eBook, My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It

Chapter Five of My eBook: My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It

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Chapter Five

Naturally, after hearing about my predicament, I had a full-blown freak out, and it took a sedative to calm me down. Moral of the story, they knocked me out. When I woke up again, there was no blinding light. It was just Damon, and I. Damon was fast asleep at the side of my bed, and he took my breath away. He looked different somehow. I have known Damon my entire life, and he truly is my everything. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the person I love most in this world, but my mate? He is my only family. He is the reason why I have a family. He is the reason why I still stand up in the morning. He is the reason why I take on my past and fight every single damn day. He is my best friend. He is my brother. He can’t be my mate. Our entire relationship will change. Yes, some of the things we have done are questionable, but that’s child’s play to a mate’s relationship. Mates are intimate. Mates have babies together. Mates are…I can’t do that with Damon. I have seen him in those awkward stages in life when you just look terrible no matter what and your body is all confused because hormones are a bitch. I have seen Damon take a ball to his face and lose some precious teeth. I have seen Damon have a fart competition with Luke. I have seen Damon kiss countless of other girls, and the Moon Goddess alone knows what they did. I know Damon. I know all his darkest secrets. How can I possibly see him in a completely new light? I’m sure mates share everything, but can I give myself to Damon? Can I be Damon’s mate knowing full well of his past experiences with girls? Can I give Damon my body and soul? I love the guy, but…Oh, Moon Goddess. What am I going to do? Even if I can suddenly see my brother, who I love so much, in an entirely new light and be intimate with him…the other big elephant in the room is what that would mean. Once mated, there is no going back. I will be the Luna of the pack. I had a fucking panic attack at just the idea of being the Luna. It’s quite fucking clear that I can’t handle that level of pressure and responsibility. I’m just a damaged little seventeen-year-old girl. I can’t possibly lead others. But what choice do I even have? I have zero control over the situation, and that thought alone makes it hard to breathe. I feel uncomfortable, to say the least, when things are out of my control.

So many life-changing moments in my life was out of my control, and at the end of the day, I was the one that suffered. I couldn’t control or stop my mother from cheating. I couldn’t control or stop my father from committing suicide right in the room next to me. And now here we are…I can’t control who my mate is and what comes along with them. If I’m completely honest with myself, it’s not so much as Damon being my mate is more of what it means to be his mate. Yes, he is my best friend, and I might be able to develop romantic feelings for him in time. I never once considered being with him romantically, but now that’s it on the table…I can see myself going for it.

It will take some time, but I might get there. Life, however, doesn’t allow time. I don’t have time to take it at my own pace and truly decide what I want to do. I need to do what’s right for the pack. My feelings doesn’t matter. If I don’t accept the bond, my wolf will reject me. The rejection process will kill me, and then the loss of his mate will kill Damon. How in good conscious can I end his life? By rejecting the bond, I might as well kill Damon with my own two hands. All that aside, I can’t kill the Alpha. The pack will fall apart, and many more lives will be lost. A pack without an Alpha is weak. Rogues, hunters, and god knows what else will take the opportunity to strike. Sure, Christopher can take over, but he is getting old. That is to say, they don’t collapse under the grief of outliving their only child. So much fucking pressure. So much things completely out of my control. My chest constricted, and I gasped for breath. This is fucked up. My panic turned into anger. Mate with him or die? What the actual fuck? This is bullshit.

“Why are you rejecting me?” I jumped in fright. Holy shit, Damon is awake. I’m not ready to talk to him. I’m not in the right frame of mind. I need time to figure shit out, but life won’t give me that. Then again, you always feel better when you talk to him. I tutted at my inner voice who could be my wolf for all I knew. I bit my lip, my mind in turmoil. Was I really rejecting him? Or better yet, can I reject him?

“It’s weird, you know.” I whispered softly and stared at my hands. This is hard. I don’t want this. To think that I was having a little emotional breakdown at the thought of my best friend finding his mate a few days ago. How ridiculous. What did I even want? What do I want now?

“I know.” He whispered. Some of the weight and pressure that seemed to crush me to death only seconds ago lifted. I’m not in this alone. I sighed in relief at the thought. I’m not in this alone. I met his eyes and paused. He took my breath away. Has Damon always held that intense emotion in his eyes? Why is it almost familiar?

