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Day 7/25: I Organized My Messy Drawer | Mojo Magic

I think we all have that one drawer in the house that is just one chaotic mess. It’s the place where things that we don’t know where to put go. I have six of them and they’ve slowly been driving me crazy. So, I brided my husband to take me to the shops (I had to get a few other bigger things that would be a bitch to get back home with the bicycle so we drove with the car), and while there I got two organization options. One basket set with four pieces: large, medium and two smalls and one plastic set with the same four pieces set up. It took me less than five minutes to organize and declutter each drawer. I think a part of me thought that this would be a massive task and instead, I finished before I could even blink and now everything is right in the world again. I think going forward I’m going to get try to organize and declutter one or two drawers every month until everything is neatly organized. My adult heart is practically swooning. We try to do something around the house every month and it’s finally coming together and I’m so excited. Although saying that, there isn’t one single room in this house that’s hundred percent finished just like we want it. All well, baby steps hey? Okay, so there isn’t much else I can say so here is the before and after pictures.


Damn, we have A LOT of 3D glasses. Onno and I love going to the movies and at one point we ALWAYS forgot to take the 3D glasses with us and ended up having enough for a small army. Now I always take them with and we’ve been able to get some use in them although the one glasses doesn’t work anymore. They changed it? Also, it seems kind of still messy but I promise it’s organized?


I can’t tell you how happy it makes me too have this drawer super neat. It’s never been like this and I feel so grown up now.

That’s about it folks. There is only so much I can say about a task that took me five minutes to complete. I’m also happy to report that we didn’t have time for the 8-hour The Hobbit marathon this weekend so I get to do that some other weekend. Yay me. The things I do for my husband, I swear.

One quick life update before I wave goodbye. My dad is doing really, really well. He is up and about again and learning to walk with his prosthesis. Things are looking up and I couldn’t be happier. Try not to tear up with this video.


Also, my first day at my new job is on Wednesday and I’m so incredibly excited for this new chapter in my life. I can’t wait. Now one more thing before I leave: Are you guys enjoying this project? If you happen to complete this 25 Day Mojo Magic Project yourself please tag me? I would love to see your experience with it. See you tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


PS: If you ever want or need someone to talk to please never hesitate to reach out to me. I’m always here to help whenever I can. You can contact me via the Get In Touch feature on my website or you can simply email me on

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