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Get Your Mojo Back in 25 Days | Mojo Magic

So, I haven’t really made it a secret that I’ve lost my mojo. I wrote this list a while back and I figured now would be a perfect time to do it. Normally with these types of things, I prefer to actually do everything that I plan to do and then post the blog. I’ve learned with the whole bicycle tour not to share anything prematurely. But anyway, I personally think that by sharing it now and coming back every day with an update, it would give me back my mojo so well…here we go? So, this is a get your mojo back in 25 days calendar or is it a challenge? A project? What would you call this?

PS: So, I will most likely switch some days up if I see that I really can’t complete that task that day (time wise).

PSS: I’m starting tomorrow.

  1. Look back on a throwback picture and compare your life from back then to now. Take a moment to reflect on everything you’ve achieved since then.
  2. Have a ‘ME’ day. Go all out. Have a bubble bath, shave, face mask, hair mask, do your nails, dye your hair (if needed or have the urge to do so), give yourself a tan, plug your eyebrows, and etc. Anything really. Just spoil yourself with doing things that makes you feel pretty.
  3. Get lost in nature. Go for a long walk. Go for a bicycle ride. Just get outside, surround yourself in nature and get some fresh air.
  4. Watch something in another language (with subtitles).
  5. Get creative. Write, sing, dance, paint, draw and etc.
  6. Laugh. Watch something that you know makes you laugh every single time you watch it.
  7. Purge. Unfriend toxic people, unfollow those people that makes you feel like shit on social media. Leave or unfollow Facebook pages or groups that is just toxic and negative. Ask yourself this: Does this person/group make me happy? Does this person/group make me feel good about myself?
  8. Plan. Make a list of goals you want to achieve in the upcoming months and then make a plan. It can be fitness, new habits, a new diet and etc.
  9. Cross one thing of your bucket list.
  10. Do a task that you’ve been postponing.
  11. Do a workout.
  12. Have a long chat in the mirror.
  13. Try something new. Challenge yourself.
  14. Buy something new, spoil yourself. Buy that dress you’ve been eyeing.
  15. Meditate
  16. Dance until you no longer can’t.
  17. Sing along with your favorite songs until you’re throat gets all scratchy.
  18. Read any book. Can be an educational book or just a fun romance book.
  19. Watch your ultimate favorite childhood Disney movie.
  20. Write down your favorite childhood memory.
  21. Organize that messy drawer that is slowly driving you insane.
  22. Doll yourself up. Do your makeup, do your hair, get all dressed up, and etc.
  23. Deep clean your house.
  24. Declutter and reorganize your closet.
  25. Spend time with your favorite person.

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