“You’re my best friend. I don’t know if I’m ready to be your mate or the Luna of this pack.” I could feel my heart shatter at my own words. Am I rejecting Damon? Damon’s face portrayed my own. I could see his heartache, and I snapped. I broke down into a fit of ugly sobs. This isn’t fair. My tears infected Damon, and soon we both just clung onto each other as we cried. I need to tell him how I feel. I need to pour my heart out. He will understand. He will support and guide me like he always does. I swallowed and mustered up all of my courage. Damon listened intently and never once let go of my hand as I poured my heart out to him. By the end of it, he pulled me into a deep hug and allowed me to cry on his shoulder.

“I’m scared too.” I smiled and rubbed at my snotty stained cheeks.

“We don’t have to rush into being intimate. We can wait until you’re comfortable. I know this is a lot and I understand that you need some time. I plan to win you over. I plan to show you that I am worthy of being your mate.” Damon paused, and my heart missed a beat. “You won’t be alone. As your Alpha and mate, I will always support my Luna. You don’t have to be the same type of Luna my mom or my grandmother was. You can be your own type of Luna. That aside, you will have the Beta and Delta females to help you out. There are so many people in this world that love and cares for you. You are not alone in this. We’re in this together.” I smiled between the tears and pulled Damon in for a hug. I don’t deserve this man. Fuck, I love him.


The next week as I suffered through the worst time of my life, Damon stood by my side. My heat flashes were too extreme, so school was out of the question, and since my heat seemed to get worse when Damon left the room, he had no choice but skip school and stay home. The poor guy. It was a strange week, to say the least. I went from feeling like my blood was boiling and my skin was on fire in one minute, and in the next minute my teeth were chattering so hard on each other I feared they might break. Damon was an absolute champ. He went out of his way to run me an ice or sauna-like bath when needed. When the heat flashes got extra bad, he hired a refrigerator truck, which was heaven. The boy went above and beyond all the while fighting his wolf tooth and nail. The wolf inside of him wanted to mark his mate, and Damon made it no secret how hard it was to shut him up. He was on edge but trying. As long as we didn’t physically touch for more than ten seconds, he could fight the urge. Something that was easier said than done as I couldn’t move my limbs in the midst of a bad heat attack. In between the hot and cold flashes, we tried to pass the time by watching mindless series and whatnot, but it was hard to focus. The room constantly felt stuffy. I was sweaty and uncomfortable inside my own skin.

And then there was the big elephant in the room. You know, accept the bond or die. Yeah, that big elephant in the room. We haven’t really touched on the subject again as we were both in our world of constant torture, but it was there. Right there in the back of our minds. Looming over us as we tried to reject reality and somehow survive this heat. Dr. Sandra made it quite clear that if I continued to reject our bond or postpone our mating it wash going to get a lot worse. My heat flushes would become more frequent and intense. Something that scared the living shit out of me. To even think that I barely survived the flashes that are supposed to be the mild ones? I shuddered and pushed the thought aside. Let’s open that box of torture when we get to it. To make matters worse and yes that’s possible, my heat would start to attract unmated male wolves in the area. They won’t have any control over their wolves and will definitely try to mate with me. So, rape is on the table too. Damon nearly lost his mind at this, and it took four of our best warriors to stop his wolf from marking me on the very spot. That was another thing that was added to the long list of things that I had to be worried about. As time progressed, there was a real possibility that Damon would lose complete control over his wolf or…my wolf would come out to play. Premature shifts are nothing to laugh at. Most of the young wolves die, and it’s supposedly the worst way to go. Lovely. That’s everything I can chew on while I’m still in heat…if I reject the bond completely, …things will get really messy. Dr. Sandra’s exact words were: “It’s going to be a real shit show. It’s going to be one ugly and painful death for the both of you.” So, life is looking great right about now.


I nibbled on a piece of bread, my appetite weak. The guys, the only unmated wolves that could still be around me, sat around the table. Gone was my happy go lucky group of friends that always seemed to fool around. Instead, I had a group of four guys sighing and looking absolutely miserable. I understood where they were coming from. They felt hopeless about the entire situation and conflicted. On the one part, it’s their Alpha and Luna, and on the other part, it’s two of their closest friends.

“I still think you’re being absolutely ridiculous. Are you really going to allow yourself to die just because you don’t want Damon to mate you?” Luke snapped after what felt like hours of tense silence. I groaned and dropped my sandwich. There goes my appetite.

“Look, I know it’s more than just suddenly seeing Damon in a romantic light, but please just try. I know it’s weird and awkward, but you have to try to make it work. Please. You can’t die yet.” Luke explained and took my hand in his. I hissed and ripped my body away from his touch. It burns when other males touch me.

“Oh, shit, I’m so sorry!” Luke jumped and tried to take hold of my hand again in comfort but quickly stopped himself with a pained look on his face.

“It’s okay…” I trailed off. Things have been crazy since the ball.

