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Fighting The Forgotten Land By Johan Pienaar

A good friend of mine is insanely talented and his latest poem resonated with me. It compelled me to share this with you today. Please go give him some love on his Facebook page.


Fighting the forgotten land.

My mind is trapped in a forgotten land,
A forgotten land that I know all to well,
A forgotten land of barren stone and sand,
A forgotten land with no hope of which to tell.

In this land I find myself isolated from others
By a thin layer of the mind’s insecurity,
And all hope by my mind is smothered
By my mind’s introspective scrutiny.

This land seems forgotten by all but me
And no matter how far seem to go
My mind refuses to set my heart free
So that I may once again to wholeness grow.

I am trapped by my self-built cage
To which I have key to the self-made lock,
My escape lies in the ink on a page,
Where the sea of emotion has my boat docked.

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