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How I’m Surviving The Summer With My Hot Flashes | Cheap and Mostly Free Tricks

When I say that I have been dying as we’ve been approaching summer, I really fucking mean it. As I’m back on hormones that will hopefully finally knock me up in the near future, it’s been one wild ride. One of the “side effects” from the hormones is hot flashes. If you’ve been lucky enough to never experience a hot flash, just take my word for it when I say it is HORRIBLE. My hot flashes are triggered by my body temperature changing. So, when I eat or drink something hot, or when I exercise or when my heart rate spikes (so when I’m climbing the stairs) or when I get hot…so from the weather. Fuck, I’m a great author. Buy my eBook? In the winter I could somewhat tolerate the hot flashes, now don’t get me wrong I can complain your ears off, but now? When it hits the 30°C (86°F) mark? KILL ME.

Once backed into the corner, I scrambled to find some ways to soothe my agony and survive the summer. This is what I’ve been doing and it really helps.

Water bottle in the freezer.

I used to do this all the time back when I was 14 to 16. Back then, I had anemia which made me crave ice. Our freezer was full of water bottles that I would leave in for multiple hours, depending on what type of ice I was craving. In our freezer back then, if you left the water bottle in for just four hours, you would take it out and it would look the same as when you put in but with an almost foggy look to it. And then one small tap to the bottle and it would explode into nice and soft ice. It’s almost like the ice you get in a slushie but softer to the tongue. But, if I knew the next day it was going to be extra hot, I would leave one of my bottles in the freezer overnight to take with me to school the next day. It saved the day as I could drink ice-cold water whenever, but the bottle also served as my personal cooler. Now, it works wonders. I just hold it against my body as the ice melts and it cools me right down.

Spray bottle in the fridge

There is nothing as refreshing and an instant cool down than a splash of cold water to the face. It just hits the spot. As I didn’t really feel like making a mess as I try to splash my face over the bathroom sink, and dabbing my face with a sweaty towel that has been wrapped around my neck all day caused me to break out, this approach is *chef kisses*. I leave my spray bottle in the fridge when I’m not using it, so I can grab it when I’m dying and just spray away for a good bit before putting it right back in the fridge. It’s a bit of a shock to the system, but take my word for it. It really cools you down. I personally use one of those garden spray bottles. I bought them in bulk (5) a while back to use as multiple homemade cleaners and had one leftover. I guess you can probably add some cucumber or something to it for the skincare properties, but I spray my entire body and the last thing I want is to be sticky.

Cold towel

I mentioned this a bit before but well, it deserves its own moment. I like to dampen a towel with ice-cold water and wrap it around my neck. It’s very refreshing. When we get those too hot to sleep summer nights, I will lie on top of a cold towel. I have been curious to see what would happen if I froze one of my small towels. Will it remain cold for longer? I will probably try it out somewhere in July/August when we get the usual heatwaves.

Ice footbath

They say that if your feet are hot or cold, then the rest of your body is just right. I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but it hits the spot on a hot day. It’s a bit messy and the dog will definitely try to get a drink from your foot water. I usually only pull out the ice footbath on those boiling hot days. It’s just a bit messy and so much effort. I’m lazy okay. Especially when I’m overheating.

Refreshing cold drinks.

I know this seems like something super obvious, and you’re right. It is. But hey, it works. A nice cold smoothie on a hot day just hits different. I would recommend you to use refreshing ingredients like pineapples, squeeze of lemon and mint. I always make my smoothie using frozen fruit, so it’s automatically cold and refreshing.

My favorite mix is: frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and cherries), pineapple, mint from the garden, a decent squeeze of fresh lemon juice, chai seeds, and water. The frozen berries and pineapple ratio is 2:1.


There are still a few things I’ve seen online that I might turn too in those heatwave moments. I’ve seen online that apparently putting a bowl of ice right in front of your fan works wonders. Apparently, it blows the cold air towards you and you have yourself a DIY aircon. As mentioned before, I want to try out that frozen towel. Something I’ve also seen online is people using those dog cooling pads. It piqued my interest but I still need to look into a few things as in does it have a weight limit? How long can the gel remain activated and etc. Do you have any tricks and tips to survive the hot summer?

I know this is a short and sweet blog but I have a few more weeks to go on all of my other blogs so we’re going to have to make due with these little snippets.

Take care and stay safe out there and…thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!

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