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My Experience With Fiverr | Website Review

A while ago, literally everyone and their dog, was making YouTube videos about a website called Fiverr. So, I asked myself one question. What does the internet need more off? More reviews, but this time in a blog format because I’m too self-cautious to have a YouTube channel. Jokes aside, I really love trying out these types of websites. I get to support smaller-creators and it’s affordable. It’s also super easy so that’s nice. Honestly, it was only a matter of time before I found a use for Fiverr.

For the New Year, I wanted to brand-new look for my website. I over-explained everything a few days back so head on over to that blog to read more. The short story is that my website got a makeover. Not only did I play around with new themes, fonts and layout…I also wanted to invest in a logo for my company. Originally when I created my website, I asked my best friend’s sister (say that ten times fast) to draw a character that represents what I see fitcouchpotato to be. This has been my logo ever since.

Logo 2017

To make a long story short, I want a new look for my website and that meant a new logo. Instead of attempting to make a logo myself, I figured: “Hey, this is a good time to try out Fiverr. Why not use them to get a logo and then you can review it afterwards. It’s perfect.” So, yeah. This entire long introduction all comes down to this – I needed a new logo for my website. I finally got to use Fiverr and as a bonus, I have a new website to write a review on. That’s it.

I promise I will work on my shitty introductions this year.

My Experience with Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Founded in 2010 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

If you think that sounds too fancy and not like me at all, you’re right. That’s the first two sentences on their Wikipedia page. I honestly couldn’t think of a way to describe it without sounding stupid. Fiverr like my website, has a little bit of everything. Yes, that’s my second shameless plugin. Bite me. Oh, someone is sassy. But it’s true. Fiverr really has a little bit of everything. They have nine main categories, each with their own sub-categories who then have their own categories. Fuck, that’s a messy sentence.

They have everything – tattoo designs, cover arts, photoshop editing, landscape design, any type of print you can think of designs, book covers, so many services to do with digital marketing and so much more. You can even find someone to write a blog for you. You have to pay them, but hey, at least you can stick to your update schedule. But seriously, there is literally any type of service to do with well the fucking internet and more on here. You can even hire someone to create a custom mobile app for you. That’s crazy and pretty awesome.

Now, for a good basis of the overall experience with Fiverr, I knew I couldn’t just hire one person to create a logo for me, I needed to hire five. This way, if I happened to have a disappointing or mediocre experience with one of the designers, this wouldn’t affect my overall experience with Fiverr. Now, before we jump in with the fun stuff, there is something I want to say first.

Fiverr is incredibly affordable. What I think attracts a lot of people to this site is how low the starting prices can be. I’m talking about from anywhere to five dollars to ten, you can have someone design a logo for you, design a tattoo, draw a character and so much more. It’s a sweet deal. Each seller on Fiverr has three different package options – the basic, standard and premium. With each package, you get more fun goodies but the price drastically changes. You go from €4,75 for the basic to €99,68. I don’t want you to think that I’m bitching and moaning about the price jump or anything like that. What I very quickly noted is that these sellers work hard for very little money. The majority of their customers purchase the basic (I have no real proof of this) package and expect the same type of quality and service as the premium package. It just raises unrealistic expectations in my opinion. Let me explain. So, I paid under €5 for all of my logos and walked away expecting a new, creative and completely original concept for my logo. How on earth can you expect someone to not only design a logo for you and make revisions if needed, but also come up with an original idea for only €5? It was only after my first few orders came back did this really settle in for me. I was disappointed when I didn’t get an original concept from the designers. It wasn’t until I sat down and actually thought of how much I’m paying them and how much I’m getting in return, that I realized that my expectations were way out of whack. I saw these product images that were definitely the best of the best these designers offer, got excited by the low price and then finally got disappointed when the final product reflected this low price. Saying all that, I really love some of these logos. I can’t believe I paid €5 for it. It’s still a great deal…for me. I can’t see the benefits for the sellers though.

Browsing through this website, it quickly becomes clear that the designers that offer the €5 basic packs are excelling. They’re on the first page. They get more customers which means more reviews. It just doesn’t seem fair to me. Also, can we talk about the service fees? For all of these logos, I paid a total of €6,64. That’s almost 50% what I’m paying the designers. I‘m 50 cents short. That’s just really sad to me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I get it. Fiverr is a business. They need to make money. It doesn’t change the fact that €5 is nothing for a good two hours of work (max). That’s less than minimum wage.

All of that fun…positive…super fun stuff aside, let’s talk about the designers and my new logos. By the time you’re seeing this, I would’ve already decided which logo is going to be THE logo, but well as I’m writing this…I have no idea. I like some more than others, but I can’t commit yet.

