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Day 3/25: Purge | Mojo Magic

I’m a firm believer in removing toxicity out of your life. There is so little we can control and surrounding yourself with positivity and things that makes you happy is key. So, these last few months I’ve gotten into the habit of purging my social media. Basically, what that means, I unfollow or unfriend people that make me upset. I will leave Facebook groups that triggers me or often upsets me. I will ‘unlike’ Facebook pages that I forgot I even liked in the first place. Heck, every now and again I will also go through YouTube channels I’m subscribed too that I just no longer watch. It’s not something that requires a lot of effort but I truly believe it’s incredibly important. I always feel lighter afterward.


I actually recently went through my YouTube and unsubscribed to a few channels but it’s been a few months and the entire point of today (technically yesterday) challenge is to go through everything you see online. I ended up unsubscribing from 30 channels. Also, it feels strangely intimate to share my YouTube homepage lol

Facebook 1.png

My next step in the big social media purge was on Facebook. Now, a few years ago when I got Facebook, I would accept anyone’s friend request I got. It was a ‘popular’ to have a lot of friends on Facebook. When I finished high school, I had my first big purge. I went from 600 friends to 120. Since then, I keep my Facebook strictly to actual friends and family. I have a few high school friends/acquaintances left. The main area that I don’t think I’ve ever decluttered of purged in this case is the Facebook paged I like. By the time I remembered to take this screenshot, I’ve already gone through about 30 pages give or take. After going through all of them all the while trying to not lose my cool because of the lag from having 20 Facebook pages tabs open, I managed to get it all the way down to 136 pages. Interesting enough, there were quite a few pages that I haven’t seen or heard of in actually years. Most of them I ended up ‘unliking’ but the few I kept I’m quite excited to see more. Now, the last thing I had to do that I’ve been lowkey postponing is going through my Facebook groups. The main Facebook groups that I belong to is infertility related. Unfortunately what I discovered quite quickly that even though it’s amazing to belong in a group of women that just gets in, it’s not a good place for me to be in. It can be negative, people are quick to jump down your throat and the constant pregnancy announcements or lack thereof becomes all too much. By lack thereof I mean those few posts that scare the shit out of me: ‘TTC for ten years and counting.’  At one point in our infertility journey, I joined so many support groups. I was desperate to learn. I’ve been procrastinating leaving most of these groups and I can’t really tell you why. Regardless, I went from 12 infertility support groups to 2. It was needed.

Now, if I still had an Instagram I would’ve gone through it as well but the fact that I don’t have a personal Instagram anymore is thanks to a previous purge. I must admit it feels really good to have purged my social media. I’m starting to see some of the positive effects of this challenge. Finally.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


PS It’s a little difficult to complete the day’s challenge and write a blog on the same day so what I’m going to do is have it go up the next day. Day 4’s (which is today) blog will go up tomorrow. I’m making this more confusing than it needs to be. Great. Anyway, see you tomorrow!

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