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Day 6/25: My Favorite Childhood Memory | Mojo Magic

The first memory that popped into my head when I decided to write about my favorite childhood memory is not necessarily a specific memory or a specific day. It’s just something I used to do. So, I’m going to try to explain what it is and if it sounds strange it’s because it is kind of strange. Once I butchered explaining this quite sweet memory, I will add a picture. Let’s see how I do. Feel free to score me in the comment section below. Okay, let’s jump straight in.

When I was six or seven years old, I often did this thing with my dad’s big worker boots. Its something that at one point I would do at parties. So, I will tuck my knees into his boots, tie it up real good. I will then waggle around and I say waggle because my feet tucked tight against my butt looked like a little ducktail. Strange right? Here is that picture I was talking about. Hey, I warned you about my shitty explantation. I knew I was going to mess that up before I even wrote it down.

Baby Cassy 3

It’s such a sweet and silly thing I used to do because my dad found it funny and I felt like the star of my own show. I was so happy when I stumbled onto that old picture so now I get to frame it and hang it up in our home. I also can’t wait to take the same picture of my own kids doing this little party trick. Onno doesn’t own those big worker boots though so we might have to use his sneakers? Three-year-old knees should be able to fit into it? All well, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. I will definitely share the moment on my blog when that time comes.

I thought it would be super cool and fun to ask my parent’s their favorite memory from my childhood. My mom and dad were stuck between two stories, sharing one story in common. As it’s a funny story and I haven’t told it yet, you guys are about to get three stories from my childhood. You’re welcome? Let’s start with the story they both wanted to share. When I was about seven or eight years old, I one day decided to skip out on the daycare and instead walked home with my friend. I was able to squeeze myself between the burglar bars, unlock the house so we could cook lunch. I remember we made eggs and nearly burned down the house. After having a quick lunch, we returned to my wendy/dollhouse my dad and grandfather had built in the backyard. While my friend and I were having the time of our lives, the entire town was searching for us. My parents were driving around in a complete anxious state, the police searched the usual hot spots for missing kids. Friends of the family joined in on the search party. Two to three hours into the search party, my older friend whipped open the dollhouse door, panic clear on his face. Apparently, someone had come home to check in the house but didn’t see us or thought to look in the dollhouse nor hear us having the time of our lives. I was more than petrified to see my parents, I was in deep shit. They were more relieved to see me than angry (the anger came later) but little old Cassandra couldn’t be bothered. At least it’s a story we can laugh about today. Now, that I’m a bit older I can only imagine that went through their mind as they searched for their young child all over town. The world is an ugly place.  Oh God, my children better not pull this trick on me. My heart won’t be able to handle that.

The story my mom decided to go for was my first day of school. The day before school started, I was beyond excited to go to the big school. I remember throwing a little tantrum when I woke up and I had to wait one whole day before school started. I got dressed in my school uniform, packed my little school bag and sat on the porch. It was a fight to get me out of my school uniform. You would think that the next day would be smooth sailing but instead little old Cassandra flat out refused to go to school. My mom had to drag me to the car after struggling to get me into the same uniform I didn’t even want to remove the day before, she then had a crying child all the way to school. Little old Cassandra was a brat that wasn’t afraid to throw tantrums left and right. That’s right. Right there in front of the school, I threw a tantrum, screaming my little lungs off. My mom couldn’t pull me off the floor and decided to call in calvary. My dad showed up, annoyed to have been called from work, picked me up and carried me to class. He then sat me down in the middle of the class and went on his way. I then started to cry even more because the entire class was looking at me. Lovely.

*My grandmother gave me this picture as all of our photos were stolen. Here is the translation baby Cassy wrote for her grandparents. 12/4/2004 (Mei) – Dear Granny and Grandpa. From Cassandra Meake (baby Cassy forgot the r at the end) 2AO (second year of primary school so 8 years old). I love you lots. You’re the best Granny and Grandpa.*

The story my dad decided to go for is my love to bathe my cat in the bathroom sink. My cat hated it but she would put up with me like most cats tend to do when it comes to their annoying pests, I mean owners.

*Her name was Marmite. My brother found her as a kitten in the middle of a busy road when he was out with his friends. I woke up the next morning to find this small ball of black fluff. My dad named her and she quickly became my best friend. She used to always come back home around my bedtime so I could fall asleep with her in my arms. Oh, she was such a sweetheart. I miss her. She went through everything with us from us being homeless (she had to stay with my mom’s friend for those three months) to us living the best life (before the shit hit the storm and we lost everything). Oh my, I miss her so much.*

That’s all the memories I have from my childhood that I’m going to share today. For shit and giggles, I asked Onno for his favorite childhood memory. When Onno was eight years old, his family explored the whole world for one year straight. From America, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and too funny enough South Africa. It was a massive adventure that I can only wish Onno and I would be able to do for our children one day. Maybe a European trip when the kids are older?

Before I leave, I would love to know your favorite childhood memory. Feel free to share it in the comment section below. Anyway, see you guys tomorrow. Pray for my soul. I’m watching The Hobbit with my favorite person in the world. Urgh. 8 hours. Ew.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!




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