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Fine, You Win 2019…But Fret Not Because I Will Be Back To Spam You In 2020

Heyyyyyy…so, uhmm I’m back? Well not really. I figured I should let you know what’s what regarding my blog. In case you missed my previous blog, the short story is that I have two options regarding my update schedule for the rest of the year.

  • Option 1: I will go offline and return on the 1st of January 2020. From that point and onwards, I will stick to my update schedule and share a shit ton of content. Which includes: blog series, collabs, a new first draft, new projects, new products and so much more. I just want to really quickly add here that I will probably have one or two blogs go up between now and the 1st of January. I’m not sure if that changes anything for you.
  • Option 2: Have some blogs go up but they will in no way, shape or form, be consistent. I will attempt to have a blog go up every two weeks or so but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I also can’t say now how long it would take me to build up enough content to switch back to my usual update schedule.

And yes, I did copy and paste those two bullet points from my previous blog. Your girl is incredibly lazy. I’m not going to stretch this one out, I’ve decided that option 1 would be the best move going forward. Before I continue, I just want to say that I’m going to work really, really, REALLY hard moving forward to avoid something like this happening again. Yeah, life is incredibly unpredictable but it’s not like I’m going to get ”less busy” moving forward. Damn, how did I manage to use ”moving forward” in every sentence? That my friend is talent. Anyway, I need to put in the work, get ahead and stay ahead. So, I’m going to hunker down, work my little butt off and practically spam you with content for the foreseeable future…starting January 2020.

Before I go, two things.

1) The second part of my collab with Jess from The Good In Every Day is now live on her website. Here is a little hint of my interview with her.

So many women are opening up about their health and starting important discussions regarding women’s health. How does it feel to be a part of this community that talks about these topics?

It feels good. I personally feel that it’s so important to talk about serious subjects because not only does it help you heal, it’s also making an impact in society. By telling it as it is, we’re ripping away the myths and educating others.

To read more, click here.

2) Here is an update on the realistic bird I mentioned in my previous blog. Trying to make the feathers look realistic has been truly nightmare-inducing. But hey, at least I’ve made some progress? I think it would be cool to show you the finished product in January, perfected of course. *laughs hysterically*


Until next time!

Much love,


PS I will probably have one or two blogs go up in between now and January. Maybe another Christmas story?

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