“Where is Damon anyway?” Gareth, like the silent hero he is, changed the subject. Bless his sweet soul.

“He went for a run. His wolf was driving him insane.” I hung my head in shame and bit my lip. The guilt is real and fucking heavy.

“I’m going for a walk. I need to clear my head.” No one stopped me. I ditched my lunch and made a beeline for the forest behind the pack grounds. Yes, the forest right behind the big ass main packhouse like a scene straight out of a cliché werewolf movie, but we’re wolves for heaven sake. We liked to be surrounded by nature. I didn’t walk very far into the woods as the thought crossed my mind that I would be royally fucked if I got a heat flash out here. There was also the risk that unmated males nearby would take the opportunity to mount the bitch in heat. I sighed and turned my way back to the packhouse. This was a bad idea. A branch snapped and like a complete idiot, I ran. So blinded by the fear, it would only be natural to trip over a fallen log. And because life has been a dick lately, I hit my face on a rock. I rolled to my side, dazed, and touched my face in a panic. Fuck. That hurts. My vision blurred, and my heart raced. I’m so screwed. I’m going to lose consciousness in the middle of the fucking woods, and god knows what’s going to happen to me. I need help. I need Damon. The branch snapped again, and to my great relief, Damon stepped forward. Naked as can be. The sight of my mate in all of his glory sparked the worst heat flash yet. The heat flash, coupled with the hit on the head did it for me. I fainted in Damon’s arms.


The blinding light that burned my pupils told me exactly where I was. I groaned and rubbed at my temples. Slowly, how I ended back in Dr. Sandra hospital bed came back to me. Seriously? I’m never going to live that down. At least it’s something we can laugh about in a few years. I glanced around and sighed in relief when I noticed I was alone. Finally. It’s like a breath of fresh air. I finally have the space to clear my mind and figure out what’s next. I can take this moment to really absorb what has happened these last few days. Okay, so there was the big curveball where it turned out that Damon is my mate. I was insanely jealous of myself. Oh, the irony. And then there is the heat…and the whole Luna thing. The familiar panic settled onto my chest and I gasped. My breath lodged in the back of my throat and my lungs burned. No. Don’t think about this just yet. Inhale. Take it one step at a time. Exhale. Focus on Damon being your mate. Inhale. Push the rest to the back of your mind. Exhale. Focus on just this one thing. With a clear mind, I considered what a romantic relationship with Damon would even look like. We’ve been two peas in a pod for years. We’ve always been close. We’ve always been super comfortable with each other. The dynamic between us won’t really change moving forward. We would still be us. It’s just going to be deeper…and more intimate. Damon is one attractive guy. It’s not like it hurts to look at him. I’ve always swooned when he smiled.

A romantic relationship isn’t that big of a stretch from our current relationship. At least with Damon, I know exactly what type of person I’m getting. He has always kept it real. He has been with me through everything that life has thrown in our direction thus far. He won’t up and leave me one day. I never have to feel that fear again. Spending the rest of my days with him does sound nice…Damon is a great guy. Yes, he has his faults. Prior to the ball, he was a lady’s man. He definitely isn’t innocent. He also shouldn’t be allowed to drive. But his strengths will always outweigh his faults. He is kind and humble. His soul is pure and bright. He puts his friends and family first. He will be a great mate and a great father to our future children. I won the lottery with him. I’ve always loved him dearly, loving him as my soulmate isn’t a big stretch. I smiled; my mind made up. I’m going to give Damon a chance.  Not long after I made my choice, the man of the hour popped into the room.

“How do you feel?” I glanced up and smiled. Damon looked shocked but quickly covered his surprise with a bright smile.

“I feel good.” I paused, a little taken back by my answer. It just slipped out of my mouth, and a part of me meant it. I felt good that I was able to decide on one thing, and I had some control back, but I can go without the fear and Luna stress.

“Can we…What is in your hands?” Damon blushed and shyly lowered himself on the side of the bed.

“Okay, so don’t laugh but I wrote you a poem.” I raised my eyebrows in surprise. Damon wrote a poem? Now, this I have to see. With a deep blush on his cheeks, Damon handed me a piece of paper. I smiled and blew him a kiss.

You are the peanuts in my peanut butter.

You are the cheese on my cheese crackers.

You are the cream filling in my Oreos.

You are the chocolate in my chocolate chip cookies.

You are the coffee in my morning cup of coffee.

You are the cheese in my mac and cheese.

You are the flour to my fried chicken nuggets.

You are the pasta in my Spaghetti Bolognese.

You are the pizza dough in my pizza.

