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Today My Dream Comes True | My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It, The eBook Is Now LIVE!!!

I fell in love with the world of books when I was twelve or thirteen years old. I remember we had to take out a book from the school library and The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot caught my eye. I went home that day and finished the book in one sitting. A few days later, my mom got me a library card, and I took out all of the books I could in the series. Pretty soon, I constantly found myself with my nose buried inside the pages of a book. I loved it. I could escape my reality and get lost in all of these exciting worlds. It was an easy transition into writing my own stories, creating my own worlds. I will never forget that first story I wrote. Back then, I didn’t know how to write dialogue or what makes a story so unique and special. I basically wrote my own version of The Princess Diaries. I continued to write. I took heavy inspiration from books, movies, and series, but it got the juices going. I soon found myself lost in the excitement of creating my own world. I continued to write my own stories until eventually, I stumbled on the website called Wattpad. It wasn’t long after I started reading story after story on the platform that I shared my first story on there. Prior to this, only a small handful of people have read my stories. If I remember correctly, the title went along the lines of My werewolf teacher is my mate…who cares? I must’ve been 15 years old. It got some traction, and for the first time, complete strangers were complimenting me on my work. They liked a story that just popped into my head. Not long after I finished that first story, I started writing My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It. I truly can’t explain how much this story has helped me. I felt so loved and appreciated to get hundreds of comments from complete strangers. They told me I was worth something. They believed in me, and eventually, I started to believe in myself too.

When I created my website nearly two years ago, I had every intention to eventually showcasing my work and hopefully ease myself into the new realm of eBooks. In my head, I’m not an author until someone has paid to read what I’ve written. When it came time to start work on whatever book I wish to turn into my first eBook, I thought about this book. You see, I wanted this old werewolf story to be the first book I ever publish. I wanted this book to be the book that makes me a published author. I wanted this book to start off my career. Yes, I will admit. It’s a bit cringy but fuck, I’m proud of this book. It’s the book that made me want to be a writer. This book started everything, so it’s only right that it’s the book that kicks off my career as a professional author.

I just want to take this moment to thank each and every person who has been with me for this crazy ride. I wouldn’t be here pursuing my passion without your love, support, and encouragement. You believed in me before anyone else did. Thank you so much. This is for you. I hope I do you all justice.

Stay awesome,

Cassy xxx

With great pleasure, I present you with My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It, the eBook now available only on my website:

available now

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Angela is sarcastic, a bit of a drama queen but hopelessly confused and lost in life. After a traumatic start in life, Angela needs everything to stay in her control, but as we all know, life never goes the way we plan. Damon, the soon to be Alpha, has been her closest friend since childhood. She was blissfully content with their relationship staying the way it was, but fate had other plans. Life can’t be all rainbows, and pregnancy hormones so strap up and enjoy the ride.

Payment details:

For the first week, you will get the completed fully edited and revised eBook version just under 300 pages and the old version just as I wrote it in 2012 for only 4.99 (euros and excluding taxes). Normal price is 5.49 (euros and excluding taxes). The only payment option is PayPal. Please note that if you go to check out and pay for the eBook, PayPal will automatically convert the euros into your currency.  If you want to see how much the eBook will cost in your currency, please refer to Google. To save some of you trouble: If you buy the eBook in the discount week, it will be 5.62 dollars or 4.42 pounds (excluding taxes). The normal price of the eBook is 6.18 dollars and 4.86 pounds (excluding taxes).

As I mentioned before, the only payment option is PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please refer to this page. It’s relatively easy to create an account. PayPal will send 10 cents to your bank account that you then have to send back to your PayPal account to connect the two accounts.

Book two, the sequel:

If I sell a 1000 (one thousand) copies, I will write the sequel. I already have quite a bit planned and I can’t tell you how tempted I am to start working on it.

available now

Content warning:

WARNING: The target audience of this book is older teens and young adults. This book contains strong language, extreme violence, and sex scenes. This book contains sensitive subject matter. Please note that this is a werewolf story that I technically wrote when I was sixteen years old. It’s important to realize that there is a small possibility that some spelling and grammar mistakes will slip through the cracks in the editing process as I’m editing this myself*. After reading through the book multiple times, I might read over small mistakes. With that being said, I intend to give this eBook another once over every few months to address any spelling mistakes that readers or I have picked up on. Thank you and enjoy!


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