Alpha Female.

“Damon give her some room to breathe!” Oh, thank you. It’s true what they say; mommy knows best. Damon pulled away, and again, the light nearly blinded me. My eyeballs burned, and I groaned in pain. I welcomed the distraction.

“Can some please dim the light?” I croaked and groaned from the sudden stab of pain in my throat. I need water. Elena rushed over and handed me a glass of water, and I desperately drowned the glass. I collapsed back into bed, and the bright light burned my precious sensitive eyes once again. Seriously what’s with the bright light? I thought it was only a thing in the movies. The light dimmed, and I could practically cheer in joy.

“What happened?” Wait, I already know the answer. Damon recognized me as his mate. I went into heat after hearing my mates howl. The mere mention, or well thought, of my heat, brought the scorching, blood boiling heat back to the forefront of my mind. Great.

“You passed out, my dear.” Elena whispered, pressing her hand onto my forehead. Her face pulled into a scrunch, and she made a tusk sound in the back of her throat.

“You’re burning up, my dear. Damon call the doctor!” Damon was gone in a split second. I have never seen that boy move so fast, wait, there was that one time when this ‘super-hot’ girl walked around school with a see-through top and no bra. He ran as if hell was chasing him that day.

“It seems that your body is in turmoil. The wolf inside of you has recognized her mate, but the human part is fighting the bond.” She looked pained. Why does it look like she wants to cry?

“Why are you rejecting Damon as your mate, my dear?” I did not see that one coming. My mouth dropped open, and I blinked. What the-

“Oh, it’s absolutely great news to see you up and going. You gave us quite a fright when you suddenly collapsed. How are you feeling, sweetheart?” Dr. Sandra cooed. Yes, she cooed. She’s nuts, but she is a genius and the best person to be around when you’re physically sick. She just makes everything seem better. You just have to love her craziness.

“I feel-”

“I’m going to check your vitals and try my very best to explain your situation, okay?” I guess it doesn’t matter how I feel. I nodded in response. She flashed me a toothy smile before doing just as she said. She started with my vitals, first the heart and then the lungs and then- I’m not even sure what she did to be perfectly honest. It hurts too much.

“Okay, sweetheart. I’m going to break it down and tell it to you straight, okay?” Dr. Sandra said as she finished her last checkup. I nodded. My voice lodged in the back of my throat, and I could feel my heart start to race. Okay.

“There is nothing wrong with your overall physical health. You lost consciousness due to a bad panic attack. You hit your head as you fell hence why you have a headache. Now, I’m going to approach the big elephant in the room. You found your mate and your body responded as it should. You are in heat, my dear.” Hearing it was a hard pill to swallow. “You need to accept Damon as your mate. If you don’t…your wolf will reject you, and the pain will be so unbearable…you will die.” Holy fuck. Is this real?

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