Walking into this, I was super excited to see what the designers will come up with. I gave the same rough pitch – I’m looking for a fun and happy logo. It just needs to look clean, professional and memorable. I gave them all free rein. “Do what you want. Have fun.” But, to keep things consistent I gave them all the same general suggestions.

  • You can play around with what my business name spells out. Fit (something to do with fitness or movement), couch (something to do with comfort or just a plain old couch) and potato (a potato or something silly).
  • As I don’t have a niche or stick to any lanes when it comes to content, you can use the fact that I’m a writer as inspiration.
  • And finally, to express just how open I am – It can be a cat riding a unicorn or a penguin doing the handstand.
  • I also mentioned that my favorite colors are yellow and purple but they can play around with other colors.

I specifically tried to give some guidance to what I would like while leaving it open to their own interpretation when they see my business name. Yeah, my expectations were way out there.

Designer 1 – Artwister_9

artwiser front page

Here are the options I got to choose from:

artwister options

And finally, my favorite from the bunch:

artwiser final logo.jpg

I did run into a small mishap with this designer. I was expecting an artwork to go with my logo, not just lines around my company name. I don’t mean this in a bad way. I saw the logos he had as his product pictures, didn’t bother reading the fine print and had unrealistic expectations. I’m not saying I didn’t like what he delivered…I’m just mentioning a small mishap. Another super funny thing is that for some reason he thinks I’m a male and he kept calling me sir. I didn’t bother correcting him. It was nice to have that respect, ya know.

On Fiverr, you review the sellers and they review you too. Something that surprised me but this is his review.

artwister revoew

I want to frame this.


Designer 2 – Queenofgrafiks

queenofgrafiks front page

Here are the options I got to choose from:

queenofgrafiks options

If I’m perfectly and brutally honest, I wasn’t beyond impressed with my options. I swear option b is a logo for a real estate company in South Africa. I know I’ve seen that exact design somewhere before. Saying that, I liked option c enough to have it be my final logo after a few tweaks. Honestly, I wasn’t super strict with these logos. Once I adjusted my expectations, it was more for my own curiosity and for the purpose of this blog than to find THE logo.

This was the first designer that I needed revisions with and it went very well. I asked if she could remove the company name and slogan – hated the placement of it, my OCD mind could never – and make the artwork stand by itself. I then just asked to make it in black and then that was it. They came back with the final logo in ten minutes.

Here is the final logo:

queenofgrafiiks final logo


Designer 3 – Ei8htz


ei8htz front page.png

This designer is one of my favorites mainly because they really explained everything which was super nice for someone brand spanking new to Fiverr.

Here are the options I got to choose from:

I had a clear winner with which one a preferred the most. Want to guess? Now, don’t look at the rest of the blog and just guess.

Here is my unsurprisingly and incredibly predictable favorite between the two:



Designer 4 – Usashi

usashi front page

With this designer, I had one logo to choose from and that’s it. Something that I saw later is listed on the basic package but it was another case of Cassandra not bothering to read everything. The logo as is wasn’t to my taste though and boy did we go back and forth a lot to get to the point I really liked. At one point, I legit took the one logo she had send with some of my revisions in place, threw it into paint and showed how I wanted my colors. They stayed with me after going back and forth way too many times to count and did end up delivering a final logo I’m happy with.

Here is a picture story of me destroying a designer’s will to live:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the final logo:

usashi final logo

Update from Future Cassy editing this blog:

So, I just noticed that a little error slipped through the cracks with the final version. A few bits in the unicorn’s face is yellow where it should be black. I honestly don’t care enough to go back and have the designer fix it but I thought I should point it out. Now that I saw it, it’s all that I can see…so that’s great.


Designer 5 – Gigblast

gigblast front page

I was very confused with this one and it wasn’t until just now when I got the link for their profile, that it clicked. They’re team, almost a business that works within Fiverr. Something along those lines.

Here are the messages that confused the shit out of me.

gigblast confusing messages

They came back to me a few hours later with two options to choose from. What I really liked from them that they unzipped the file for me and this way I can add a screenshot straight from the website which just saves time.

Here are the options I got to choose from:

gigblast options

Yeah, we have another SUPER clear winner over here. I mean, come on! I asked for a few revisions. I will save you on explaining these changes and instead wow you with the final product. I’m obsessed.

Here is the final logo:

A 75731_DK_kkk_6 (1)(1)


Let’s put all the final logos together and so we can truly see the wide range of styles I was able to access with Fiverr.

