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Getting Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pink Nails publish-ready | Step Three (September Checkup)

Hey! Hello! Hay! Hoi!

I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry for disappearing. Life just hit a bit too hard and I had to go into survival mode for a second there. But please know that even if it might not seem like it, writing is very important to me. This book is important to me. I just figured I will quickly pop in here to give an update on the process and the plan for the next few months.

August was a good writing month. The best one I’ve had for a while. It went downhill around the middle point but those first two weeks were chef kisses for this book. The plan of working on the book for at least 15 minutes every two days worked really well. (Say that three times fast!) I’ve noticed that sitting down and working on the book is the easier part of the two, but getting started was a whole different problem. I struggle to do that just by myself. So, the timer system on a schedule did the trick. I marked 6 days in those two weeks and was finally able…drum roll please…TO FINISH A CHAPTER. That’s right. You read that correctly. Slow poke over here finished her first chapter in MONTHS. I finished chapter one on the 22nd of May and only finished chapter two on the 9th of August. Urgh, that hurts a bit. And because this system worked so well in August before shit hit the fan, I want to give it a good old college try in the month of October. So, I will be right back. I’m going to open my book for the first time since the 12th of August and set a 15-minute timer. Just for fun, it’s 11:30. Let’s see when I finish…

I’m back. It’s 30 minutes and a little over 500 words later. I had to reread chapter two to figure out where I left of. I kind of got into the groove but then the laundry machine finished and reminded me of the very long list of chores I need to get through after being overwhelmed for a bit there. So, I’m going to that and come back to this update a bit later tonight. I want to set another 15-minute timer tonight and see if I can pump out a bit more before I post this update. What can I say? I’m definitely overcompensating. But as extra overcompensation, here is a tiny little expert of chapter two. This is something I use all the time in real life because of one TikTok I saw I don’t even know how long back. It has become a personality trait.

   “On a scale from one to ten, one being you would rather shave your head in a Dr. Phill haircut and ten being genuine joy, how much are you looking forward to tomorrow?” Zack hummed as he pondered over my question.

Many moons have passed since I’ve last opened this document. I’ve transcended into another life form and I’m now the ultimate something majestic. It’s been two days and it took me an embarrassingly amount of time to find this document on my computer. Am I being overdramatic? Yes. Did I immediately find it? No. Was it right in front of me on my desktop? Yes. I also needed to Google transcend because my first instinct was “tresented’’ but pronounced trans-scented. I whole heartedly promise I’m a very professional author… Let’s just say, I really appreciate my girl auto correct or the little suggestions word recommends when I spell like my dog’s asshole. I’m completely off track so let’s steer this puppy back onto topic. The little proud chuckle I did at my own joke is something I’m not ashamed of.

Anyway…it’s been two days since I’ve started this update so that means two things. I’m procrastinating and it’s time for another 15 minutes on the book. I’m going to quickly do that after being distracted by another task and come back at ***insert time later*** and…okay I will stop. See you in second. It’s 14:35. It’s 15:06 and I’m back. That went well. I’m a bit uncertain with the next bit. Originally this book was going to be a quick short novel but the number one feedback I got was that the book went too quick and it needed more breathing moments as in fillers to help build the storyline. And I’m now a bit insecure with the number of details I’m adding. It’s a struggle that has popped up before and I’m willing to put money on the fact that it will continue to come up every single chapter. But regardless of this tiny little thing I need to sort out, I’m happy with what I wrote down today and what I have up to this point so that’s something I’m going to cling onto. Future Cassy from two days from now can sort out this little kink.

This has been my very long update. I will come back at the end of the month to check in and update how things are going. My goal is to have chapter three and four complete. Even better if I get to say chapter five and six is finished but that’s my overcompensating voice speaking. I hope everyone is well and until next time.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!  

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