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Big Blog Changes For 2020

Okay, I’m one day early but I wanted to get this blog out of the way so we can start the year with that spam I mentioned before. I’m going to attempt to keep this as short as possible though. Saying that, this blog has been a long time coming. I’ve been stuck on this for actual months but boy now that I have the answers…it’s perfect. I’m giving myself a big old pat on the back for this one.

The Problems

My website desperately needed a change. I knew this all too well but trying to figure out how to do this was anything but easy. You see, I had backed myself into a corner – no, written myself into a corner. You can’t see this but I’m fucking delighted with the pure brilliance that is that joke. Anyway, back to that corner. The last thing I wanted to do when I created my blog is to limit myself to certain topics or well niche. I wanted to be able to write about anything and everything. This worked out well in the beginning but as my website grew to be more than just blogs, things started to get a bit complicated. The problem was that I didn’t like how one week, or sometimes for weeks in a row, I would be sharing blogs that discuss serious topics – as in my struggles with depression, suicide, infertility, body confidence/positivity, my weight gain and the loathing that came along with that, and so much more – and then literally the next day I would have a silly blog go up about my cat or the time my husband was convinced that he had lost a key that would cost us €2000 to replace. It’s out of balance.

Another problem I faced was balancing my website with my somehow always chaotic life. I do this for the fun of it. I write blogs because I enjoy it. I write blogs because they give me another perspective on things. I write blogs because it helps me heal. I write blogs because it encourages me to try out new things. It allows me to experiment. It’s fun but at times, it moves away from that fun area and into the full-time job area. I will try to explain this a bit more but it could be another one of those cases where it only makes sense to me and me alone.

Blogging is my hobby.

Writing (stories/books) is my passion and in some ways, my job.

The problem is my time and energy management. I was pushing myself into this area where blogging became something that swallowed up most of my time. It had moved from that hobby area to the job area. Okay, I’m doing a shitty job at explaining this. Even I’m confused at this. So, basically blogging swallowed up too much time and energy. It came to a point where I didn’t really have anything left in me to work on my stories (which is an income source for me and in some ways, my job). I struggled to balance this with everything else. At one stage, just keeping to my update schedule became too much to bare. I quite honestly was biting of more than I could chew. I want to do too much. The thing is, I still want some type of life OUTSIDE of my website. I want some freedom. I need it. I don’t want to feel like I need to write this down because it could be a blog in the future. Or feel like I don’t have time to write this story for just the fun of it (these are some no one ever sees) because I’ve been promising a new first draft for months now. The problem that I’m taking way to long to get too is that I simply couldn’t find the time to write blogs, write new first drafts and have a life outside of my website.

Finding the time and energy to write blogs, new first draft stories, new eBooks and somehow balance that with life…well it isn’t possible. It doesn’t allow myself a lot of breathing room. It all becomes too much and it all boils over. I’m then forced to come onto here after disappearing for weeks with excuses and empty promises of some return when I know I’m still completely overwhelmed. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself. Again, I’ve bitten of more than I can chew. And this cycle is on constant repeat and this starts to eat away at my mental well-being over time. It can’t go on like this. I’m going to get busier in the future and if I can barely keep up with everything now, how the fuck will I do that with kids in the future? What if I start to work more hours? Then what?

So, keeping all of this account, I have made a shit ton of changes.

The Solutions

To solve the all over the map blog content, I’ve created two new categories. We have Pure Chaos and Dear Diary.

pure chaos title card.png

Pure Chaos is well what it says, it’s pure chaos. For five days straight, we will have blogs that has an incredibly wide range of subjects. This will include blogs on: the remaking of the Sims 4 meals, reviews, life updates, silly little poems and so much more. It will be pure chaos where one day I share a recipe and, on another day, I write another quick poem. You’re still keeping up?

Week 1

Mon: pure chaos blog

Tue: pure chaos blog

Wed: pure chaos blog

Thu: pure chaos blog

Fri: pure chaos blog

dear diary title card.png

Dear Diary is where we buckle down and talk about serious topics. I see this as my confession corner. It’s my diary. This is where I will talk about my struggles with depression, anxiety, suicide, infertility…anything mental health related, and so much more. Dear Diary will have a new blog go up every single Monday for three weeks.

Week 2

Mon: dear diary blog

Week 3

Mon: dear diary blog

Week 4

Mon: dear diary blog

To help balance my life and website, I will be incorporating regular breaks. This way, I will always have time to work ahead on content but also just kick back and relax. It’s the only way I can maintain a healthy life (mentally, physically and everything in between) and still have this website. My breaks will switch between two weeks and three weeks off.

Week 5 & 6


Week 7 – 10

New Content

Week 11 – 13


Week 14 – 17

New Content

writer corner title card

To solve the balance between blogging content and creative writing, I’ve come up with a super simple solution. I will switch my attention between the two. I will have four weeks of blogs, and then when I come back from my break, I will have four weeks of Writing Corner content. This can be anything from new first drafts, poems, short stories or even a new eBook. I can’t tell you now how much content will be going up in this time. If I have a new first draft, I will have that entire first draft up in my four weeks. So, then it could be three chapters a week for four weeks straight. On the flip sides, I could have a series of short stories and poems. My goal is too have eight creative pieces go up in my four writing corner weeks.

Week 7

Writing Corner

Week 8

Writing Corner

Week 9

Writing Corner

Week 10

Writing Corner

Admittedly, this is three big changes and I have no idea how successful this will be. It’s a lot to take in. To make things as easy as possible, I will have a countdown to my next blog month and writing corner month on the sidebar (on the computer version) or way at the end (on the phone and tablet version). I have high hopes for these changes but it will take some time to work out the kinks and adjust. I want to give it a proper camp try though. In June, I will come back and see if it worked or not.

I’ve made this little table to help explain even more.

new system for blog updates

That’s about. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

I’m so incredibly excited for the future and I hope to have you along for the ride. I will see you tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


PS There is a few other tiny changes but I will discuss this on another blog as to not overwhelm you now. To make things super easy, I’ve created an Information Desk blog category. You can find everything to do with how things run on my blog there.

PSS Normally Pure Chaos is from Monday to Friday but as the new year is only starting on a Wednesday, our first pure chaos week will be from Wednesday to Sunday.

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    1. Awwh, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I worked very hard on this and it wasn’t easy. I have very high hopes for this new system 🙂

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