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Our First “I Love You’s” As A Couple | A Valentine’s Day Special

I’m going to take a small break from the “Finding My Voice” series I started on Monday and instead do something cute for Valentine’s day. It’s going to be incredibly painful to write as I might die from the cringe, but it’s cute none the less.

For today’s blog, I’m going to whip out the old journal I kept when Onno and I just started dating, and flip open to the entry of our first “I love you.” I told you it’s going to be super cute. You will see where the cringe part comes in when you actually read the entry. Please proceed at your own risk.

28 August 2015

It was our first weekend together after the family returned from their holiday. After I finished work on Friday night, I took the first chance I had to go to his place. It was like I never left. I was desperate for a shower after my long day and Onno joined me. you see, I never saw it coming what Onno did next. “You know, I love you, right?” That’s what he said. In the middle of washing my body. He just said it. It took me by surprise and I could only respond by kissing him. I knew that I love him back. I just didn’t say it and I wanted to say it as soon as I recovered from my shock but the moment passed. But there was another moment later in bed and that’s when I said: “I love you too.” Everything felt so good. Onno makes me so happy. He makes me a better person.

The next morning, we woke up around 9am. Our first stop was Primark because I needed new shoes and after Primark we went to IKEA. We walked around for almost three hours just putting whatever we might need in the trolley. It was fun. It made me very excited to decorate my own place one day. We traveled back from IKEA and got home at around 5pm. We were starving and had chips in his apartment. Afterwards we went to Etos to buy toiletries that I could leave at his place to make things easier. We got distracted in each other for a while and then Onno took a small nap while I read. We made dinner around 10pm and the IKEA people dropped off our furniture just after 11pm. We started with the small little table with the two drawers that would go in the bedroom. The bottom drawer is mine now. It went quite smoothly and it was so much fun to build something together. It was late after we finished so we went to bed.

The next morning, we slept in and after breakfast we started with the bookcase. The bookcase itself didn’t take long to put together but the four little closets, if that’s the right word, took forever to put together but we finished and we were pleased with our hard work. Wow, that’s a messy sentence! It was a lot of fun to pack away the books and decorate the bookcase. It was almost time for me to leave so we relaxed a bit before the TV and just soaked up each other company before its back to work for me.

I took Onno on a date that weekend. It was a post on Facebook that gave me the idea. It was “take your man on a date” post and so I delivered. We went to the bubble tea place and I paid for our drinks and we played a game where this was our first date and so we got to know each other all over again. It was fun and I would love to spoil my man more.


Damn, that’s cute but urgh the cringe. While I was at it, I leafed through the next couple of pages and boy oh boy…it’s a lot. Our children should never ever, and I truly mean ever, read this journal. I did not shy away from using the terms “hard on” and well…more fun under the sheets type of words. So, something any child wants to see, right? Anyway, this was fun. It wasn’t as painful but I do feel slightly uncomfortable sharing it though. It’s not nearly as bad as the special pit that grew in my stomach when I launched my book and realized people I know (so family members) might purchase and read it. I have a small handful of sex scenes in my book and it’s not a fun idea to imagine those said family members reading it. I would call sharing this a 4 compared to that super-duper fun 10.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!

End Note

PS I’m not going to lie, I’m semi-happy I can get out of posting the next part today as well…urgh. I’m in struggle town folks.


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