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On A Scale From 1 To 10 I’m Drawing Fruit And Vegetables Now (For Fun)

Okay, fuck me. Everything has been insane. How is any of this real? Every time I go online and read the news, I’m left breathless and almost scared. I think everyone can collectively agree that this year has been BRUTAL. It hasn’t really felt right to write well anything. Who am I to complain about x and y, when the world is literally burning? Now, I know that my pain is my pain. Just because if and when I compare my pain to someone else’s, and personally feel that they’ve experienced worse, doesn’t mean that my pain just magically disappears. I’m still feeling that pain. The same thing is to be said when it comes to your sadness. You’re allowed to feel and express your own emotions. I’m not really sure if I’m making any sense. Everything is jumbled up and I’m unsure of what I want to do. What type of content do I want to put out in the world? Yes, my ‘heavier’ and ‘intense’ blogs about depression, infertility and childhood trauma might help others, but wouldn’t a silly blog help too? Wouldn’t it distract them momentarily from the hell that is reality and give them a brief moment of happiness? Is this even making sense? Sigh, I have some soul searching to do. So, what I’m trying to say is that in the foreseeable future, we’re going to have silly and short blogs. Just until I figure out the value I hold in my own words and experiences.

My existential crisis aside, let’s talk about something that has genuinely made me so happy and has been a wonderful outlet. Art. It’s an old passion of mine that I would revisit every now and again out of boredom. But it quickly became so much more and since then, has helped me tremendously. Now, I constantly find myself drawing and I’m having so much fun discovering my own personal style. As I’m gaining my confidence in my art, I’ve been doing a few small art challenges here and there. Anything my current skill allows. One of the most recent challenges I’ve embarked is this: Someone (or a random generator) picks three colors. This is your color palette. You’re allowed to use white and black for your highlights and shadows. Pure white and black. You’re allowed to blend the color in but you can’t create a new shade. (As in: if you’re using paint, you can’t add some white to your red and create pink.) Then that same person (or random generator) needs to choose any fruit or vegetable. You then have to draw/paint this fruit or vegetable using the color palette from before. The idea is just to have fun with it. Who cares if you don’t have green or red for your apple? Make your apple yellow. Just play around and create something unique. You can paint/draw multiples of your chosen fruit or vegetable. Ex: You can draw a bunch of bananas or one apple. Whatever fits your design the best.

At first, I attempted to do this challenge by using the traditional format aka paint on a canvas. My husband chose the colors: yellow, a dark pink and a dark brown.

I then took two canvas (I thought let’s paint a pair – one vegetable and one fruit) and got to work. I started off by putting a decent amount of white paint in the middle of the canvas with the idea to use two of my colors. One shade on the top and one shade at the bottom. Because of the white paint in the middle, I could add more interest to the piece by blending color A and B in with the white.

I then start to paint the base of my fruit and vegetable. It was around here when I realized that I hate everything about it and this is going to take forever to get it right. I almost never like whatever piece I create by using paint. I haven’t finished a piece in years.


So, I abandoned the project and whipped out my iPad. If all else fails, I can always try drawing it digitally. I tried my best to match my color palette to the paint colors my husband chose from before and got to work. This is what I created and much to my surprise, I actually like it.


I, high on art juices (ew, let’s not say that again), then wanted more. A friend of mine then chose my new color palette and challenged me to use these shades and draw grapes. This is what I created and again, I actually really like it.


This challenge is so much fun, so much so that I want to create more pieces. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Not only did I create an Instagram account to properly showcase my art, I also want you, my readers, to join in on the fun. Please feel free to choose any three colors (minus black and white), and any fruit of vegetable of your choice.

color choice 1 finalcolor choice 2 finalcolor choice 3color choice 4

I will share them on my new Instagram account. Now, don’t worry. Every now and again I will probably share an art piece I created, on here. Hahahaha I’m having so much fun with this. I can’t wait to create so much more. I hope to see you around. Please take care and stay safe. We’re going to be okay.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!  

End Note

PS I have an “art” Instagram that I sometimes post on, it’s butterfly_fingers01

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