You are the marshmallows in my hot chocolate.

You are the cherry in my cherry coke.

You are the apples in my apple-pie.

You are the bacon to my eggs.

You are the syrup to my waffles.

You are the biscuit in my KitKat.

You are the milk to my cereal.

You are the Dorito’s in my Nachos.

You are the pop to my popcorn.

You are the rice in my sushi.

You are the BBQ sauce to my steak.

“Were you hungry when you wrote this?” I chuckled before leaning over to peck Damon on the lips. He was taken back by this and blushed. My insides swooned. There is just something about seeing this fine piece of eye candy blush. It just does something to your heart.

“I have one none food related one.” Damon pouted before pointing at the one in question.

You are the controller to my Xbox.

“Honestly, this is the most perfect gift ever, and I love you so much.” Damon smiled his precious show-stopping dimple smile, and I melted into a puddle. Be calm, my heart.

“I don’t really know how to say this, so I’m just going to say it. I want to give us a shot. It’s a little weird to think about us romantically but you are my best friend, and I love you so much.” I paused, a little unsure about what’s next. What does this choice mean for us? Does Damon mark me to calm our other halves and then we will mate when I’m ready? Is that even an option? “If it’s possible…you can mark me and then we can mate when we’re ready?”

“Do you mean it? If I mark you, there is no going back. We will be connected forever…” Damon’s voice was tense as he fought back his wolf. My approval and acceptance to finally be marked pushed at his reins of control. I studied Damon for two seconds as I pondered over his question. His golden eyes glowed, and I found myself longing to see his green eyes. It’s been awhile since he was completely calm. The heat has been tough on both of us.

“I thought this through. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But I think before we jump into this and you mark me, we should confirm with Dr. Sandra if it’s even an option for us.” Damon smiled before leaning over to peck my lips. “She’s out on a call now. She will be back tomorrow morning. Is that okay with you?” I nodded before sinking back into the mattress. Wow. It’s been a lot.

“Thank you for giving me a chance. Now, if you don’t mind…I’m going to go for a run. All of this talk about marking has made my wolf go nuts.” I chuckled and nodded. Damon smiled, pecked my lips once more before sprinting out of the room. I could hear his clothes tear as he fought back his wolf.

I wasn’t left to my own devices for long. Elena came up with a late breakfast and a change of clothes and not long after that Damon came back from his run.

“Do you want to watch some MasterChef?” I asked once he walked into the room. It’s been a little boring in here. I could leave and go to my bedroom but that requires effort, and that’s not in the cards today. My body felt heavy and the idea of walking to the packhouse and up the stairs to my bedroom, it’s just too much.

“I thought you would never ask!” Damon laughed and winked before pushing my body to the side with his butt to make room for him. I laughed and cuddled into his arms like I did so many times before. It felt different to be perfectly honest, but I pushed the tingles aside and just enjoyed the moment. Five episodes later, my stomach rumbled in anger. Damon laughed so hard that he almost fell off the bed, okay I helped.

“It’s not that funny…” I pouted, and Damon made the gesture of zipping his lips shut with his fingers. Laughter shone in his eyes, and I could see his lips twitch as he tried not to smile. I rolled my eyes — the big goofball.

“Just feed me already before I turn violent.” I poked out my tongue, and it was Damon’s turn to roll his eyes.

“Yes, my Luna!” I frowned and crossed my arms at his words. “Too soon?” Damon tilted his head to the side, widened his eyes and pulled his lips into a pout. I sighed. I’m weak to his puppy eyes.

“What do you want for dinner?” Damon changed the topic and saved himself like a professional.

“I want breakfast for dinner!” There is nothing wrong with having two breakfasts in one day. I’m not even ashamed. Damon chuckled while shaking his head. I could feel his judgment, but the boy was smart. He has learned his lesson over the years. Don’t sass me when I’m hungry or hormonal.

“Only if you help me prepare it. The last time you left me alone in the kitchen, I almost burned down the pack house…” Excellent point. “Mom almost killed us…” Damon shivered at the memory. I laughed. I have never seen Elena that angry. She’s a little firecracker.

How so much anger can fit into her small body was a mystery. We learned an important life lesson that night. Don’t fuck around in someone else’s kitchen. I slowly crawled out the comfort of my beloved bed and cringed when my bones cracked. Fuck, it feels like a truck rammed me over. Damon winched and covered his ears. The man hated the sound of bones cracking and snapping. His shifts must be fun, considering a lot of snapping bones is involved every single time. I rolled my eyes and slowly pulled myself up from the bed. Once up and standing, I didn’t feel as terrible. I don’t feel great, but it’s been worse. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and followed Damon out of the doctor’s office. Damon whistled as he walked down the hall and even slid down the railing of the stairs like he always did as a child. I smiled; the two of us were finally acting like our normal selves.

