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A Photo A Day Keeps Life Bright | Picture(s) From My Life (PFML)

This should be quite interesting. I have no idea how I should even go about attempting to explain this “experiment” or is “experience” a better word to use? Just as that sentence, this introduction is going to be messy. You see, usually, I have some type of story, or a collection of thoughts as I lead up to the main part of the blog but today…I simply have an experience that started because I had a fleeting thought. And I dived into it without much thought of where it might go or what it means. I felt like doing it, so I did. The title of this blog probably already explained everything but let’s say it anyways. I took a picture every day of anything that caught my eye from the life around me for one week straight. Ew. That is the ugliest sentence I’ve ever written. I apologize for doing that to you. It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a blog so everything is a bit jumbled up. I’ve also been a barely functioning human these last few days. It’s been wonderful. But before I ramble on and on for the next eternity, let’s just jump in with the pictures. I’m so excited!

Day 1


These two pictures are what inspired this experience. Experiment? I still don’t know what’s the right word to describe this…thing I did. Anyway, we had quite a bit of time to kill at the one train station and I snapped some pictures through one of the new photo apps I have on my brand spanking new phone. I really like the edit and look of these pictures which is surprising to me as I was all about all-natural here is an unedited photo in my Instagram days. I didn’t even like using a black and white filter for a hot minute back then. I can’t really explain why I love this filter so much. I just really like how it makes the world around me look. Also, see if you can spot a wild Onno in this new environment.

Day 2


I took these two pictures on my way home after another travel day. I was forced to walk a bit and this water feature caught my eye. It’s not my first time seeing it but I’ve never really taken the moment to enjoy the view. So, on this day I did. I snapped some pictures and sat on the little bench for a few minutes. It was really cold though so I didn’t take my sweet time. In the summer, I’m going to take some time to come back to this spot and try to enjoy it even more. Again, I can’t see explain why I like it so much. It’s not like it’s a super peaceful place to sit. It’s very close to the city center which means a lot of noise all the time. You don’t go there for peace…I still really like the spot though. It’s a mystery. Well, it is Japanese inspired…

Day 3


These roses you see over here is “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you” roses from my lovely husband. Onno was CONVINCED that the doctor was going to call on Friday. I, however, vividly remembered it was going to be on Thursday. Both of us were very certain of our dates and as we didn’t have the letter to confirm who was right or wrong, we struck a deal. If I’m right (Spoiler alert: I was), I get flowers. If I’m wrong he gets the walk away with the honor that he was right.

Day 4


This was day 2 of barely functioning human day but somewhere around noon, Dankie made a big fuss about going outside. He also didn’t want to be alone outside, so I joined him. It was surprisingly nice considering it was fucking freezing. I did enjoy seeing some of the plants sprouting their leaves again after the cold winter. So, I captured that. I also liked how out of place but also somehow in its perfect home, Dankie’s toy was.

Day 5


It was another travel day and this time it was back to the city where it all started. I had a lot of time to kill while waiting to meet up with an old friend, so I just browsed the streets and took pictures of my favorite buildings. I actually have photos of the same two buildings from my first ever visit back from my au pair days. It was nostalgic to be back there. I will always have a sweet spot for the place. It’s where I met and fell in love with my husband.

Day 6


You can guess who this handsome boy is. Speculoos! My baby boy. Just look at that grumpy face. Screams.

Day 7


And finally, here is a collection of pictures of my husband building my vanity table. I didn’t make the job easier but it sure turned out great. I will come back on here to show how it looks like when it’s finally finished. It might take a while.


And so, this experiment – OR IS IT EXPERIENCE??? – comes to a close. I really enjoyed it and I want to make it a habit. I think it will force me to live in the moment and get out of my head. Or maybe it’s not that deep. I really don’t know. I just know that I had fun and I should do it more. That’s it folks.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!

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