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Getting Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pink Nails publish-ready | Step Three (Checkup 1)

Uhmm, hi…well this is awkward. I don’t really know where to start with this one so I’m going to just word vomit it out. I’ve been struggling to keep up with my plan for the book. It’s been very difficult to balance everything and well I’ve written one chapter. And I would say I’m about 70% happy with it. There are some parts where I’m a bit unsure. I’m struggling to make the one-character likable. I have my favorites yah know, but one of the main characters is in love with this other character but I can’t make them likable enough to justify the love part. This is a mess of an explanation but I’m struggling to put everything together. There are just so many parts I’m not sure of yet and I’m not one of those writers that can just write through it yah know, like wing it and see what happens. Or maybe I am? I honestly don’t know anymore.

But putting my writer extensional crisis aside, working on the book while trying to have a life, cling onto my sanity, and attempt to get my degree while being railed by the Dutch language has been a tiny bit difficult. But I always say that if something is truly important to you, you will make time for it. So, I guess I need to put my money where my mouth is and actually make time to write even if I don’t know what the fuck to write next. I should at the very least open the document, throw some words onto the screen and hope something sticks. So, I will try to do better. Realistically I might only finish two chapters a month and I can definitely kiss the end of September deadline for this run-through goodbye, but I’m going to try. I’m going to open that document at least once a week and see if any inspiration hits. If I have to set a timer of the minimal amount of time, I need to actually spend on the book I will. I’m going to put it on my phone right now. I have my work schedule for July and August so I have zero excuses. I will be right back.

First checkup (27 June) notes:

  • 1 chapter done with 70% satisfaction points
  • Commits to the two chapters per month aka minimal two chapters per check-up (more would be great future, Cassy!)
  • Promise to do better and actively makes a plan of action to keep to my promise  

Here is the game plan:

  • On 29 June keep the document open for a minimum of 30 minutes. The idea is that I will get inspired and write a chapter but I’m not allowed to give up until the 30 minutes has passed.
  • On 8 July I need to work on the book for at least one hour. Again, the same rule as before but I’m a bit stricter as I’m nearing the mini deadline.
  • On 15 July it’s 30 minutes.
  • On 21 July is one hour.
  • On 25 July is the second checkup and hopefully, I hit the minimal two chapters goal.
  • On 1 August is one hour.
  • On 5 August another one-hour session.
  • On 14 August, one hour again.
  • On 20 August minimal one hour again. We got to get strict because with school starting again in September, it would be smart to get ahead.
  • On 22 August is the third checkup and hopefully, I have hit the 10 chapters in total mark because damn that would be a great place to be.

And it’s officially in my schedule so you know I will get to it. Honestly, it’s the only way I keep track of everything. But that’s about it. I hope everyone is doing okay and please take care and stay safe.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!

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