I followed his cue, and Damon caught me like always. However, this time around, Damon didn’t set me down, and instead, he continued walking towards the direction of the kitchen. He made sure to duck so I wouldn’t hit my head on the doorway. As gently as possible, Damon lowered me onto the kitchen counter before moving to the refrigerator to pick up the ingredients. I played around with the radio and groaned when it was only commercials. I had this horrible curse to always get the commercials when I switch on anything. Radio. The TV. Anything. I played around and squealed when I recognized one of my favorite songs. With newfound energy, I jumped up from the counter and put on a show. Damon shook his head and chuckled, but that didn’t stop him from joining me.

“Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days…” I sang along, trying to mimic the lead singer’s voice.

“When our momma sang us to sleep, but now we’re stressed out.” Damon joined. He was doing a lot better than I was. Did his voice suddenly change overnight? It sounds better.

“Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days….” I joined, and Damon twerked which didn’t suit the vibe Twenty-One Pilots were going for when they made the song. I laughed at my dork.

“When our momma sang us to sleep, but now we’re stressed out.” In perfect harmony and with all the grace in the world, we allowed the song to control our bodies.

“We’re stressed out.” I fist pumped the air. You better believe that we are stars, honey! I pointed at Damon as the rap part came up and he delivered.

“Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young; How come I’m never able to identify where it’s coming from; I’d make a candle out of it if I ever found it; Try to sell it, never soul- s-s-sell it!” Aww, and he was doing so well. With one slip up, Damon fell behind. He has no choice but to admit defeat and leave the rapping to the professionals. I laughed and poked his cheeks.

“That was actually good!” Damon flashed his winning smile, and hip bumped me. When the chorus came around, we sang our pretty little hearts out. The song came to an end, and we actually started cooking. The next song came on, and we continued our random sing-along show and dance spurts as the food cooked. I laughed and did a little squeal when our song came on.

   “Hello, it’s me…” Damon shook his head and pulled me into his arms. I paused, and Damon did the same. Wow. I bit my lip as the most intense feelings rolled through my veins. My body heated up as pressure started to build in the pit of my stomach. Damon’s eyes darkened, and his hold on my arms tightened. One hand trailed down my arm and moved towards my hips. My body arched into his as if controlled by instinct. I groaned as tingles spread through me.

“Fuck…” I need to get the hell away from Damon. Now. Damon growled and pressed his nose into the curve of my neck. My neck arched before I could even process the movement. Shit, this is bad.

“F-f-f-f-f-f-u-u-u-u-u-ck!” Damon threw his body back with so much force; it shook the entire kitchen. I gasped as air slowly filled my lungs. Damon’s breathing was as erratic as mine. I gripped the kitchen counter in a desperate attempt to keep myself upright, while Damon had a death grip on his legs. It was as if he was forcing himself to stay put. His pained expression told me that much.

“This is going to be harder than what I thought it would be…” I voiced my thoughts, and Damon nodded. I sighed and slowly inched myself to the ground. Damon followed suit. I pulled my knees into my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs. Damon crossed his legs and balled his hands into a fist. We watched each other as silence filled the room. Slowly, the heat flush left my body. As my body cooled down, I could see the tension melt away from Damon’s body.

“So, this heat thing…” I laughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of my neck. Damon’s cheeks warmed, and I giggled. I gasped, wait I giggle now?

“The appointment with Dr. Sandra can’t come soon enough.” Damon laughed and pulled himself up to check on the food. It was a tiny miracle that it didn’t start to burn while we were busy with our… thing. I followed suit and started to get the plates out. Damon turned up the heat for a few seconds for an extra crisp layer. We filled our plates before sneaking back upstairs to my room. MasterChef and food in bed is my type of heaven on earth. It wasn’t allowed of course, but not all good things are allowed, I guess. I rubbed my belly after my last bite and sighed.

“That was so good!” I purred. Damon chuckled and patted my head before returning his attention to the screen. I smiled before doing the same. Things were heating up as we neared the finals. Damon was convinced his favorite house cook would win. I, on the other hand, would be happy if anyone but what’s-his-face wins. Please don’t ask me why I dislike him so much. There is just something about him that makes my teeth itch. I don’t understand myself.

“Can I take you out on a date tomorrow?” I nodded in response and kept my eyes trained on the screen. Damon’s fingers ran through my hair, and I felt him smile.

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