Technical Difficulties


I thought I would quickly pop in and explain why a blog hasn’t gone up yesterday as promised. For once, I actually have one prepared but unfortunately when I went to finish the blog for my website, I noticed that the editor I’ve always used it no longer available and the new editor isn’t living up to my standards. I like doing things a certain why and I’ve put a lot of work and effort in the blog in question, so it needs to meet my standards. Yesterday I was in touch with the support team for an hour and we didn’t come to a solution. I honestly couldn’t handle the extra stress and called it a day. I had hoped that I could resolve the issue today with the live support team but unfortunately they’re incredibly busy and will respond to my email within the next 24-48 hours which means it’s very unlikely this problem will be solved by the end of the today. I’m so incredibly frustrated at this. I really didn’t need this bullshit right now but here we are. Deep sigh. I like things a certain why so sometimes when things change, it throws me for a loop. I’m very loyal and comfortable to certain things – like a brand of tea or how I like my documents too look like in Word. It’s a little twerk of mine and this new editor is fighting against it. I don’t even know how to add a stupid featured image to this notice or how to categorize this so it will be organized in the correct ‘folder’ here on my website. I like things to be just right. The fact that I can’t square (justify) my text is driving me insane. My brain can be such a fun little asshole sometimes.

And to show that I’m not making excuses, here is the blog in question. It’s a blog on my indoor plants and I had to lot to share. I will have the blog go up ASAP but for now, please remain patient with me.

Thank you for your understanding. Take care and stay safe.


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