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Welcome to the Writing Corner of ButterflyFingers! It’s very nice to have you here.


I started writing when I was thirteen years old and I quickly fell in love with the idea of creating characters and having all of these stories play out in their own little worlds. Writing was my escape and over the years it has become my therapy. I’m so grateful that I get to write every single day and hopefully turn this passion into a career. My dream is to have my books in your local bookstore. I still have a long way to go until I get there but I’m enjoying the journey. The purpose of this area of my website is to share my creative writing. I feel like there is a big difference between the style I take on when I write my blogs then the style I tend to follow when I write creatively. I want to build my fanbase, improve my writing, explore new styles and genres and get feedback from readers in the infant stages of my stories. All so I can evolve as a writer and hone my skills. I want to create a story that can pull my readers in and allow them to escape their reality even for just a moment. That’s the goal.

All of these stories I will share on here is the raw, unedited and first-ever version of this story. It’s going to be filled to the brim with grammar and spelling mistakes. There will be plotholes and overall it’s just going to be a bit messy. These stories aren’t edited but I encourage you to respond with constructive criticism. Tell me how I can improve the story. What grammar mistake you see I repeat and etc. I have quite a tough skin so please don’t be afraid to dig in deep.

I have four stages when it comes to writing a book.

  • Part one: I tend to blow over the finer details and just write the big moments down. It’s basically the main moments of the story. This is the first version you will see on here.
  • Part two: I will go back and add all of those finer details. I will add small scenes and overall fill in the blanks. It’s my filler episodes. This draft you won’t necessarily see on here.
  • Part three: I’m now in the process of turning the story into the final draft that I will turn into an eBook. I will go back and add structure to the story. I will ensure the timelines fits and all the details I’ve added in the second run through fits with the first. I will fix plot holes and silly mistakes. A good example of that is that let’s say you’ve read a year of the main character’s life but there was no mention to their birthday or holidays. It’s the small stuff that makes the book more relatable.
  • Part Four: This is the most important step. I will read through the entire book and ensure that the sentences flow. It’s my heavy editing stage. It’s a long and tedious process but it makes the final product so much better. Once part four is completed, I will read through the entire book once more. Once I’m confident in the story, I will turn the story into an eBook and make it available to purchase.

The goal is to always share the first draft of my story on here so I can keep the notes from the readers in the back of my mind as I go through all the steps. I can tell you now, from my experience, that the difference between the first draft you see and the eBook version is light and day. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Buy my eBook and see for yourself. Oh, that wasn’t even subtle. I will go into more detail about my eBooks at a later date.

Now, without further ado…let’s break everything down into the finer details. There are four subcategories underneath The Writer Corner tab.

amateur poems heading 22222.png

Amateur Poems is an area where I share my poems. I know next to nothing about poems nor do I even read much of them. My talent for the art of poems is mediocre at best. Expect some words thrown together that I think somehow rhymes. I write these poems because I enjoy the process and it’s a quick laugh.

Poems I Wrote In Fifteen Minutes


Short Stories is an area where I share short little stories. The topics are all over the show.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!