My final thoughts

All in all, this was an incredibly fun experience. It was wonderful working with all these designers from all over the world. It was a cool and interesting experience. That’s kinda it. Saying that, I don’t think I would turn to Fiverr for anything super professional or well…important. Certainly not in the basic package. Let’s say if I wanted an entire website designed and have it be in a top-notch quality of perfection, I would more likely go through a graphic designer. A graphic designer whose portfolio is incredibly clear of all the finer details and this way, I can be at ease with the fairness of the game. I don’t know what to tell you. It’s fun but I would be hesitant with some services. That’s just me and my paranoid ass though.

While writing this blog, something that occurred to me is the copyright issues regarding these logos. With most of these types of services, if you pay someone to design something for you, you own the rights to the final work. This wasn’t super clear on their website from the get-go. I had to Google and only then be referred to an article that explains this. This should be something that’s easier to find. Take Sketchmob for an example, there it was expressed that owning the rights to the pictures will at times cost extra. I just prefer minimal work and have everything easy to access. I don’t want to struggle to find anything. I don’t want to feel around in the dark until a find the light switch. Smack some glow in the dark arrows around the light switch for fucksake.

This same paranoid ass had to go back and make sure I actually have legal rights and that the copyright belongs to me with each and every single logo. I then for the first time actually read everything and it was interesting to see how many of the designers made it clear what you should expect with the €5 purchase.

Ei8htz had this to say on their “about this gig” page:

About $5 – It’s for someone who have very limited budget not looking for a perfect logo. Result will be something basic or generic; not unique. Delivery would be in JPG & PNG transparent, about 2000px in size, come only with 1-time revision and no vector included. If you need better offer please invest to higher package.

Gigblast had this to say on their “about this gig” page:

Truth of $5 logo: 2 pretty basic logo with an almost null custom requirement and designed with a standard idea. High-quality design is practically impossible for $5. If someone has provided you a great logo for $5, it’s stolen! What you will receive for $5: 2 Basic Design of 2000px X 2000px in JPG & transparent PNG formats in 300 dpi. Customized concepts are accepted. Prompt customer support & 2 Modification. Modification delivery time will be 72 hours.

Seeing the sellers insinuating the same unfairness I felt regarding unrealistic high expectations that came with the low prices made me curious. Have people talked about this or is it just me? It can’t just be me. So, I turned to Google to discover that wow I’m not that special. There are two YouTube videos (both by the same creator) that pop up when you type in Fiverr review. I’m choosing to reference these two videos because I don’t feel like reading any articles.

The first video is: Ultimate Fiverr Review | Top 5 Reasons Not To Use Fiverr by Jason Whaling. Uploaded on 2 June 2017.

What I liked about this video is that he started of saying that he has done a pro list and this is simply just a con list. You just got to appreciate an honest review. If I have to nitpick, it would’ve been nice if the pro and con list wasn’t separate videos but well, beggars can’t be choosers. His video is very thorough and some of the things he brought up were eyeopening. I was like, oh this is good to know. This doesn’t really help my overall opinion on this company itself, but it’s good to know.

The second video is: Fiverr Scam Warning! 5 Gigs Entrepreneurs Should NEVER Buy by Jason Whaling. Uploaded on 17 July 2019.

This video was super helpful and taught me quite a bit. I like this guy. I’m going to Subscribe.

By watching these videos, I was finally able to click why I’m not obsessed with Fiverr or just well hesitant…It just seems like the company doesn’t really protect you from scams. It’s all about making some coin on that service fee. We don’t care if you don’t know any better. We don’t care if this service is going to do more harm than good. We’re going to lull you in with the cheap prices, hope that you don’t know much and get rich. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I guess what I’m trying to say is that ethically it doesn’t seem very fair and it doesn’t feel right to support that.

So yeah, it was a fun experience/experiment but that is where it ends. I won’t necessarily go back. That’s about all I have to say about Fiverr. I was about to enter this long-ass disclaimer how this is just my opinion blah blah, but we’re all grown-ass adults over here. If you want to buy some services on Fiverr, go ahead. Have fun. I’m not your mom. I’m not going to give you lecture how it’s important to do your research blah blah blah. I would watch those two YouTube videos though. He made some pretty good points and they are game-changers.

That’s all for now. Have you tried Fiverr? Did you have a good or bad experience? Which logo is your favorite? I hope by the time you see this I was able to choose one…insert nervous laughter. I think I will play around with designing some logos myself…or maybe not. You know me by now. I’m not even going to try to lie to myself with this one.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


PS I did decide to go with another logo. The big reveal is tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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